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Emotional Issues
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Eating Problems
Emotional Maturity
Grief & Loss
Inner Child

Pain Control
Stress Relief

Toxic Beliefs
Trauma & Stress
Weight Loss


Relationship Problems

Dissolve Conflicts
Emotional Blackmail

Enjoy Partnership
Evaluate Partners
Long-Distance Love
Love & Hate

Past Partners
Sexual Issues
Soul Mates


Family Challenges

Brothers & Sisters
Divorce & Children
Emotional Incest
Family Meetings
Family Secrets

Fathers & Daughters
Fathers & Sons
Learning Disorders
Mothers & Daughters
Mothers & Sons

Parental Alienation


Life Lessons
Bad Habits
Being Alone
Children's Challenges
Observing Feelings

Patterns in Love
Personal Growth
Quantum Leap
Self Esteem
Self Improvement
Self Intimacy
Stress & Relaxing
Therapist and Clients


Chaos Coaching

Inner Conflict
Expert Modeling
Learning Disorders

Sexual Abuse
Soul of Soulwork
Systemic Management
Therapist Abuse
Training Abuse



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Systemic Solutions

Systemic Solutions - complete systemic coach training for coaches, trainers and consultants. Learn an overall changework philosophy that integrates success coaching, health coaching and brief therapy with systemic diagnosis, relationship management and strategic planning. Our articles and resources describe an integrated coaching system that offers long-term solutions for your success, your relationship happiness, your family health, your competence and your meaning of life.

Coaching Humor . Flow Chart . Interview: Martyn Carruthers . Home-Study Program
( Organize systemic coach training for profit sharing and free coach training )

Systemic coaching asks important questions - you grow by finding answers. Stjepan Werft, MSc

Systemic Solutions

Description & Translations

Consciousness and Decision Making Keynote talk to a University Forum German
Desiderata Practical integrity and poetic mentorship
Dreaming Together Coaching in Dreamtime
Human Systems Dynamics of human systems
Interview - Martyn Carruthers The founder speaks out
Advanced and Trainer Training Advanced systemic coach training
Privacy Statement Privacy at this website
Psychobiology of Soul Coaching optimal brain function
Relationship Coach Training Overview of Relationship Coaching
Roots of Soulwork Modeling Hawaiian huna kalani Czech
Soul Attributes Soulwork quotes during Soulwork training
Soul Mentorship Exploring Mentorship in depth German
Soul Centered Changework Systemic coaching philosophy German
Soulwork Humor A lighter side of individual coaching
Soulwork and Mental Illness Speech to Psychology Conference
Soulwork Code of Conduct Guidelines for systemic coaches
Soulwork Couple Coaching Systemic couple coaching flowchart (50 kB)
Soulwork Defined A medical doctor reviews Soulwork Czech
Soulwork Family Coaching Systemic family therapy flowchart (50 kB)
Soulwork Individual Coaching Systemic individual coaching flowchart (50 kB)
Soulwork Origins The Founders and their finds
Soulwork Summer School Summer Programs in Croatia
Soulwork Systemic Coaching Overview of Systemic Coaching
Systemic Approaches to Coaching Comparison of Systemic Therapies
Systemic Coach Training Descriptions of systemic coach training
Systemic Family  Coaching Coaching families
Systems and Systemic Coaching The consequences of action in human systems
Therapist-Client Codependence When therapists abuse clients

Relationship Coaching and Family Therapy

Are you entangled in confused relationships and bonded by overwhelming emotions? Are you a slave to stories from your childhood and influenced by people who may prefer that you fail? Relationship Coaching untangles your knots and offers you freedom to choose and to act ... Martyn Carruthers

120 Tips for Coaching Success Practical help for Coaches, Consultants etc
Abortion Coaching Post abortion coaching
Addiction Coaching Addictions, compulsions & obsessions
Allergies Systemic solutions for allergies
Are you Abnormal? Coaching Abnormal Behavior
Building trust How to build trust
Chaos Theory and Coaching Applications of chaos theory in psychotherapy
Children of Divorce Coaching parents during separation
Clear Relationships Clarity in Communications
Coaching People in Pain Guide for systemic coaches
Coaching and Sexuality Coaching people with sexual difficulties
Coaching Suicidal Clients Cautionary notes for coaches
Coaching and Unfinished Business Coaching people to complete relationships
Counterfeit Love The business of fake intimacy 
Daddy's Little Princess Father-Daughter entanglements 
Delay, Prevent and Reverse Aging Therapeutic coaching and age
Dependent Relationships Recognizing and coaching dependent adults
Disease, Health and Coaching Therapeutic coaching and disease
Divorce Coaching Coaching peaceful separation
Emotional Incest Resolving family entanglements
Enjoying Partnership Coaching couples to enjoy partnership
Evaluating Partnership Coaching couples to evaluate partnership
Evolution of Identity 1 Survival, Tribal & Power
Evolution of Identity 2 Security, Success & Community
Evolution of Identity 3 Systemic, Global & Transcendence
Exit Coaching Coaching people to leave cults, sects etc
Expert Modeling: Overview Duplicating Excellence
Family Constellations Systemic Family Therapy and Coaching
Getting Paid Dealing with Difficult Clients
Goal Coaching Introduction to goal coaching 
Goal Diagnosis (Conflicts) Double binds and complex goals
Health Anxiety and Hypochondria People who are worried sick
Identity Loss and Identifications Coach Personality Identification
Learning Disabilities How to avoid child LDs! Czech German
Life, Death and Suicide Therapeutic coaching and Suicide
Long-Term Pain Relief Overview of effective pain control
Making Space for Love Dynamics of loving relationships
Mental effects of Prescription Drugs Mental side-effects of common drugs
Mother's Little Prince Mother-Son entanglements 
Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) Resolving parental alienation
Phineas Quimby Study of a Mental Healer
Post-Abortion Coaching Coaching abortion consequences 
Predictable Partnership Coaching & Partnership Cycles 
Prevent Disease Prevent Disease with Coaching
Redefine NLP Ecology By Annegret Hallanzy (Master NLP trainer)
Relationship Bonds Changing beliefs that heal & kill 
Resolving Adjustment Disorders Preventing and healing Stress Disorders
Roots of Soulwork Systemic Coaching Modeling Huna with NLP
Selecting Practice Partners Who should you exercise and practice with?
Sexual Abuse Treatment and prevention of sexual abuse
Sexual Dysfunctions Impotence and Frigidity
Sexual Solutions Solutions for people with sexual issues
Soul of Soulwork Experience the basic, raw experience of Self
Spiritual Consequences of Abortion Coaching and spiritual aspects of abortion
When Life Makes Sense Overview of health coaching

Health Coaching

"Martyn's coaching is for people who don't like going to doctors!" Zrinka Buljan, MD

Accelerated healing of physical disease
Healing and disease symptoms
Living with Alzheimer's Disease Health Coaching and Alzheimer's
Living with Anemia Systemic coaching and anemeia
Living with Bipolar Disorder Systemic coaching and manic-depression
Living with Cancer Systemic coaching and cancer
Living with Depression Coaching depression and depressed people
Living with Diabetes Systemic coaching and diabetes
Living with Insomnia Coping with lack of sleep
Living with Lupus Systemic coaching and lupus Czech
Living with Heart Disease Systemic Solutions and heart disease
Living with Migraines Systemic Solutions for migraines
Living with Schizophrenia Lasting solutions for schizophrenia symptoms
Living with Skin Disease Systemic solutions for skin disorders
Living with Tinnitus Systemic solutions for tinnitus

Psychosis is exaggerated normality  Soulwork Graduate

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Development Philosophy of Spiritual Evolution
Spirituality for Partners Spiritual Coaching for Couples
Spirituality for Families Spiritual Coaching for Families
Esoteric Coaching Researching ghosts and ghost stories
Soul-Work or Soul-Cult? Structure of our organization
What is New Age? An evaluation of our presuppositions
Spiritual Consequences of Abortion Coaching spiritual abortion issues 

Change Management Solutions

Crisis and contingency planning
Duplicating competence with Expert Modeling
Hiring, firing and inspiring employees
Improve corporate and organizational partnerships
In-house systemic training for managers
Integrating cultures within organizations
Managing creativity and creative employees
Managing employees leaving extremist organizations
Managing organizational conflicts
Managing and integrating refugees
Manage Workplace Stress Forever NEW
On-site coaching during challenging situations
Prevent Coercive Persuasion
Prevent Psychological Operations
Systemic Leadership: Downsizing with integrity
Systemic Education: University, Technical and Systemic Education 
When emergency plans fail
Expand to Central Europe: Poland - Croatia - Slovenia (coming)

Politics and Political Coaching

Management Consulting Humor ]

Soul at Work: Coaching Transcripts

These verbatim transcripts of training and integrity coaching are for students and graduates of ourr systemic coaching programs. Complete transcripts and explanations will be included in books and CDs about Systemic Coaching and Systemic Solutions.

CAUTION - Some people reading these transcripts experience strong emotions

Systemic Essentials

Advanced Systemic Coaching

Goal Diagnosis Lost Identity Repair Mentor Damage
Family Matrix Elicitation Dead Person Identification Couple Coaching
Systemic Diagnosis Coach Victim Identification Team Coaching
Relationship Clarification Coach Hero Identification Family Coaching
Nonverbal Objections Identity Conflict Corporate Coaching
Integrate Personalities Relationship Bonds Management Coaching
Resolve Complex Conflict Emotional Trauma Organization Coaching
Access Soul Experience Evaluate Mentorship Community Coaching

Free transcripts: Recover Lost Resources and Resolve Complex Conflict

Hawaiian Roots of Systemic Coaching

Huna Kalani Huna Kalani overview German  Czech
Huna, Healing & Ohana Introducing Old Hawaii  German  
Ho'oponopono Excerpt from "Nana I ke Kumu" German
Dawn of La'au Lapa'au Hawaiian healing myth
Kumulipo Chant Ancient Hawaiian chant
Kahuna Religion of Hawaii Excerpt from book by Daddy Bray
Introducing Hawaiian Chants Talks with Uncle John Kaimikaua
Kumulipo Life, Death and Dying in Old Hawaii 
Hawaiian Spirituality Spiritual practices of old Hawaii
Adventures in Milu The Hawaiian land of the dead

Esoteric Coaching

Dead Person Identification Exorcism and psychotherapy
Between Life and Death Ghosts: boundaries between life and death
Haunted House A haunted house in Ontario
Black Magic Not all workshops are good for you
Demon Who you gonna call? Adventure in Poland.
Curses Story of a curse

Systemic Coach Training & Home Study Diploma

Integrity is an extraordinary and powerful state of being that is accessible to all people. Integrity is a joyful expression of life that expands the mind, bringing insight and spiritual understanding. Our mission is to show people how to live in integrity  - to untangle entanglements and liberate the human spirit. We offer home-study assistance and training intensives to people who can envision spreading integrity worldwide. Click on a picture.

Leadership: Beyond Guidance, Counseling & Therapy

We offer you an integrity-centered approach to understand your deepest emotions, improve your most sensitive relationships with an effective methodology for long-term change and an international organization that prepares professional coaches to provide an enormous variety of systemic solutions.

We designed systemic coaching for therapists and coaches, priests and ministers, consultants and managers, advisors, counselors and doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, clinicians, marriage therapists and family counselors, personal coaches, personal development coaches and organizational development coaches, business coaches, business consultants and OD consultants, private and general practitioners, helping professionals, counselors and leadership development, leadership trainers, facilitators and spiritual counselors, HR managers, NLP practitioners, human resources specialists and spiritual advisors, mentors, tutors and lawyers, representatives, teachers and addiction counselors, relationship counselors, personal trainers and fitness advisors, nutrition counselors, holistic health practitioners, hypnotherapists and other professional hypnotists. Work with integrity - work with Soulwork.

Do you want relationship coaching or systemic coach training? We coach and train professional coaches who coach individuals, couples and teams to resolve a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and relationship challenges.


The articles, transcripts, cases and other content posted at and are intended solely for general information, discussion and education.

The contents of this site should not be regarded as medical or legal advice. For advice on medical or legal matters, contact competent medical or legal professionals.

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Have You Suffered Enough?

 Where are you now? Understand your emotions, fixations and enmeshments
What do you hope for? Know your goals and stop sabotaging yourself
Do you feel resourceful? Learn to develop your inner resources
Do emotions block you? Relationship problems and mentor damage
Do your beliefs limit you? Change limiting beliefs and end dependence
Do you feel connected? Resolve identity issues to recover lost resources
Is your partner happy? Build healthy partnership (or separate peacefully)
Are your children healthy? Happy parents better manage family problems
Do you want team success? Team leaders and their teams develop together
Do you have complex goals? Specialty coaching, counseling & therapy

Plagiarism is theft. Copyright © Martyn Carruthers 1996-2018  All rights reserved. Soulwork Systemic Coaching was primarily developed by Martyn Carruthers to help people solve emotional problems and relationship conflicts to achieve their goals. These concepts and strategies are for general knowledge only. Consult a physician about medical conditions and before changing medical treatment. Don't steal intellectual property ... get permission to post, publish or teach Martyn's work - email