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NLP Practitioner Training
Jan (Skyhook) Sikorski

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Mentorship

NLP Practitioner Training for Systemic Coaches

Depending on who you listen to - NLP is a blessing or a curse.

If you are considering NLP training, first define exactly what you want. Do you want information? Do you want practical skills that you can apply in your everyday life? Or do you want to be programmed - do you want your beliefs and values to be hypnotically changed?

If you want information - read books. To gain practical skills, learn actively through listening, watching, discussing, doing and reviewing. Active learning takes time, requires small groups and cannot be accomplished by unskilled coaches or inexperienced trainers.

If you want to be conditioned, programmed and re-programmed - attend NLP training elsewhere. (We don't turn your brains into neuro-linguini - we are not cunning linguists.)

If you want to learn effective coaching skills with a wide variety of clients - if you want to know how your mind works - if you want to predict and repair the consequences of mentor damage and NLP - we have a NLP training that may be right for you ... while avoiding mentor damage and training damage.

We can show you how NLP training really works - the advantages, limitations and consequences to yourself and others. We can show you how to use the best of NLP - and how to avoid the worst.

NLP & Success

  1. Defuse tense situations
  2. Successful communications
  3. Be your best in difficult situations
  4. Turn problems into stepping stones
  5. See and hear people more efficiently
  6. Recognize how people respond to you
  7. Observe and predict patterns in human behavior

Benefits of NLP

  1. Manage your emotions
  2. Build rapport with nearly anyone
  3. Break out of unwanted emotions
  4. Improving and using states of mind
  5. Have your resources available to you
  6. Eliminate difficulties by changing your habits
  7. Create useful states of mind, and use them during bad times

Consequences of NLP

  1. Make better decisions
  2. Read people like books
  3. Learn how to change bad moods
  4. Create instant connections with others
  5. Understand people better than ever before
  6. Assist people to enjoy better, more productive states
  7. Be effective in personal and professional relationships

NLP Techniques

We discuss the intentions, applications and relationship consequences of common NLP techniques, and how to rewind NLP techniques done incompetently or made in error.

  1. 6 Step reframe - increase creativity
  2. Anchoring - use classical conditioning as you talk
  3. Visual Squash - end some addictions/compulsions
  4. Phobia Technique - defuse some phobias and fears
  5. Adding resources - feelings good whenever you want
  6. Swish Patterns - installing compulsions and obsessions
  7. Circle of excellence -- have your resources available to you
  8. New Behavior Generator - learn new skills; make learning easy
  9. Change Personal History -- alter your responses to bad memories

Overview of our NLP Practitioner Training

  1. Reframing
  2. Metaphors
  3. Strategies
  4. Meta Models
  5. Build resources
  6. Outcome elicitation
  7. Eye accessing cues
  8. Information gathering
  9. Fast phobia techniques
  10. Linear time processing
  11. Representation systems
  12. Fast classical conditioning
  13. Inner child and trauma work
  14. How to make rapid changes
  15. Why should people trust you?
  16. How to change internal states
  17. How to ask the right questions
  18. How to access personal strengths
  19. Predicates - language of the mind
  20. How to see, hear and smell non-verbal communication

NLP Practitioner training is commonly available all over the world by people calling themselves NLP trainers. Caveat emptor ... check the background and experience of these NLP Trainers, and talk to their past students.

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Mentorship

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Have You Suffered Enough?

 Where are you now? Understand your emotions, fixations and enmeshments
What do you hope for? Know your goals and stop sabotaging yourself
Do you feel resourceful? Learn to develop your inner resources
Do emotions block you? Relationship problems and mentor damage
Do your beliefs limit you? Change limiting beliefs and end dependence
Do you feel connected? Resolve identity issues to recover lost resources
Is your partner happy? Build healthy partnership (or separate peacefully)
Are your children healthy? Happy parents better manage family problems
Do you want team success? Team leaders and their teams develop together
Do you have complex goals? Specialty coaching, counseling & therapy

Plagiarism is theft. Copyright © Martyn Carruthers 1996-2018  All rights reserved. Soulwork Systemic Coaching was primarily developed by Martyn Carruthers to help people solve emotional problems and relationship conflicts to achieve their goals. These concepts and strategies are for general knowledge only. Consult a physician about medical conditions and before changing medical treatment. Don't steal intellectual property ... get permission to post, publish or teach Martyn's work - email