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Evaluate a Partnership

Systemic Coaching & Counseling with Martyn

Corporate Partnership and Relationship Management

Working together in partnership can be a productive, lasting pleasure; although some partnerships stumble along in despair or end explosively. It may be difficult to decide whether or not to start a partnership, whether or not to continue working together - and whether or not to dissolve an existing partnership.

We coach people to prepare for, improve, evaluate or end partnerships. We coach people who want to make or change basic decisions about partnership - whether to start working together, to solve problems, or to end working together.

Environmental or developmental changes can strongly affect productive partnerships. What was a great partnership in a boom period may be stifling in a recession. A productive partnership for two focused single people may become limiting when both partners have families and competing priorities.

Partnership Evaluation provides opportunities to prevent problems happening or worsening. For example, if one or both partners may suspect that the other is not working hard enough - or smart enough. Partnership Evaluation assists both partners to create, cope with and stabilize changes as a basis for improved productivity.

We prepare people for partnership, we help partners resolve partnership problems, we coach partners to work together in times of peace and in times of crisis. We also coach partners to dissolve partnerships peacefully and with dignity.

Evaluate Partnership

We usually help both partners evaluate and clarify their partnership - simultaneously. This may lead to a new start, if partners learn to appreciate and share their values. It may lead to dissolution - if one or both partners has a hidden agenda. If one or both partners attempted to use the partnership as a way to gain assets or privileges at the expense of the other, then one or both partners may prefer friendship or distance to a stressful partnership.

Partnership begins with a basic decisions about working together. Many partners delay or avoid these decisions - these people may be entangled in other relationships or conflicting interests. Partnership Evaluation can simultaneously assist both partners to make these basic decisions.

A partner cannot change the other, although he or she may try. A partner can evaluate whether or not the other's values and goals are compatible with his or her own, and discuss whether or not the partner wants the same type of relationship. This evaluation and discussion may transcend personal advantages - and expose the real human identities of real human beings.

People change quite predictably, for the most part. They change their goals, values and attitudes in predictable ways. A partnership that may have been wonderful for years may fall into crisis when one or both partners, or the environment, changes.

Communication between partners about such issues can help both partners discover, define and discuss needed resources. This communication may be difficult without experienced assistance, as both partners will be aware that this may lead to a decision-to-part; perhaps with a stressful division of assets and reorganization.

We assist partners to rediscover themselves as humans first and as partners second. Partnership stress is often connected with a perception that one partner cannot cope with certain problems. Partnership Evaluation can help the partners create effective solutions - together.

As our partnership evaluation can be stressful, we enquire about both partners' health, financial security and social networks. Our evaluation continues if both partners have appropriate support (e.g. good friends, legal counsel, financial support, medical treatment, etc).

We help ensure that both partners feel resourceful after evaluating partnership, regardless of the decisions made, if the evaluation is completed.

Partnership Problems

People work together in corporate partnerships to create success. Secondary goals may include the pleasure of sharing resources, skills, qualities or values. We coach partners to resolve:

  • A partner has a hidden agenda
  • A partner does not honor agreements
  • Unclear goals, roles and responsibilities
  • A partner is unable to fulfill responsibilities
  • A partner changes goals, attitudes or values
  • Goals are not reached within the expected times
  • A partner lacks communication or relationship skills
  • A partner (unconsciously) sabotages or delays success

Partnership Evaluation

We can coach both partners simultaneously to resolve difficult issues.

  1. Resourceless behaviors (transference loops)
  2. Unexpressed requirements (hidden agendas)
  3. Clear “Yes” or “No” answers on important issues
  4. If a final answer is "No", we provocatively test the "No" answer
  5. If a final answer is "Yes", we provocatively test the "Yes" answer
  6. If a final answer remains "No" - we prepare both partners to work apart

The time required for Partnership Evaluation depends on the number and complexity of issues to be discussed and resolved. It often requires between one and three days, with an extra day after about two to four weeks. Other specialists may also be required - for example with legal or financial expertise.

If the partners decide to build or continue a partnership, we can provide support for mutual goalwork (double vision), planning and problem solving; providing partners with a clean start for their partnership.

If the partners decide to dissolve a partnership, individual support can help dissolve any trauma, guilt or other bonds; allowing both partners to enjoy a speedy clean start for other relationships.

Specialists provide the best services - and we specialize in relationships. We coach people to resolve relationship issues concerning current or past crises and to develop specified relationship skills.

We provide cost-effective and confidential coaching for business partnerships and teams, and for resolving partnership and team problems.

Systemic Coaching & Counseling with Martyn

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