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Managing Creativity & Creative People

Online Coaching with Martyn Carruthers

Even conservative organizations ride the cutting edge of innovation, managing future success - and future risk. Creativity generates both practical and impractical ideas; and both worthless and worthwhile strategies. Managers must manage their own creativity, the creative people in their organizations - and the organizational creative process.

Psychologists speculate that most people use about 10% of their brain capacity. If you allow yourself to access and apply a further 10%, your world will change. However, the vast majority of people over recorded history, including those in academia, art and commerce, avoid or pretend creativity. Few people challenge acknowledged methodologies, instead they copy the methods developed by others. Innovators are often punished, not rewarded, for their creativity. How is it in your organization?

Creativity can displace gods, dictators and bureaucracies

Creativity can provide original responses to problems ... and can present new problems. Manufacturers of candles did not appreciate the innovation of Tesla (although Edison certainly did). The creative outburst called the "world wide web" is having similar effects on organizations worldwide. Although the internet is still in its infancy - it is rapidly catalyzing changes in corporate structure, governmental activities, education and medicine.

Few people, even young people, are encouraged to use or develop their creative potential. The risks outweigh the advantages. Even at university, a pretence of creativity gains the highest marks. True creativity has unforeseeable results.

Not only is there little "space" for creativity; teachers and managers may ridicule, hide, criticize or steal the creative solutions of their students and staff. The popular "Dilbert" cartoons suggest that many organizations suffer from "pointy haired managers".

Ways to encourage creativity in an organization:

  • Actively respect an employees' ideas
  • Give fair consideration and timely feedback
  • Encourage free information flow
  • Assign tasks requiring creativity to those employees who show creative behavior
  • Provide time for creative employees to engage in creative work
  • Provide constructive feedback for creative ideas and strategies
  • Expect and participate in reasonable risk-taking

We coach managers to develop creative environments that reduce the fear of ridicule that can stifle creativity, and increase the likelihood of breakthroughs. We coach managers to implement programs to encourage creativity - and to manage creative people within organizations.

Creativity Coaching, Creativity Training and Creativity Management helps people develop and manage their innate creative skills. We utilize creativity skills as models and case studies - while encouraging people to create, enhance and test their own innovative ability.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Training

Creative Management

Personal  coaching to dissolve blocks to creativity and to enhance personal innovation.

  • Where are you now?

  • Blocks and bridges

  • Develop your creativity

  • Short sessions or multi-day intensive coaching

  • Follow-up email mentorship

Theory and practice of creativity, with demonstrations, exercises and case histories.

  • Conscious and unconscious creativity
  • Assessing problems
  • Linear and crooked thinking
  • Facilitating innovation
  • Modeling creativity
  • Testing results

A one day workshop for managers who provide, assess and manage creative solutions 

  • Demystifying innovation
  • Strategies for innovation
  • Carrots, sticks and spirals
  • Crisis management
  • Consequences of action and inaction
  • Appropriate feedback

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Have You Suffered Enough?

 Where are you now? Understand your emotions, fixations and enmeshments
What do you hope for? Know your goals and stop sabotaging yourself
Do you feel resourceful? Learn to develop your inner resources
Do emotions block you? Relationship problems and mentor damage
Do your beliefs limit you? Change limiting beliefs and end dependence
Do you feel connected? Resolve identity issues to recover lost resources
Is your partner happy? Build healthy partnership (or separate peacefully)
Are your children healthy? Happy parents better manage family problems
Do you want team success? Team leaders and their teams develop together
Do you have complex goals? Specialty coaching, counseling & therapy

Plagiarism is theft. Copyright © Martyn Carruthers 1996-2018  All rights reserved. Soulwork Systemic Coaching was primarily developed by Martyn Carruthers to help people solve emotional problems and relationship conflicts to achieve their goals. These concepts and strategies are for general knowledge only. Consult a physician about medical conditions and before changing medical treatment. Don't steal intellectual property ... get permission to post, publish or teach Martyn's work - email