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Big Island Hawaii ... E ho mai
My Favorite Place on Earth!

Online Huna & Ho'oponopono . Hawaiian Shamanism

Hawaii is a work in progress
Hawaii is one of the most dynamic places on our planet.
The Big Island of Hawaii changes daily with ongoing volcano eruptions.
(And Big Island is BIG - a tour around the island is about 300 miles - about 500 km.)

The volcanoes of Big Island cover a hot spot in the earth's surface ... a leak in the magma. Although the enormous volcano Mauna Loa has been sleeping since 1984, its sidekick Kilauea has continuously erupted since 1983, providing lava displays most days. (Park postcards show fountains of red lava, but a park ranger confided that you have more chance of seeing Elvis than a lava fountain).

For native Hawaiians, Kilauea is the traditional home of Pele, a temperamental Hawaiian volcano goddess. Many native Hawaiians have told us stories about family members who met Pele - often as an old woman - alone on the remote Saddle Road at night.

Hawaiian climate includes many variations - a drive from the desert of Waikoloa to the rain forests near Hilo will take you through many micro-climates. You can enjoy the heat of a windless beach and drive to the arctic conditions at the summit of Mauna Kea, where you can even ski in winter.

Big Island Hawaii was the birthplace of a warrior king - Kamehameha - who fulfilled a prophecy by uniting the islands of Hawaii into one kingdom. Kamehameha built a heiau (temple) to his warrior god Kukailimoku (Ku - snatcher of islands) at Pu'ukohala, to assure his victory.

(After King Kamehameha's victories, American businessmen, backed by American soldiers, illegally took over this island paradise. Uncle Sam is not a virgin and Hawaii is an altered state.)

Many of the places we prefer lack restaurants and shops - so bring food and water. Wear tough shoes and a broad brimmed hat, and take a good flashlight - the sun sets fast in the tropics and it's easy to get lost on lava fields at night ... or in a rain forest in a deluge ... we've done both ... more than once.

Serge King, Martyn Carruthers, Nenad Maljkovic

Serge King (center)
Nenad Maljkovic (left)
Martyn Carruthers (right)

Serge King is a well known author of books on Hawaiian huna.

The old ways of Hawaii are vanishing. Many are lost forever, but some few are being recovered. In the following places you can find and help recover the ancient magic of old Hawaii. That has been part of our mission for over 20 years.

Hawaiian Language . Hawaiian Spirituality . Awaiku . Hawaiian Shamanism


Places We'd Like To Take You

What's there?

Anaeho'omalu A lovely beach and acres of petroglyphs close to major hotels with a good access road and even a Starbucks is nearby.
Hawi Mo'okini heiau, Kamehameha's Birthplace and Pololu Valley are near this old sugar-cane town that is now an artistic community. This is a very dry walk far from shops.
Hilo Beautiful waterfalls and huge Botanical Gardens are near the old Hawaiian town of Hilo - plan to spend a day or two there. No shortage of all amenities.
Holualoa This village is older than Kailua-Kona, which is about 1500 feet below. It is like a drive-through botanical garden with a community of artists and coffee farmers. Don't miss the Ipu Hale Gallery.
Honaunau A partially restored pu'uhonua - where old Hawaiians could be purified from their errors against the severe kapu system of rules ... if they could get there.
Honokohau Petroglyphs and temples surround a beautiful beach park and harbor.
Honomu Visit Akaka Falls - three waterfalls in a beautiful, dense tropical forest
Kailua-Kona Remains of old heiau (pre-Christian temples), a menehune breakwater, and delightful small sandy beaches
Ka Lae South Point - the southern tip of Hawaii. Look for old temple ruins and ancient canoe moorings. Consider a walk to Green Sand Beach!
Kealakekua Bay The old Hikiau heiau is next to an underwater state park where you can kayak or enjoy superb snorkeling. A great place to watch spinner dolphins.
Lapakahi Site of a Hawaiian village that was reputed to have been a healing center.
Mauna Kea Drive up, up, UP to the observatory visitor's center and see the stars like never before. Dress warm - it is COLD up there at night! For the old Hawaiians, the summit of Mauna Kea had the best basalt lava for making stone tools.
Mauna Loa This volcano summit is for people who want severe mountain hikes and to experience altitude sickness (and who really, really, really like lava).
Miloli'i One of the few native Hawaiian communities left on Big Island. The locals may not shower you with aloha, however.
Mo'okini Heiau This important temple was reputedly built around 480 AD ... and remains one of the strangest (and most haunted) places on all the Hawaiian islands.
Na'alehu Great place to fill up the gas tank and load up on Ka'u coffee and ono (delicious) sweet bread at the charming Na'alehu Bakery
Puna Puna is the wild west of Hawaii - with many heiau, black sand beaches, hot pools and other interesting places. We often stay in Pahoa when we explore the Puna coast. Beware of thieves and amateur socialists.
Punalu'u This black sand beach is near an ancient luakini heiau complex (temple for human sacrifice) called Kane'ele'ele. It was partly destroyed by businessmen to make a sugar loading wharf - which is now mostly destroyed by nature.
Puako Acres of incredible petroglyphs are at the end of a beautiful walk through dense woodland. Don't mess with the wild bees. It's a sting operation.
Pu'ukohala The last war temple built by Chief Kamehameha. It overlooks an older temple and the remains of a village. (Beware of sharks in the bay!)
South Point Remote, windy and beautiful ... Ka Lae is a fishing paradise and an entrance to Milu .... the old Hawaiian land of the dead.
Volcano Park Volcano Park has it all ... petroglyphs, rain forests, lava tubes, craters, endless lava formations, live lava viewing and black sand beaches. Walk early with us, then relax with a buffet lunch at the Volcano House restaurant.
Waipio Valley Old Hawaii at its best - ruined temples, waterfalls, jungle, big waves and a long sand beach. And don't even think about driving a car down that hill!
Wood Valley A beautiful Tibetan Buddhist temple in gorgeous surroundings and a great place for peaceful meditation after Volcano Park or South Point.


Hey Bruddas an Sistahs ... When you gonna come Big Island?

Yes - the other Hawaiian islands also have their beauties and treasures - and Big Island is enough for me. After a lifetime I still find and explore important locations and beautiful places that are not mentioned in any guide book.

We have helped many people visit special and sacred places. Some, like Pu'uhonua Honaunau and Pu'ukohala are visited by many tourists - but most of the preferred places are far off the beaten track. Bring strong shoes and a wide-brimmed hat.

Some few Hawaiian people still offer superb examples of traditional crafts and modern arts, and still know and use the old healing rituals. See Hawaiian Spirituality and Lomilomi.

Mahalo Plenty!

Hawaiian Huna Kalani Training

E komo mai. Welcome.
We teach in many countries - usually on secluded beaches, forests or parks.
We can meet and work online - or in beautiful places.

We bring this wisdom to the world under the name of Huna Kalani.
Do you want to heal your life? We seek people who wish to use this ancient magic.

We offer you an experiential introduction to Hawaiian spirituality. You can experience the beauty and power of Huna Kalani in a series of workshops that can expand your perception of reality. Hawaiian magic refers to an ancient technology that few understand. Within this old healing magic are some of the roots of the systemic magic of our systemic solutions.

Training in Hawaiian Mysticism
Huna 1 Bringing Down the Sun: Ho'oponopono & Ho'omanamana
Huna 2 Elements of Nature: Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai
Huna 3 Dreamtime: Ho'omoe, Moe Uhane & Expanded Consciousness
Huna 4 Advanced Huna: Awaiku, I'o and Kumulipo
Huna 5 Huna Experience in Croatia, Mexico or on Hawaii

Online Huna & Ho'oponopono

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