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Hawaiian Antiquities by David Malo (1898)
A Hui Hou © Martyn Kahekili Carruthers

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Online Huna & Ho'oponopono

Hawaiian Spirituality . Ho'oponopono . Healing and Huna . Hawaiian Shamanism

If you would like to translate any of my articles into another language,
I will be pleased to post them and to honor you as translator.

Understanding Hawaiian Mysticism: The Work of David Malo

David Malo (1795-1853) was a Hawaiian born in Keahou, and associated with Queen Ka`ahumanu (a favored wife of King Kamehameha I - the chief who conquered all the Hawaiian islands. ) David Malo was intelligent with a powerful memory, and deep knowledge of the myths, legends and traditions of old Hawai`i. He was also an authority on Hawaiian songs (mele), prayers (pule) and chants (ole).

Hawaiian Antiquities is a valuable resource for people studying pre-contact Hawaiian culture. It is one of the first Mo`olelo Hawai`i (Hawaiian history books), which David Malo completed in Hawaiian around 1836. In later years, he became intolerant of traditional entertainments and sports, probably due to the influence of Christianity. Some of his comments were considered highly questionable at that time, such as his suggestion that Hawaiians were descended from Israelites.

However, his book Hawaiian Antiquities is an excellent source information on old Hawaiian myths, traditions, ceremonies and culture. This contents of this well-organized book include many topics of interest to people studying pre-contact Hawaiian mysticism and traditional Hawaiian healing.

His topics include ancestral deities (aumakua), worship of statues (tiki), forest deities, descriptions of heavens, treatment of the sick, birth and funerary rituals, sacrifices and offerings, purification rites, prayers for forgiveness, games and entertainment, mythical places, the kapu system, death prayers ('ana'ana), divination (kilokilo) and spirit possession (akua noho).

He also includes commentaries on genealogies, eating taboos, slaves, names and uses of animals, preparation of food, drinks, tools, classes of people, morality, construction, agriculture, hula dancing, etc.

Although David Malo was strongly influenced by his conversion to Christianity, the editor’s notes clarify many of Malo's distortions. This book is valuable to our students of Hawaiian traditions and Polynesian mysticism, and is annotated by another Hawaiian historian, Nathaniel Emerson.

David Malo's Hawaii - Awaiku

Awaiku are sometimes described as equivalents to Western angels (anela in Hawaiian) yet the differences are much more than ideas about haloes or wings. 'Aumakua can also mean 'guardian angels' although 'aumakua are more like deified ancestors.

Awaiku were spirits that acted as the messengers, spies, and agents to do the bidding of Kane. They were also guardian spirits, shielding and warding off from people the malign influences of mischievous sprites. Awaiku managed the rain, the winds and the weather and a great many other things, and were beneficent in their conduct.

From Hawaiian Antiquities by David Malo (1840)

Interpreting awaiku messages, according to Aunty Miriam Baker, who was known in Kau district (Big Island) as the Angel Lady, was not easy, as you might add your own words or meanings. She said to keep your mind silent, to enjoy the symbolism and to meditate on it. We also learned advanced ways to summon, communicate with and dismiss awaiku. Aunty Miriam also warned us of the unpleasant consequences of trying to steal awaiku teachings and blessings. Angels can be demons.

My friend Kawika David Blaikie was a close friend of Uncle George Naope, our teacher of Hawaiian chants, hula and traditions, and we had all studied with Papa Henry Auwae of Hilo, Uncle John Kaimikaua of Molokai and other native Hawaiian kumu. I was huna alaka'i then, and David and Patti were already kumu - and we enjoyed sharing and comparing our thoughts, intuitions and insights.

As I expanded my horizons to include angelic realities, I found that awaiku could help people change their habits, emotions and beliefs ... and change their lives! Soon I was developing and teaching this ho'oponopono and ho'omanamana in Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland.

Effective changework - including awaiku energy work - requires finding and following personal missions, which means defining life goals, making plans and dealing with conflicts. Within this hidden Hawaiian knowledge (huna means hidden), awaiku provided inspiration that grew as I explored the experience of connectedness and developed a basis for what I would later call Soulwork systemic solutions.


The kumulipo chant mentioned by Malo describes the creation of reality. If you click on LISTEN, you can hear a little of the beautiful old Kumulipo chant.

O ka lipolipo, o ka lipolipo
O ka lipo o ka la, o ka lipo o ka po

Po wale ho 'i hanau ka po
Hanau Kumulipo i ka po he Kane
Hanau Po'ele i ka po he Wahine


From depths of darkness, deep darkness
Darkness of day, darkness of night

Of night alone did night give birth
Born Kumulipo in the darkness a Man
Born Po'ele in the darkness a Woman

(* 20 second excerpt from Ho`oluana by Makaha Sons of Ni'iau 1991)

Online Huna, Ho'omoe & Ho'oponopono

Angels can be Demons and Blessings () can be Curses (Kuamuamu)

One man's blessing is another man's curse
One man's drink is another man's thirst
One man's pleasure is another man's pain
One man's loss is another man's gain

According to tradition, Awaiku dwell in Lanikeha, the breath of heaven, the realm of angels. But great care was needed to summon them. Awaiku can magnify your power and intent - are you ready for this?

Have you ever blessed or cursed someone? Most people have, but lacked power and intent. Examine this kuni-pule (death prayer) used on Molokai and recorded by David Malo around 1836.

From Hawaiian Antiquities, by David Malo
A kuni-pule (death-curse) used on Molokai

Ia Awaiku ka ua i Lanikeha
Ka ua ma'awe au e Kane
E Kane pakanaka
Kane pamakana
Mahana kaua ia oe e Kane
E make ka mea nana i kolohe a'u,
Make emoole, naha ke kua, eu ka ilo,
Popopo a helelei,
Kau make, e Kane.

Awaiku send rain from Lanikeha
Your fine rain O Kane
O Kane who touches us
Kane who warms us
We warm to each other O Kane
Send death to the one who hurt me.
Fast death, broken back,
Rapid decay, rotting to pieces,
Such a death, O Kane.

Hawaiian shamanism offers access to mana or power. This form of ho'omanamana (literally making great power but for Malo it was witchcraft) is useful throughout Hawaiian huna. We often use it during our huna coaching, especially during ho'oponopono and ho'omanamana, for untangling ancestral enmeshments, ending curses, possession and soul loss.

Why Connect to your Aumakua

'Aumakua were ancestors. The spirit of a dead ancestor first might serve as an 'unihipili, who could grant requests for mercy and warn of pending disasters. An especially deserving 'unihipili could become an 'aumakua, an ancestral deity.

In a shadowy place called Po, the ancestor spirits lived with the primary gods (akua) as godlike spirits, whose mana, or power, was almost as awesome as that of the akua.

'Aumakua could be called upon for protection, wisdom and spiritual support. Chiefs could call on the principle Hawaiian deities (Ku, Kane, Lono and Kanaloa), but all people could call on their 'aumakua.

An 'aumakua could manifest in many forms (kino lau), and might give guidance or power in dreams. 'Aumakua could also intervene with the primary gods to impart their mana, that enabled living people to develop unusual skills.

Na ‘Aumakua (Traditional Aumakua Chant)

Nä ‘aumäkua mai ka lä hiki a ka lä kau
Mai ka ho’oku’i a ka häläwai
Nä ‘aumäkua iä Kahinakua iä Kahina’alo
Iä ka’a ‘äkau i ka lani
O kïhä i ka lani
Öwë i ka lani
Nünulu i ka lani
Käholo i ka lani
Eia nä pulapula a ‘oukou
‘o Nä Lei Na’auao
E mälama ‘oukou iä mäkou
E ulu i ka lani
E ulu i ka honua
E ulu i ka pae’äina ‘o Hawai’i
E hö mai i ka ‘ike
E hö mai i ka ikaika
E hö mai i ke akamai
E hö mai i ka maopopo pono
E hö mai i ka ‘ike papalua
E hö mai i ka mana
‘Ämama, ua noa

   Ancestors from the rising to setting of the sun
  From the zenith to the horizon
   Ancestors who stand at our back and our front
   Who stand at our right hand
‘   A breathing in the heavens
   An utterance in the heavens
  A clear, ringing voice in the heavens
  A voice reverberating in the heavens
  We are your descendants,
the garlands of wisdom
  Safeguard and take care of us
  Let the heavens grow
   Let the earth grow
  Let the islands of Hawai’i grow
   Grant us knowledge
   Grant us strength
  Grant us intelligence
   Grant us understanding
   Grant us second sight
   Grant us power
   So be it, it is free

Hawaiian Spirituality . Healing and Ohana . Ho'oponopono . Kumulipo . Hawaiian Shamanism

E komo mai! Welcome! Come to Hawaii and connect to the old ways under the trees by Kealakekua Bay. Brave the waves at Waipio valley. Walk with us into volcano craters in Volcano Park. Come ride the winds at Ka Lae (South Point). Meditate with us deep inside lava tube caves.

Our classrooms include beaches, forests and volcanoes. Visit us in Hawaii and come with us to the most beautiful, most sacred and most haunted places on Hawaii. Or bring us to you! Do you want to bring the mysticism and magic of old Hawaii to your part of the world?

Huna Kalani . Soul Mentorship . Pu'uhonua & Lono . Aumakua

E komo mai. Welcome.
We teach in many countries - usually on secluded beaches, forests or parks.
We can meet and work online - or in beautiful places.

We bring this wisdom to the world under the name of Huna Kalani.
Do you want to heal your life? We seek people who wish to bring back this ancient magic.

We provide experiential introductions to old Hawaiian mysticism and healing. You can experience its beauty and power in a series of workshops that can expand your perception of reality. Hawaiian healing reflects a spiritual path that few people understand. Within this old healing magic are some roots of the systemic magic that we use every day in our systemic coaching. A hui hou.

Training in Hawaiian Healing & Mysticism
Huna 1 Bringing Down the Sun: Ho'oponopono & Ho'omanamana
Huna 2 Elements of Nature: Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai
Huna 3 Dreamtime: Ho'omoe, Moe Uhane & Expanded Consciousness
Huna 4 Advanced Huna: Awaiku, I'o and Kumulipo
Huna 5 Huna Experience in Europe, Mexico or Hawaii

Online Huna: Ho'omoe & Ho'oponopono

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