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Time Out with Uncle John Kaimikaua
La'au Kahea © Martyn Kahekili Carruthers, 1995

Online Huna & Ho'oponopono . Hawaiian Shamanism

Are you entangled in difficult relationships or painful emotions? Do you suffer from old trauma? Do you suffer from your parents' drama, your partner's demands, your boss's moods? Our Huna coaching can help you untangle your life.

Much of what I teach in huna workshops is an integrated collage of information from a number of my Hawaiian teachers ... combined with studies of native Hawaiians since Captain Cook arrived and claimed the islands for England.

I was delighted to meet Uncle John Kaimikaua in Kona, on Big Island, Hawaii. Although Uncle John had vast knowledge on traditional Hawaiian topics, he was most known as a hula kumu (teacher of Hawaiian dance and chants). Yet I remember best his talks about the sorcerers and sorcery of his home island of Molokai - where he described his training in the old traditions by a mysterious kahuna lady - Kawahine Kawahele Ka Po Kane.

John Kaimikaua was a friend of Uncle George Naope and active in the Hawaiian Rights movement, which seeks to redefine the annexation of Hawaii by American businessmen in 1898. - a takeover illegally supported by the American military. Although US president Jimmy Carter formally apologized to the Hawaiian people for this atrocity - the occupation remains.

Uncle Sam is not a virgin and Hawaii is not a state of innocence.

La'au Kahea - Basic Basics

La'au kahea refers to Hawaiian chants that appear to influence reality, especially those used in healing. John Kaimikaua talked more about this on a later occasion and only mentioned the risks and dangers of novices trying to use magical chants. Many older Hawaiians believed that magic sent to influence someone can boomerang back if that person has enough mana or pono (power or righteousness) to resist it. Intelligent users of dark magic would quickly kala (purify) themselves after using it.

Embedded in this is the idea that attempting to heal someone without that person's request and permission is morally and esoterically wrong. (Papa Henry Auwae had told me that inappropriate healing may require that the healer teach the healed person something that the person needed to learn through the symptoms ... but inappropriate healing deprived that person of an important life-lesson. In other words, the healer might show the symptoms and the consequences of the disease!)

In other words, huna healers always need congruent permission to use huna healing!

During our first meeting, Uncle John talked about the old chants - particularly about chants of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. Another time I may talk story about Uncle John's knowledge of sorcery ... more about la'au kahea and ho'omanamana. For now, I write of what he said about Hawaiian chants...

(2006: Sadly, Uncle John Kaimikaua died recently on his home island of Molokai.
It is sad that none of my students ever met him.)

Hawaiian Spirituality . Ho'oponopono . Huna, Healing & Ohana . Kumulipo . Awaiku

Hawaiian Chants

In old Hawaii, information, myths and knowledge were memorized and chanted, and passed from generation to generation. Chants included local and genetic history, genealogies, and specialist information. For example, a chant may record directions for trans-oceanic navigation.

An important creation chant is Kumulipo. Many chants extol the beauty of parts of Hawaii - and other chants contain knowledge and essential information. Some chants, especially those honoring the gods and the chiefs, were kapu and required perfect repetition. Mistakes were believed to offend the akua (gods) or 'aumakua (spirits of dead ancestors). Punishments for mistakes could be severe.

Some chants were curses. The goddess Uli was often worshiped by sorcerers. Some curses began:

E Uli e!
E Uli nana pono
E Uli nana hewa
O Uli
Uli, look upon the right
Uli, look upon the wrong

Kahuna John Kaimikaua - Verbatim

Uncle John Kaimikaua was a hula kumu who taught me some of the old ways. I write the following from my notes of my first meeting with Uncle John, arranged by my friend David Kawika Blaikie, himself a huna alaka'i and huna kumu.

To understand Huna – first understand the Hawaiian language. It is very fluid, as it is mostly vowels. It is soft - musical and poetic. It was not written, so spoken words are very important. You must choose your words wisely. A kahuna could be sacrificed (executed) for making a mistake in an important chant. They were very, very careful. There is an old Hawaiian saying:”

I ka o lelo i ka maki" In the words there is death
"I ka o lelo i ka ola" In the words there is life

During a sacred chant, pronunciation is very important – especially the vowels. Consonants are always followed by vowels. Hawaiian is a tonal language with only 12 letters, the 5 vowels and H, K, L, M, N, P, W. (Sometimes W may be pronounced V, K may be pronounced T and L may be pronounced R). Every letter of every word should be pronounced.”

A as in pack E.g.: Laka - goddess of Hula

E as in fete E.g.: Pele - goddess of the volcano

I as in feet E.g.: Hina - goddess - female companion to Ku

O as in blow E.g.: Lono - god of agriculture, many crafts and healing...

U as in flu E.g.: Ku - god of emotions, war, agriculture...

Vowels can be fast or slow. Kane can be pronounced with slow 'A' to mean the “male” god, and with a fast 'A' to mean a husband. When the missionaries learned Hawaiian and created a written alphabet, they reformed the Hawaiian language and reduced the number of sounds: 11 consonants became seven. B became P; and G, T, D all became K. “Long” L and R sounds were made into short L sounds. Perhaps the missionaries had good intentions - but they could only record what they could hear. Many Hawaiian words and sounds were forever changed in the missionary schools.

"The Hawaiian language is rich in puns and words with multiple meanings. Words were considered to have mana (power), and most words had many levels of meaning."

Ka Wai O Kane

Uncle John taught us the following chant, with his translation and my comments.

Aia ka wai o Kane
There is the water of Kane
(Wai means water, which also implies mana or power)

Kau i ka lani nui
Placed in the great heavens
(Lani means heaven above, but might also refer to rain or to coconut milk)

Ka wai o ke ola
The water of life
(Water that sustains life may also refer to semen)

Ka wai kapu
The sacred water
(Water from a spring, not seawater nor from a stream; kapu = taboo)

Ka wai o Kane
The water of Kane
(Repeated for emphasis)

Ai no ke akua
From the gods
(Akua also means “old ones” or "first ancestors")

Aia e a ua noa
There - it is free
(This chant is free to go where directed. May be repeated 3 times.)

Eeee... (Remember the direction that you want the energy to go)

Uncle John added "The effectiveness of a chant (or any ritual) is the degree of perfection with which it was used, and the degree of connectedness (to the god-energies or elements) during its use".

John suggested that before we chant Hawaiian chants, we say aloud:

Kala'mai i au

(Forgive me if I am wrong, my intention is pure)

Hawaiian Spirituality . Ho'oponopono . Huna, Healing and Ohana . Kumulipo . Soulwork

Huna Kalani . Awaiku . Soul Mentorship

E komo mai. Welcome.
We teach in many countries - usually on secluded beaches, forests or parks.
We can meet and work online - or in beautiful places.

We bring this wisdom to the world under the name of Huna Kalani.
Do you want to heal your life? We seek people who wish to bring back this ancient magic.

Huna Kalani provides an experiential introduction to old Hawaiian healing. People can experience the beauty and power of Huna Kalani in a series of workshops that can expand their perception of reality. Hawaiian magic refers to a technology that few understand. Within this old healing magic are some of the roots of the systemic magic of Soulwork systemic coaching.

Training in Hawaiian Shamanism
Huna 1 Bringing Down the Sun: Ho'oponopono & Ho'omanamana
Huna 2 Elements of Natural Magic: Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai
Huna 3 Dreamtime: Ho'omoe, Moe Uhane & Expanded Consciousness
Huna 4 Advanced Huna: Awaiku, I'o, and Kumulipo
Huna 5 Huna Experience in Croatia, Mexico or on Hawaii

Online Huna Coaching & Ho'oponopono

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