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Huna & Hawaiian Shamanism
Roots of Hawaiian Shamanism © Martyn Carruthers

Online Huna & Ho'oponopono . Hawaiian Shamanism

The Hawaiian islands form the northern tip of Polynesia. The peoples of Polynesia share similar languages and their cultures extend into prehistory. Long before Captain Cook claimed to discover the islands in 1788, Polynesian people had developed complex systems of social conduct, community development and spiritual evolution ... all called witchcraft by Christian priests.

Pu'uhonua Honaunau - a famous sanctuary of pre-Christian Hawaii - has been partially restored. It is about 30 km south of Kailua-Kona. This image shows the Hale o Keawe (built around 1650) at sunset on Honaunau Bay. It is a wonderful location for ho'oponopono.

Where did the Polynesians come from? Most anthropologists agree that Polynesians are related to the Melanesian races of Australia and Malaysia. Some writers claim that the Polynesians were influenced by Phoenician voyagers from North Africa, due to correlations between Polynesian and old African languages, and between Polynesian myths and the Hebrew bible.

A few people contend that Polynesians are descended from the inhabitants of a lost continent called Mu, which sank beneath the Pacific Ocean. Thor Heyerdahl claimed Polynesians were influenced by the South American Maya. Some people say they were a lost tribe of Israel. Theories are plentiful.

Huna is a name recently given to the healing and mystical practices of ancient Hawaii. An expert was called a kahuna, literally kahu-na “a keeper of balance”. Older names for these shamanic practices included ho'omana and ho'omanamana, meaning the making and use of mana or power.

Ho'omana was developed in isolated communities called 'ohana. The chiefs (ali'i) controlled communities with the help of kahuna, who maintained stability by enforcing a strict kapu (taboo) system, honoring the ancestors (kupuna), guardian spirits (aumakua and awaiku) and gods (akua). Most chiefly families were considered to be kalani - descendents of gods - and their words were law.

Mo'okini Heiau, Kohala, Hawai'i

Remains to be scene

Mookini Heiau Hawaii

A kahuna was an expert, trained from childhood for many years. As there was no written language; knowledge was primarily transmitted verbally. Important information was usually taught in chants. Mistakes in chanting were believed to insult the gods or ancestors, the chiefs or the gods, and a forgetful chanter could be severely punished. This encouraged exact learning.

Unlike the complexity and chaos of our modern Western societies, life in a Hawaiian ohana was simple and stable, based on common values of pono (righteousness) and na (harmony). Many of the old Hawaiian kapu customs and rituals would be inappropriate for Westerners. For example, it was a crime for a woman to eat most species of banana and it was generally believed that an offender would die.

Hawaiian spirituality was created and preserved by people living in small communities, and huna from different parts of Hawaii is different. The heart of the old teachings, aloha (literally - we breathe together) offers a basis for creating 'ohana suitable for our own world. As we translated Hawaiian healing magic into Western intellectual tradition - Soulwork systemic solutions became manifest.

Unlike the complex mystical systems developed in ancient cultures such as Egypt, China and India, Huna is simple to understand and use. However, even in modern Hawaii there remains much secrecy. Few native kahuna will teach non-Hawaiians and few native Hawaiians will admit to knowing much about this ancient wisdom. As a native Hawaiian friend said, “The haole (white immigrants) stole our land and they stole our children; now they want to steal our soul!

Pre-Christian rituals survive on other Polynesian islands. Old traditions of New Zealand, Tahiti or Easter Island are different, although the names of many gods and rituals are easily recognizable to Hawaiians. Hawaiian spirituality includes the Order of Ku, concerned with the power of emotions and wild places. The Order of Lono was concerned with the power of the intellect, such as agriculture and house building, and the Order of Kane concerned spiritual and community development.

Could this be a step on your path? There are three keys: the purity of your integrity, the clarity of your intent and the application of your knowledge. To make space for joyful learning, we can share Hawaiian traditions. Each of us has qualities that may assist other people in their lives - and if “your qualities are our qualities” and “our qualities are your qualities”, then we can recreate 'ohana. The heart of Huna Kalani is to live in a stable, peaceful community, with love and joy, in balance with nature.

Maki'iki'i, e Maki'i-lohelohe
Aia i 'ele e ka mauna
Oia i 'ele e ka moana
Ma kai 'ouli ma kai akea
Ki’eki’e ka hoku, ha'aha'a ka malama
E ka 'ohiki, e ka 'ohiki pae
Maki'iki'i, Maki'i-lohelohe
Darkness is over the mountain
Darkness is over the ocean
At sea is an omen, in the wide sea
The stars are high, the moon is low
Let that which is unknown be known

Mahalo - amama, Martyn Kahekili Carruthers

Hawaiian Spirituality . Ho'oponopono . Healing and Ohana . Kumulipo . Hawaiian Shamanism

Will you join us under the trees by Kealakekua Bay? Will you come with us into the craters in Volcano Park? Or will you help us come to you? We bring these teachings to the world under their old name of Huna Kalani, and under our new name of Soulwork.

Consider joining us in Hawaii. Our classrooms are beaches, forests and volcanoes. We can help you make Hawaii a journey of a lifetime. Stay in South Kona and come with us to the most beautiful, most sacred (and most haunted) places on Big Island.

Hawaiian Shamanism . Hawaiian Angels . Hawaii Big Island

Huna Kalani & Hawaiian Mysticism

Huna was a word used by native Hawaiians to describe lost or hidden things. Max Freedom Long probably chose this word due to confusion with the word kahuna, (kahu na - keeper of balance) which was used to indicate an expert or a sorcerer. Native Hawaiian life was more concerned with pono (righteousness), aloha (love) and mana (power).

Our Huna Kalani provides an experiential introduction to old Hawaiian shamanism. You can experience the beauty and power of our research in a series of workshops that can expand your perception of reality. Hawaiian magic refers to a technology of consciousness that few understand. Within this old healing magic are some of the roots of the systemic magic of Soulwork systemic coaching.

E komo mai. Welcome.
We teach in many countries - usually on secluded beaches, forests or parks.
We can meet and work online - or in beautiful places.

We bring this wisdom to the world under the name of Huna Kalani.
Do you want to heal your life? We seek people who wish to bring back this ancient magic.

Training in Hawaiian Mysticism & Healing
Huna 1 Bringing Down the Sun: Ho'oponopono & Ho'omanamana
Huna 2 Elements of Nature: Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai
Huna 3 Dreamtime: Ho'omoe, Moe Uhane & Expanded Consciousness
Huna 4 Advanced Huna: Awaiku, I'o and Kumulipo
Huna 5 Huna Experience in Croatia, Mexico or on Hawaii

Online Huna & Ho'oponopono Hawaiian Shamanism

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