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Marketing, Sales & Mind Control
Avoiding advertisements is not enough
© Martyn Carruthers & Stephen Feswick

Online Help, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

You are probably exposed to at least a thousand hours of advertising each year.
An article in the New York Times Magazine suggests the average
city dweller is exposed to 5,000 advertisements each day.

Stephen Feswick is a Canadian marketing professional with
over 30 years experience in sales and marketing.

Marketing specialists spend billions each year to influence people like you.
They generally prefer that you do not notice how well they succeed.
They want you to believe that buying their stuff was your idea.

Sales, persuasion, hypnosis, marketing, election campaigns, brainwashing and seduction are attempts at mind control ... but then again so is education and parenthood! Instead of trying to determine whether it is good or bad ... let's look at consequences.

"... citizens of democratic societies should undertake a course of
intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation
and control, and to lay the basis for meaningful democracy.
Noam Chomsky

Covert hypnosis (street hypnosis) refers to hypnotizing people without their knowledge or consent. We can help people develop immunity to it (immunity to one form of mind control will help you gain immunity from others).

Marketing is all about hypnosis. It links new ideas to older, comfortable, accepted ones and supplants thinking with feelings. Marketers play with their audiences’ sub-conscious to create a society of consumer automatons programmed to spend, spend, spend. It is extraordinarily effective and it operates below people's conscious radar. It promises success, happiness and fulfillment like a drug fix. It tantalizes but ultimately disappoints.

But who wants to “wake up” and realize they’ a living a sham?
Who really wants self awareness and is willing to change to achieve it?

Sales & Marketing Hypnosis

I (Martyn) typed hypnosis in marketing into Google and got 1.24 million hits. A LOT of people want to covertly hypnotize you to influence your decisions. A LOT of people try to persuade you or seduce you to buy things you don't need or to do things you don't want. Many people are waiting to abuse you.

Hypnotism "Hypnotized people heed only the communications of the hypnotist. They seem to respond in an uncritical automatic fashion, ignoring all aspects of the environment other than those made relevant by a hypnotist ... Encyclopedia Britannica

Common scams often utilize covert or sales hypnosis (e.g. get rich quick schemes, rapid weight loss plans, male enhancement products and unproven dietary supplements). Mainstream multi-national companies use the same bag of tricks.

How many of your purchases are consequences of post-hypnotic suggestions?

How can a company entice you to buy their 100% greaseburger (guaranteed to have no healthy ingredients), or to purchase another exercise device to hide in your basement? By logic? By appealing to your intelligence? By inspiring you to greatness? Or by implanting unconscious obsessions?

Neutralize Marketing Hypnosis

Many people start diets and quit ... often heavier than they were before. Discouraged, they return to their old eating habits, which are strongly influenced by the hypnotic marketing of processed fast-foods ... marketing often designed by psychologists.

Some people lie easily and often.
They do not trust each another ... they do not trust themselves.

For children, the four food groups seem to be: sugar, fat, starch and deep fried salty things. Children crave sweet foods and may eat them until they are sick. And some children never grow up.

Many people act as if they were damaged by marketing campaigns. A key to avoiding the effects of covert sales hypnosis and persuasion is to stay conscious if someone tries to put you into trance:

  1. Drum your fingers or tap your toes
  2. Ask where they learned their sales skills
  3. Ask why the person is copying your body movements
  4. Distract yourself - look around at things above eye level

Covert Hypnosis in Sales

My ex-husband is a good seller. He sold himself to me ... and it was three bad years before I divorced him. His greatest pleasure was boasting about how he made people buy things that they didn't want. He had many affairs and was totally unreliable ... I knew when he was lying because his lips were moving. California

You cannot make sense of all the signals you're bombarded with. Your conscious mind can only manage 5 or 6 things at a time, so your unconscious mind deals with everything else. This is partly why branding is so powerful. If you see a heavily advertised label - you are more likely to buy it.

You probably distrust new ideas or concepts when you first encounter them. Before you reject or accept them, your protective beliefs (sales resistance) kick in and you search your memory for something familiar. Marketers associate new products with old ideas.

Like candy coating on a poison pill, you more easily accept toxins that are attached to something you consider harmless. The sugared pill slips past the security gates of your mind and embeds itself ... to be recalled later by images or music, etc. And then you buy more stuff.

Embedded commands are words or phrases added to a conversation with the intention to manipulate. Without training, you will probably not notice them, although they can affect your decisions. Some examples (words in bold are embedded commands):

  • "I hope you'll want to place an order now, and before you do ..."
  • "So before we say good buy, I will repeat the benefits of this purchase."
  • "Buy now, and enjoy the benefits our product gives you ..."

Many words have more than one meaning ... your mind processes many meanings before it chooses the most appropriate. So you think about buying something without knowing that you've been manipulated ... again ... and again.


Marketers and salespeople try to hypnotize and manipulate you. Perhaps you have been in a trance for years before you wake up - and many people never wake up - they  may prefer fantasy to reality. But life can seem pointless if you feel brainwashed, following suggestions and compulsions ... endlessly counting the bars of your cage.

If being happy does not make sense ... does depression or drugs?
Sales of antidepressants rose 3 percent to $9.9 billion in 2009
According to research by IMS Health Inc (April 2010)

We help people replace unhealthy beliefs and solve obsessions and compulsions.
We help people develop themselves and make better decisions.

Online Help, Relationship Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

I thought you were just another therapist - but you were not just. Not even. Not only.

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