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Emotional Issues
Anger & Rage

Eating Problems
Emotional Maturity
Grief & Loss
Inner Child

Pain Control
Stress Relief

Toxic Beliefs
Trauma & Stress
Weight Loss


Relationship Problems

Dissolve Conflicts
Emotional Blackmail

Enjoy Partnership
Evaluate Partners
Long-Distance Love
Love & Hate

Past Partners
Sexual Issues
Soul Mates


Family Challenges

Brothers & Sisters
Divorce & Children
Emotional Incest
Family Meetings
Family Secrets

Fathers & Daughters
Fathers & Sons
Learning Disorders
Mothers & Daughters
Mothers & Sons

Parental Alienation


Life Lessons
Bad Habits
Being Alone
Children's Challenges
Observing Feelings

Patterns in Love
Personal Growth
Quantum Leap
Self Esteem
Self Improvement
Self Intimacy
Stress & Relaxing
Therapist and Clients


Chaos Coaching

Inner Conflict
Expert Modeling
Learning Disorders

Sexual Abuse
Soul of Soulwork
Systemic Management
Therapist Abuse
Training Abuse



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Invest in Yourself, your Partnership and your Family

Rates - Fees - Costs - Charges - Prices - Investment

We coach people to manage emotions, make good decisions
and build healthy relationships.

Online Life Coaching & Soulwork Therapy


Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Training
Choose a coach ... and email us for your free first session

Emotional Incest
Expert Modeling
Family Coaching

Joy arises when we are true to our life purpose - true to the source of our love and passion - true to Soul. Yet few of us fulfill our purpose, except in relationships in which we share our life goals, our love and our passion.
Martyn Carruthers

Explore the influence of your relationships on your life to a deeper level than you are normally aware. A big part of your personality may be created to survive your early family. Once you find your true self, you are free to live a happy and creative life.
Kosjenka Muk

Emotional Maturity
Partner Problems

You can peacefully change your life when you become aware of the hidden origins of negative emotions and beliefs. Your "Bingo" resources wait for you!
Marinka Spodniak

Family Coaching
Coaching Troubled Children

Naturopathy & Detoxification

I specialize in nutrition and gentle detoxification. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Traditional Naturopath.
Richard Diehl


Build your passion for life and your passion for justice!
Management Coach
Stephen Werft
Be patient and generous with yourself and others, and assume that your life and everyone in it are in service to your evolution as a human being.
Kelly Lynn Ford


Inner child coaching can free you from trauma and help you open your doors to maturity and lasting happiness.
English & Polish

Inner Child Coaching

Corporate Coaching

I work best with motivated people ... I enjoy giving my best to people who want the best.
Beverly Mann

Diabetes & Health Coach

The internet is full of confusing information about health. I help people transform vulnerability into empowerment.

Beverleigh Piepers
English & Australian

I offer you 30 years experience and many ways to market and promote your business.

Stephen Feswick
English & Canadian

Marketing & Promotion

I can help you transform technology into coaching tools and offer your services globally

Modestas Vaitkus
English, Russian & Lithuanian

Computer Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

I offer you my experience in business, spiritual development and as a yoga teacher.

Leon Deith

Your First Step - Take this Test

Please seek local assistance soon if:

  1. You are suicidal
  2. You want free coaching or charity
  3. You are in a medical, financial or legal crisis
  4. You are generally dysfunctional or irresponsible
  5. You need psychiatric medication or illegal drugs to function

Before we can coach you, we need to know that our systemic solutions are good choice for you. You can expect the following questions ... your answers will help us coach you to go the next step ...

  • When do you want to start?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What have you already tried?
  • What are your goals and dreams?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What stops you changing by yourself?
  • When would be the right time to move on?
  • How will you know that you reach your goals or fulfill your dreams?

What do you lack? Time? Money? Focus? Worthwhile goals? Our fast and effective coaching can help you discover what you really want, as we coach you to solve success blocks, negative emotions and relationship problems, quickly and safely.

We can coach you to understand and to alleviate your problems. We coach you to manage your difficulties and achieve your goals. We coach you in vital skills for solving your relationship problems.

Our coaching and training is in plain language, without jargon or psychobabble.

The cost of our trainings are set by our organizers. If you want free coach training or free systemic coaching - organize a workshop or training, or be a demonstration subject at a training or work with one of our students.
Free Coaching & Soulwork Therapy

Trainer Fees
Cost of professional seminars, workshops & training by Martyn Carruthers and Kosjenka Muk.
We offer discounts in India, Central Europe and developing countries.

Program Duration*

Martyn Carruthers*

Kosjenka Muk*

Developing Countries Crisis & Emergencies
1 or 2 days* $2000 US per day* $1500 US per day*

Deep discounts available for developing and third-world countries and for charity

Assistance during a natural disaster may be for expenses only

3 or 4 days* $1800 US per day* $1400 US per day*
5+ days* $1500 US per day* $1200 US per day*
Travel days (>4 hours)** $500 US per day** $500 US per day**

  • *These fees are for Martyn or Kosjenka (not for students or participants)
  • *These prices are without prejudice and are not a formal offer
  • All details will be discussed and confirmed before a proposal can be finalized
  • *Prices are for one trainer-consultant-coach. Ask us about larger projects
  • *Prices include preparation time (our preparation is our responsibility)
  • *Prices are for consecutive days
  • **A paid travel day requires over five or more hours travel by air, rail etc
  • We can provide co-trainers, trained assistants and (usually) translators
  • Travel expenses include transportation, visas, permits, accommodation and meals
  • A 15% retainer is required when a proposal is accepted, and is deducted from the invoice
  • An acceptable retainer is often a prepaid 'business class' return air ticket
  • Prior telephone coaching and follow-up mentorship is available
  • There are no formal prerequisites to attend our coach training
  • We expect students to be mature, friendly and co-operative
  • We do not participate in projects that are illegal or that may harm children

Do you organize coaching workshops, seminars, trainings or projects?

Rates / Fees / Costs / Charges / Prices / Investment

Private Sessions & Online Meetings


Rate* Discount Emergency / Disaster Relief
Online Life Coaching, Counseling and Mentorship $95 US / hour*
Packages available.
Private sessions at your location are possible

Discounts are available in developing countries and for charities

We may train and coach volunteer emergency, disaster, relief, charity and refugee workers for expenses only

  • Specialty systemic coaching can be provided by medical doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, accountants, professors, scientists and other professional systemic coaches.
  • Emergency / Disaster / Relief includes coaching and training in natural or war-related calamities, in which we can manage and assist refugees; and train helping professionals and volunteers to handle disaster-related PTSD while avoiding burnout.
  • Expenses: Normal expenses include transportation, visas and permits, insurance, accommodation and meals. Business class may be required for overnight or intercontinental flights. A fee of $500 US applies for traveling days on which our travel time exceeds 4 hours.
  • Plan ahead. Although we recommend 12 weeks advance notice, we can sometimes fulfill "last minute" needs for coaches, trainers and emergency managers, and for motivational and inspirational speakers.
  • Organizers: We seek motivated, credible people who want to organize training projects, seminars, workshops, conferences, disaster relief etc.

Online Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

*These prices are without prejudice and are not formal offers.
We discuss and confirm all details before finalizing any proposal.

Notes for Organizers . Coaching Humor

Rates / Fees / Costs / Charges / PricesSoulwork rates, coaching fees, coach prices. Soulwork costs, systemic charges, training rates. Trainining, coching, couching, souwlork, solwork, soulwrok, traning,Rates / Fees / Costs / Charges / Prices / Investment

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Soulwork systemic coaching in America & Hawaii


Soulwork systemic coaching in England, Wales & Scotland

Soulwork systemic coaching in Croatia & Serbia

Soulwork systemic coaching in Poland



Have You Suffered Enough?

 Where are you now? Understand your emotions, fixations and enmeshments
What do you hope for? Know your goals and stop sabotaging yourself
Do you feel resourceful? Learn to develop your inner resources
Do emotions block you? Relationship problems and mentor damage
Do your beliefs limit you? Change limiting beliefs and end dependence
Do you feel connected? Resolve identity issues to recover lost resources
Is your partner happy? Build healthy partnership (or separate peacefully)
Are your children healthy? Happy parents better manage family problems
Do you want team success? Team leaders and their teams develop together
Do you have complex goals? Specialty coaching, counseling & therapy

Plagiarism is theft. Copyright Martyn Carruthers 1996-2018  All rights reserved. Soulwork Systemic Coaching was primarily developed by Martyn Carruthers to help people solve emotional problems and relationship conflicts to achieve their goals. These concepts and strategies are for general knowledge only. Consult a physician about medical conditions and before changing medical treatment. Don't steal intellectual property ... get permission to post, publish or teach Martyn's work - email