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Surviving an Epidemic or Pandemic
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Protect Your Family

An epidemic is painful and distressing. A pandemic is much, much worse. From their origin as a local epidemic in some African jungle or Asian village, when a pandemic comes, many people will die. Many people will infect their own families and friends. Many genetic bloodlines may die out.

A bird-flu pandemic in 1918 killed between 20 million and 40 million people worldwide. In that year, more people died than were killed during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and all the Middle East wars combined.

Perhaps you will wear face masks to avoid inhaling droplets. Perhaps you will avoid restaurants, cinemas, subways and public transport. Perhaps you will stop your children going to school, and bunker yourselves in your own home. But you and your family will still be at risk.

Local and international travel accelerates the spread of a pandemic. People infected on one continent can carry a virus to another continent before symptoms have time to show. Ships, planes and trucks can easily transport a virus across regional and international borders. Even if governments imprison sick people or quarantine cities or entire nations - a pandemic can visit a neighborhood near you.

What is an Epidemic?

Viral respiratory illnesses often begin with a fever, headache, discomfort and body aches. Some people experience respiratory symptoms. After a few days, infected people may have a dry cough and difficulty breathing.

Deadly hantavirus epidemics begin with flu-like symptoms, but most infected people will die of massive internal bleeding. For example, the Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever, characterized by initial headaches, weakness, and muscle aches, followed by vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, inflammation of the throat and eyes, bleeding from body openings, and destruction of internal tissues. The onset of illness is sudden, and the disease can progress swiftly to exhaustion and death in seven to ten days. Mortality rates have been about 80% percent with Ebola-Zaire virus.

The AIDS epidemic is deadly due in part to its long incubation period - as it only spreads with difficulty. While a person with SARS or Ebola can be infective for a week or two before the symptoms show, people with HIV may infect people for years before they show symptoms of AIDS.

There are concerns about a bird flu jumping species to humans. If a bird flu mutates, or worse, integrates with a human flu virus, the conditions are ripe for a pandemic. Unfortunately, such diseases may have already been 'militarized' for biological warfare. The mutated - integrated virus already exists - waiting for an accident or terrorist incident.

Epidemics are mostly spread by person-to-person contact. Most new cases involve people who cared for or lived with someone who was infected. A virus is spread in moisture when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Hands used to cover the mouth while coughing can be contaminated with viruses and pass the viruses on to door handles and railings. If the next people who touch those objects pick up the virus, and then touch their eyes or noses with common human gestures, the virus spreads. Viral epidemics and pandemics can also be spread by touching the skin or clothing of sick people.

In an epidemic or pandemic; some people die, some suffer for a few weeks and some walk around without symptoms. What can you do to protect yourself and your family? Answers to your protection may not be in biology but rather in psychobiology and psychoneurobiology.

Psychobiology of Soul . When Disease Makes Sense

Psychobiology & Immunity

Psychobiology studies how psychology and biology interact. And although psychobiology opens up new vistas for both psychology and medicine - few psychologists or doctors seem aware of the breakthroughs of the last few years.

As much medical research is sponsored by multinational drug companies, evidence that drugs are not needed may be ignored or suppressed. Psychobiological cures rarely need drugs - hence multinational pharmaceutical companies and the agencies that they fund are disinterested (at best) in drug-free healing.

Example 1. During hypnosis, a person can be told that a hand has touched poison ivy or a toxic plant. Within a few minutes, the person's hand can become red and inflamed, and small pustules form. The immune system can respond to suggestions - and fight toxins that do not exist.

Example 2. People with multiple-personality syndrome may have allergies in one persona and no allergies or different allergies in another persona. This shows that your immune system can reprogram itself in a few minutes, following appropriate signals from the neurocortex.

Example 3. Some people have spontaneous remissions from fatal diseases. Physicians often explain these remissions by claiming wrong diagnosis, faulty x-ray equipment or mistaken laboratory procedures.

Systemic Psychobiology

Research into the psychobiology of family health often finds different pictures. Health, like success and happiness, is a political issues in families. Families often have covert rules about who can be successful, who can be happy and who must be sick!

These rules may be changed during systemic coaching. We provide solutions for many mental, physical and relationship problems, and can lessen the symptoms, reduce pain and prevent many symptoms from occurring. If you want to know more, read about Systemic Family Coaching.

Consult your physician about any medical conditions.

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