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Soulwork Home-Study Acceptance

Each student will sign this statement after reading the Soulwork Code of Conduct and this Home-Study Policy page.

  • I have read and I agree to the Soulwork Code of Conduct
  • I agree not to duplicate, copy or give away any Soulwork training materials or information
  • I am not taking psychiatric treatment or psychoactive medications
  • I am over 18 years of age
  • I agree to comply with the Soulwork Home Study - Student Policies below

STUDENT Soulwork Home-Study Policies


  1. Supervision is mandatory for the diploma course
  2. A supervisor is chosen by the training director, unless a student has selected a supervisor.
  3. Each student sends assignments to the supervisor, who returns feedback to the student.
  4. Supervision for the Soulwork home-study course is valid for 12 calendar months from the date of payment.
  5. Further or extended supervision can be arranged.


  1. Each student receives new course materials on completion of each assignment
  2. The money-back guarantee remains valid for three study units

Study Group

  1. Each student is expected to join an email study group (about 6-10 other students)
  2. Each student may participate in their email study group without time limit
  3. The student may post the assignment results and supervisor feedback to the email study group.


  1. Students bringing new students into this program receive a X% bonus for each new student, payable after the three unit guarantee period is over

Supervisor Policies

  1. A supervisor can choose whether to accept a particular student, or group of students
  2. Each supervisor will support and encourage each accepted student to learn and to use the materials for a 12 month period
  3. The supervision period may be prolonged in a private agreement between the student and supervisor
  4. Each supervisor will respond to all 12 assignments and up to 20 hours (60?) extra emails from each student
  5. A supervisor who abandons a student or group of students forfeits further payment, which will be paid to the supervisor who takes his or her place
  6. A supervisor can provide paid personal email or telephone coaching to their students
  7. A supervisor receives a X% bonus for each new student brought into this program by students that they supervise, payable after the three unit guarantee period
  8. A supervisor receives a X% bonus for each new student that they personally recruit into this home-study program, payable after the three unit guarantee period
  9. A supervisor will not sell or provide Soulwork home-study training programs
  10. A supervisor will not attempt to combine a Soulwork home-study program with any other offer


Supervisor Comments about the Soulwork Home Study Program

Hi Martyn, Can a student change supervisor in course of study ? This should be allowed, as some couplings may not work well enough, or a supervisor gets ill or whatever.

Study requirements need to be well defined : there is a mention of 12 assignments, but no description of what sort of assignments they will be. There is no mention of a final requirement - I am thinking of a whole session transcript. The last one should be a primary concern : How will we know if a student is capable of coaching others ? We should agree on a checklist, criteria and tips.

BTW, how do you mean to handle the unconscious work, nonverbal signals and so on? I know this was the weak point even a year or two ago, when you first brought the idea. Any novelties on this side? It is definitely possible to read unconscious communication even via email (great for me, as I am used to words), but training others to be perceptive can be challenging.

The student should announce if s/he would prefer to work with a male or female supervisor. Students should know in advance that the supervisors they may work with may come from strange places in the world. Students may be prejudiced by race or geography or feel uncomfortable with strange English.
Supervisors may have problems with expressing themselves clearly in English, but their friends are too friendly to tell them so. (And we should all spell-check our emails). Ana


Martyn: I have strong beliefs regarding home study. I believe that proper training in coaching is possible only with live contact between trainer and future coach, and I also believe that proper session is possible only when coach is meeting his client face to face (not by e-mail and not by telephone). I know that various forms of home study and distance learning programs are being offered every day and that coaching by telephone and tele-classes are standard in coaching profession.

Still, I find those forms unsuitable for proper changework with clients and particularly inappropriate for Soulwork. I would expect that this form of teaching could be endless source of frustration for students and for supervisors and I would not expect a student to pay for that kind of training. Also, this concept gives an opportunity to various freaks and weirdos to claim that they are SW coaches without real possibility for you or supervisors to really know them, their competence and their motivation. All good training businesses I know insist on knowing their student face to face.

On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong. You are very inventive and creative person and you may find the content and the form of home study that may be OK and go around my expected frustrations. Also, I think that it is only up to you to decide if home study courses will compromise Soulwork or not. As things are now, I believe it would, but, again, I may be wrong.

Your credibility comes from traditions you have used as inspiration, from the number
and geographic locations of clients you have helped and from results in clients lives (it would be good to have some records and documented feedback on that, and that's all you need...).


Hi Martyn!

I like the concept of home study and study groups. They are interesting for mature adults who want to have more control and direction over the learning process. Self directed learning is very advanced form of learning and requires excellent learning tools and quality learning materials. These days there are number of e-learning systems that can provide very good ground for self directed learning. Maybe if you do some research in that field more?

Without seeing the study materials (assignments, modules, SW manual, etc.) I can't make proper judgment about the whole study program and the time that will be required of me to take part in it. I advise you to prepare the materials first, and then to advertise.

Your estimated time spent communicating with a student is very rough. I expect that more than 20 hours of extra email will be necessary to accomplish a good supervisor-student relationship.
So, please, reconsider this parameter. 60$ per student a year, that's unreal. Especially when I don't know what the whole price of home study program will be. There are many blanks in this calculation. Maybe if you can be more specific about the figures? It seems to me that this isn't transparent enough for me to negotiate my future participation.

My opinion is that you would earn more money if you write book(s)... less trouble there. But that's not the main idea, isn't it? :o) Stjepan

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