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Position & Market your Coaching Service
Business of Coaching © Martyn Carruthers & Stephen Feswick

Coaching: Marketing and Promotion

Many coaches try and sell coaching. But few people know what coaching is.
Something to do with sports? Only for business? Most people who buy coaching
purchase your promise that you will fulfill their expectations.

Coaching does not exist until somebody buys it.
Coaching requires different positioning and
marketing strategies than tangible products.

Stephen Feswick

Address: #6, 4301-55 Ave
Olds, AB T4H 1M9, Canada

Phone: 403-791-6179
Fax: 866-612-2260

Our first goal is to help you.
Our second goal is to exceed your expectations.

Assuming that you have the skills and experience ... how do you develop a coaching business? We can help you develop and apply positioning and marketing strategies appropriate for your preferred clients. We can coach you to promote your coaching to fulfill the needs and goals for which people are searching for solutions.

Do you want to help people succeed? Can you save them time and effort? Here are a few tips:


Speak to business and professional groups. This can be worthwhile, although most people would rather lie dead in a coffin than deliver a speech. Only a few people volunteer to speak before an audience - so your competitors will be few while your impact will be obvious. People who have met you will remember you when they need your coaching. And if your talks were good, they may recall you as an expert.

List your talk topics and send them to professional organizations. Offer your services free or for a nominal fee. Request a referral letter that you can include in future requests for speaking opportunities. If you speak for free, ask for your transportation costs.

Use visual aids to help focus the audience's attention on your subject rather than on you, and to help them remember your main points. If you feel shy, remember that speaking gets easier with practice. Contact us to create great talks and how to manage anxiety and avoid stage fright.

Press Releases

Read the press releases in a business newspaper ... those companies are getting free publicity. What have you done lately? Have you won an award, expanded or landed a contract? If you can't think of a reason for a press release, create one. Useful press releases contain news, not advertising.

Include your contact information, and a little background information about your company. You might also want to mail a copy of your service brochure or company profile with the release. And, if you have them, good quality photos are a plus. We can coach you to develop effective press releases.

Free Sessions

Businesses often offer freebies, such as a free box of soap or a 30-day trial period. You can do the same with free introductory sessions. Keep your costs down, and try various ways to find the right incentives. Show off your services. We can help you define the content of free sessions.

Referral Letters

Develop a letter for helping professionals that mentions that referring clients to you can help their business. You can offer to send them 'qualified clients' or clients in a certain region. You can also offer an incentive for referrals, perhaps a discount on your services or a gift.

You can also offer your services through these referral sources. For example, if you offer coaching that other professionals could recommend to their clients, show how they can profit. Offer them an incentive to refer people to you. We can coach you to create great referral sources.


Newsletters help keep your services in your clients' minds. A newsletter may be as simple as a sheet of paper with tips and news, or an email. Most word processing programs have built-in templates for newsletters, and you can use their clipart for illustrations. Do you want coaching in this?

Offer real news and information your clients can use, and reasons to save the newsletters and eagerly await your next one. Testimonials and letters would be great additions, and help to promote your business. Request permission from your clients before printing their names.

Marketing & Positioning Your Business

Simply put, marketing is drawing attention to your service. Marketing generates awareness in as many people as possible. Client relations can be summarized as courtesy + dignity + common sense. Satisfied clients often become repeat clients. We can coach you to be remembered well and to design your marketing to reach large audiences of potential buyers. Important questions are:

  1. What is the buying process?
  2. What is their experience with coaching?
  3. What are the qualities you want to be known by?
  4. What do you do to live up to your highest qualities?
  5. Who are your potential clients? What are their goals and challenges?
  6. How can you sum up your position in a memorable and meaningful way?
  7. How does your coaching solve problems, accelerate goals or add value?
  8. What differentiates you? What do you do better, faster or with higher quality?

Perhaps you will market your expertise, capabilities, reliability and commitment to your clients. You are selling a promise. Focus on communicating and fulfilling your promise.

Constrain your marketing to the number of clients you can coach well. You can please your clients by focusing only on a select number of customers to sustain your business. If you try to service too many clients, the quality of your coaching will probably suffer.

Referrals & Networking

Although recommendations from people who have previously used your coaching are credible, referrals may come slowly. Why not ask for them? If a clients seem satisfied with your service, you can request him or her to refer your coaching to their friends or acquaintances.

Some of our colleagues reward people who refer clients to them. It need not be money as some people dislike paying for referrals, but a note or a small act of thoughtfulness to show people that their efforts are appreciated. Do you want help doing this?

Direct mail

A good way to promote your coaching business is to use letters or brochures. We can coach you to reach out to the right people and remind existing clients of how you can help them. Mailing to previous customers is essential, whether you send them a quarterly newsletter, announce a new service or offer promotions or discounts, etc.


A web site can help build your credibility. To attract visitors, address specific problems that your potential clients must deal with. People donít surf the internet to find you, they surf for solutions. Make your site is content-driven ... your website content indicates your relevance. Let your website reflect your beliefs, values, credibility and quality. Then you can offer sessions, books, CDs, etc.

Your website need not have the latest bells and whistles - if you treat your visitors well, it is more likely that they will request your coaching. Provide excellent customer service every moment that you are with a potential client - in person or virtually. Your coaching business depends on this.

Only people who trust you will purchase your services. People must feel that they will get the value they expect ... and that you can and will deliver. Trust is based on what you say, what you write, referrals and recommendations. Your marketing will be forgotten unless you follow up with trustworthy interactions and a quality service.

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