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Quantum Coaching in Human Systems
Leadership and Change © Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

Quantum thinking does not replace archaic or classical thinking. Archaic thinking may be useful when making decisions about esoteric or spiritual principles. Classical thinking may be useful when making simple decisions in controllable environments. Quantum thinking is useful when making complex decisions with limited information, relationship pressures and ambiguous objectives.

Archaic, Classical & Quantum Thinking

The differences between archaic, classical and quantum thinking centre on beliefs - on assumptions about reality. Archaic perspectives assume that reality is governed by spirits, demons and gods. Classical perspectives assume that reality is governed by statistical laws. Quantum perspectives assume that reality is not governed, rather reality behaves as an emerging complex system.

In archaic thinking, we can influence reality by appeasing or bribing esoteric agencies. In classical thinking, we can influence reality by applying natural laws. In quantum thinking, reality is chaotic and ultimately unpredictable, yet we can influence reality by understanding and applying systemic and quantum rules. See Quantum Thinking

Four quantum properties may apply to consciousness. 1, quantum coherence (e.g. Bose-Einstein condensation) may underlie ‘binding’ or unity of consciousness (Marshall, 1989). 2, non-local entanglements (e.g. ‘Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations’) may underlie associative memory and non-local emotional interpersonal connection. 3, quantum superposition of information may underlie preconscious and subconscious processes, dreams and altered states. 4, quantum state reduction (quantum computation) may underlie transitions from preconscious to consciousness. (Penrose, 1989; 1994).

Research in quantum physics shows that much of our visible reality is illusion. Our cosmos is composed of invisible, unpredictable and paradoxical energy. At a macroscopic (classical) level, we can predict how accumulations of energy will behave over time. But at a sub-microscopic (quantum) level we cannot predict the behavior of a single electron for a single moment.

Consider quantum tunneling; electrons can pass through impenetrable barriers by already existing on the other side. Can this be real? This paradox is used in superconductivity. Quantum tunneling may become a feature of super-fast computers and other practical applications. What do you believe?

People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Albert Einstein

Consider superstring theory; everything in the universe - all particles, forces and even space-time itself - consists of minute strings that vibrate and spin in a multi-dimensional superspace. Can this be real? What do you believe?

Consider the simultaneous existence of parallel universes. If reality is quantum-mechanical, then our universe should have much more structure than a collection of classical entities. The universe may be called a multiverse. What do you believe?

Consider yourself. You are mathematically impossible. You were a million-to-one chance when you were conceived—calculate the odds back over just ten generations! What do you believe?

Quantum Thinking, Beliefs & Reality

... the structure of the multiverse is determined by information flow, and the universality of computation ensures that by studying quantum computational networks it is possible to obtain results about information flow that must also hold for quantum systems in general.

David Deutsch, Quantum Computation, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University

Why is the amount of antimatter in the universe so small? Research at Brookhaven in 1965 revealed a slight violation of symmetry in the decay of neutral kaons (sub-atomic particles). As a result of this violation, a slight excess of matter survived the Big Bang. This world and your body may exist because of a quantum violation that very few people have ever heard of. Can you believe in kaon decay?

The Pauli Exclusion Principle states that identical types of matter cannot be in the same place at the same time and with the same orientation. This prevents your body ... and the universe ... imploding. Can you believe in the Pauli Principle?

Our cells are composed of molecules, the molecules of atoms, the atoms of particles, and the particles of subparticles which diminish in mass, duration and probability under dissection until one discovers that the mass-energy cosmos is conjured into being out of theoretical ultimate particles of zero mass, zero duration and zero probability. From Child of Fortune by Norman Spinrad

Soul is said to be an immaterial essence of every individual. Soul is an inner spiritual principle, a source of bodily functions and mental activities. All human cultures include beliefs in a soul that exists apart from the physical body. Can you believe in Soul? (See Psychobiology of Soul and Soul of Soulwork)

Beliefs are not facts. Your personal reality is what you assume to be true, based on what you believe. Your beliefs can support your happiness ... or your depression.

Common consequences of clinging to obsolete beliefs include:

  • Depression: You retreat from a life that does not make sense
  • Compulsions & Obsessions: You attempt distraction and escape
  • Relationship Chaos: You use toxic relationship and communication skills
  • Emotional Stress: You experience overwhelming anger, sadness or anxiety
  • Age Regression: You demand that the world follow your childish expectations

Probably, you accepted most of your beliefs about the world from your early authorities - your parents, relatives and teachers. Hence many of your assumptions and beliefs are likely based on obsolete concepts. Perhaps they need updating.

Quantum Coaching & Human Potential

For millennia, our ancestors pondered the creation of order. They told simple stories to describe the emergence of stability from chaos. These archaic chaos theories are rejected by classical science, yet provide interesting metaphors for understanding systems theories, quantum thinking and chaos coaching.

Can you, for a moment, end a classical obsession of trying to understand the world by statistical evaluation? The principles of quantum thinking can both challenge and assist you to update your view of reality.

Quantum Thinking & Leadership

The principles of entanglement offer insights into how the world works. If you become entangled in a system, your evaluations may be biased. If by predicting a system's behavior, you affect that system's behavior - your predictions may be self-fulfilling.

When you plan, direct, or manage human systems, do you use tools derived from archaic (esoteric) thinking, classical (statistical) thinking or from modern (quantum) thinking? Quantum thinking can help you manage unexpected problems when you have limited information.

Are you attempting to change or transform human systems such as families, teams or organizations? Are you trying to use esoteric agencies or statistical data to motivate change? Are the results of your initiatives uninspiring? Can you guess why?

Systemic diagnosis can help you perceive organizations as interactive
human systems, rather than as esoteric entities or classical machines.

Quantum Coaching & Entanglements

Quantum entanglements describe simultaneous action at a distance. Human entanglements often show up as compulsions and inappropriate behavior. Some human entanglements and consequences are:

  • I lose access to my own identity (dissociation)
  • I am entangled with a dead person (chronic sadness)
  • I am entangled with an ignored hero (chronic anxiety)
  • I am entangled with an ignored victim (chronic anger)
  • I am entangled with two people in conflict (chronic conflict)
  • I am entangled with someone I have hurt (guilt or depression)

Entanglements can ruin individual lives and damage human systems. We offer effective solutions for enmeshment and other complex relationship issues.

Contact us if you want to evaluate and change your life

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