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Accelerated Safe Learning

To provide a safe learning environment, we require that all staff and students show respect to each other. We discourage incivility to protect members from verbal, written, physical, or other form of aggression. All those who wish to participate in our coach training will commit to these principles.

As aggression falls on a spectrum from incivility to physical violence, all members will strive to maintain an environment that is free from aggression, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behavior. We do not tolerate inappropriate communication, and we will deal with all incidents promptly and appropriately to ensure a safe and protected learning environment.

  1. We value diversity among individuals and communicate respectfully
  2. We expect all members to be courteous, respectful and professional
  3. We hold individuals as responsible and accountable for their behavior
  4. We deal with unacceptable behavior to promote a message of zero tolerance
  5. We perceive inappropriate behavior as signs of impending violence
  6. We will inform and train all members of our school on how to maintain a safe environment
  7. We expect all members to protect their own personal safety and to support others in the same

Following inappropriate behavior, we:

  •  Respond promptly to dangers to staff and to students
  •  Respond to each allegation
  •  Investigate incidents and threats
  •  Support victims after an incident
  •  Take disciplinary actions when warranted

Chronic Anger . Verbal Aikido . Resolving Abuse

Warning Behaviors

Some behaviors that warn of potential hostility or violence include, but are not limited to:

  • unwelcome name-calling
  • throwing objects of any size or type
  • intimidation through direct or veiled verbal threats
  • physically touching another person in intimidating, malicious or sexual ways
  • intimidating others including obscene gestures, fist-shaking, or similar gestures
  • acts of abuse (e.g. spoken statements, including tone of voice, or physical act which may be construed as a derogatory, intimidating, bullying or disturbing
  • rude or uncivil behavior (e.g. slamming doors, disparaging comments about a student or trainer, criticizing a student in public, vulgar or obscene words or actions, including email, voice messages and graffiti

All students and staff must maintain a basic competency in workplace safety and violence prevention. Interpersonal hostility and violence can be upsetting, and persons with these experiences are encouraged to seek support from a trainer or organizer, who will listening and coach as required.

  1. Sexual impropriety: unwanted expressions of intimacy
  2. Threat: the expression of intent to cause physical harm or emotional damage
  3. Property damage: intentional damage to property owned by staff, students, or visitors
  4. Physical attack: unwanted contact such as hitting, fighting, pushing or throwing objects

Report Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior must be reported to a trainer or organizer. Reports should detail incidents thoroughly and accurately. The person making the report shall be assured of confidentiality, with information released only on a “need-to-know” basis. No retaliation or discrimination shall result from reporting potential violence.


A final examination is required after completion of training unless an exception has been granted by the trainer. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing within four weeks of the final examination, containing the rationale for the request.

The final examination is both oral and written, is administered by the trainer; and takes place at a designated location. Here is a sample examination

Our trainers can approve nontraditional examinations, such as a portfolio of a semester’s work or a take-home examination. Requests for nontraditional examinations should provide details about the method of assessment, the grading criteria and the due date of the assignment.

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