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Shamanic Coaching and Training

Integrated Solutions with Celtic, Nepalese and Hawaiian Shamanism

Honor the wisdom of indigenous cultures! Our shamanic coaching and coach training help you experience mystical knowledge from old traditions. Experience paths of transformation and release and increase your personal wisdom and sense of life. Your sanity requires sane relationships.

Shamanism & Shamanic Coaching

Shamanism is the oldest form of mind/body healing known, using 'journeys' into altered states of consciousness to restore and enhance well-being. Shamanism is estimated by archeologists to be at least forty thousand years old, and has been practiced continuously by virtually all indigenous peoples. Yet in the West huge energy has been expended to eradicate shamanic practices.

We look to shamanism for insights into better ways to coach individuals and groups. While shamanic coaching may not replace the need for psychological and medical treatment, shamanic coaching offers experiences and skills that are not available in psychology or medicine. See Relationship Yoga

  1. Know yourself as a basis for providing shamanic coaching and guidance to friends or clients.
  2. Learn how to awaken out of trance states, develop your intuition and stop your inner dialogue.
  3. Experience reality without interference from your thoughts and discover your own wisdom and inner teachers.
  4. Live a life of power, rather than distractions by emotional judgments. Explore the magic of mindfulness and the immovable mind, and reduce the chaos of thoughts and emotions.
  5. Explore “spiritual psychology” and “spiritual physiology” - delve into areas of yourself that medicine, psychotherapy and religion can rarely discuss or even acknowledge.

We offer Soul Recovery (retrieving the essence of self from some place, usually following trauma or abuse), Extraction (removing displaced energies, sometimes called intrusions or thoughtforms, that upset your body and are often associated with illness) and Shamanic Coaching.

Shamanic Studies in Nepal
Experiential Journeys with Nepalese Shamans
Two week program in Nepal
7-day Annapurna Trek

Shamanic coaching and counseling includes ways to communicate with 'spirits' that have been practiced since prehistoric times. You can learn how to journey into non-ordinary realities for direct guidance. In a separate reality you may contact strange 'teachers' who offer healing and wisdom.

Answers to your questions about others often include information for you about your own current life issues, and can provide insights and solutions to your personal issues. Learn how to combine the sensitivity of relationship coaching with the age-old wisdom of the shamans.

Shamanic Drumming & Consciousness  . Shamanic Coaching in Nepal

Shamanic Coaching & Counseling

You and I are integral parts of our natural world, a world made of energy that you can learn how to tap directly. You may decide to use shamanic work to heal a physical, emotional or spiritual issues or to flow through a life transition with a sense of direction. Yet nothing need be 'bad' or 'wrong' - rather you may want to connect more strongly with your human world or with your Spirit.

During shamanic coaching, we help you find unconscious archetypes that can transform and heal a fractured psyche into a coherent whole. We address your earthly desires and holistic needs in regards to your life, your environment and your circumstances.

When you work with us, you will find that you are not alone emotionally or spiritually. We and others are willing to travel with you and support you on your path. Your shamanic coaching and counseling is a wonderful intellectual and emotional adventure which we can both share.

As shamanic healing often deals with 'spiritual' aspects of illness, we cannot always predict the results that manifest emotionally or physically. Shamanic healing does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment.

Shamanic coaching and counseling operates at an interface of shamanism and systemic coaching. This perception of the world recognizes no separation between mind and matter and upholds the importance of personal choice, authenticity, responsibility, acknowledging human beings as unique and whole, exploring subjective experience and developing emotional maturity.

Shamanic Coach Training

Our Shamanic Coach training consists of participation in our Systemic Coach Training, a two week tour of Wales, Nepal or Hawaii, and personal study with Martyn Carruthers. We may invite you to accompany us to visit our teachers in Hawaii, Nepal and Wales.

Hawaii In Hawaii we visit Hawaiian elders, ancient Polynesian temples and energy centers, mostly on Big Island.

In Nepal we combine trekking with visits to shamans; who guide us in searching for herbs and mushrooms, healing, initiations and making dhupa (incense).

Wales In Wales we visit Neolithic and Celtic sites, especially in Anglesey, and practitioners of Celtic healing and mysticism.
North Africa We are currently researching traditional Berber shamanism and Egyptian healing used before the Arab invasions.

Our shamanic coaching and  training explores challenging issues that surround our cross-fertilization of relationship coaching and shamanism. We approach native peoples to learn abut shamanism without abusing these ancient traditions or the people who have kept them alive for thousands of years.

Shamanic Healing

Will a life-changing vision turn you around and call you to provide shamanic healing? There are challenges. Western psychology diagnoses and categorizes people - it does not heal people. City and suburban folk can get into terrible ruts. Shamanic healing may inspire you to explore your ordinary life in non-ordinary ways, and find connections between you and the planet.

Shamanic journeys are not guided visualizations. We offer a minimal framework and transport to a consciousness where visionary experiences may occur. We neither describe nor suggest your experience which comes as you interact with forces unknown to modern science.

Traditional shamanic healing involves your extended family, living and dead, in ways that are rarely practical in Western societies. Yet in old Hawaiian healing includes ways to relate to 'missing' or dead family members - a group of rituals generally called ho'oponopono. You can apply the essence of ho'oponopono in your shamanic healing and relationship coaching.

If you could contact the essences of two opposing forces inside a sick person,
and unite the two forces as one, what would you do with this ability?

Shamanic healing often includes 'journeys' to consult with spirits and to ally with natural things; to communicate with natural or elemental entities; to find guardian animal or nature spirits, and to retrieve souls. You can use these core shamanic practices in towns and cities, although shamanic healing often motivates people to get away from urban environments and into nature.

For example, you may find that rocks communicate sounds, feelings and images - once you learn how to pay attention. Can a tree help you solve problems by giving you information? Native peoples experience such information as valuable gifts, and show gratitude. How would you react?

Join Us

We coach people to reconnect with themselves and with humanity. We help people to gain the right skills and then to hold a safe space for their change work. Then growth and healing happen.

Explore the psycho-physiological dynamics of altered states and visions, metaphoric representations and rituals that produce healing responses. Universal shamanic metaphors (e.g. animal allies and soul retrieval) reflect fundamental aspects of the psychodynamics of self. These emotional, social and mental skills use practical metaphors and symbols that reflect fundamental structures of consciousness.

Explore the origins and cross-cultural distribution of shamanism, its modern manifestations and the use of shamanic practices. If this is interesting, consider joining us in Nepal, Hawaii, Croatia or Wales.

A shamanic perspective is that health reflects balanced relationships, not only with people but with all that is. If a person is ill, a shaman may restore balance by helping the sick person regain harmony with relatives, ancestors and with life. This idea that all things are connected is ancient, yet as the world sways on the edge of catastrophes, shamanic coaching offers great hope.

Online Life Coaching & Mentorship

I thought you were just another therapist - but you were not just. Not even. Not only.

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