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Faith vs. Mind Virus by Jan Sikorski

Online Relationship Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

What is Religion?

People respond to rituals, myths and mysticism; especially if packaged together as a religion. Let's define religion, behavior, religious behavior, dogma and faith.

  1. Religion is a formalized practice of submission
  2. Behavior is a movement of a part of a person's body
  3. Religious behaviors are submissive ritual movements
  4. Dogma are unverifiable ideas that require restraint from skepticism
  5. Religious faith is a confident belief in a transcendent reality or supreme being

What is the Role of Dogma?

Religious dogma is a belief that rationalizes religious behavior. Religious dogma demands that unverifiable claims are accepted without skepticism. Religious dogma is often taught to young children who still trust authorities.

Bonded beliefs do not need verification.

Road sign in Hungary (Photo by Kosjenka Muk)

Most religious dogma defines how to demonstrate submission, and can become a social cause if other people accept the dogma as truth. Your acceptance of religious claims is identifiable through your religious behavior.

Religious behavior is shown by ritual submission - often by coordinated body movements that signal compliance. The rules for religious behaviors are culturally transmitted - the external triggers for such behavior such behaviors include authoritarian commands and symbols, while the internal triggers include feelings of anxiety, rage, loss or gratitude.

In most communications, the word "god" is synonymous with the word "luck".
When I visited a Las Vegas casino, many of its customers were religious
judging by the words and behavior of people I observed gambling ...
especially those who had just lost or who had just won.

Watch people in military organizations saluting and parading, watch political supporters and football fans chanting slogans. Ritual behavior requires a show of faith - a show of believing ideas that cannot be proved. Yet if you accept a proposition by faith, you may become unable to judge that proposition by evidence.

Many religions seem to have failed because they were too complex. A philosophy beyond the comprehension of average people must be simplified into a dogma - and the people who do the simplifying may be called saints.

Religions are as irrational as atheism.

The word heresy is from the Greek hairesis, which means "choice". People who prefer to choose may have to evade bigotry, persecution and murder by people who prefer to comply.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality has so many meanings. Spirituality can refer to an ultimate reality or a way to stop thinking or the purchase of ornaments. Some practices, such as meditation, prayer and contemplation, are often hoped to lead to experiences of connectedness with a larger reality, with a 'true self'; with other people or with a divine realm.

Most religious people will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Our spiritual coaching has inspired or helped many people orient themselves. We help people explore immaterial realities and transcendental experiences - without dogma. We also help people replace unwanted habits or deadly sins with desired behaviors.

Replace this

With this

  • Lust / Extravagance
  • Gluttony / Indulgence
  • Greed / Money
  • Sloth / Laziness
  • Wrath / Revenge
  • Envy / Resentment
  • Pride / Specialness
  • Chastity
  • Temperance
  • Charity
  • Diligence
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Humility

Spiritual counseling requires clarity, preparation and a proven methodology. We often help people explore experiences that some call ecstatic or enlightening (see Psychobiology of Enlightenment).

Evidence or Faith?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded on a story of a man
who was prepared to kill his own son to obey a voice in his head.

People who demand verifiable or testable evidence before they show submissive behavior may be called agnostic, atheist or worse. Members of tribal or authoritarian societies may be punished if they do not show appropriate submission or if they criticize accepted dogma. Members of multi-cultural societies have more choices, including a choice of whether to not engage in submissive behaviors.

... almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires
the power to do so, and will follow that by suppressing opposition,
subverting education to seize the minds of the young, and by
killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics
Robert Heinlein

The primary consequences of religious behaviors are acceptance by people who behave in similar ways and rejection by people who prefer to show other or no submissive behavior. Religious behavior is rationalized by dogma and bounded by taboos. If people who consider themselves religious break their taboos - they may burden themselves with guilt and risk ritual punishments.

Consequences of Religious Dogma

Adults who age regress become more naive, more eager to comply and easier to manipulate. Common ways to induce age regression include threats that elicit emotions such has anger, sadness, fear and guilt. Age regression and compliance are often produced by speeches about punishments - both before and after death.

Blasphemy is the disrespectful use of the names or claims of accepted esoteric entities or religious dogma. It includes using sacred words as stress expletives.

Fundamentalism is a disease. It is an invasive, violating thought-virus
that spreads through threat and coercion, subjugation, slavery
and egos that developed well past their safety levels.
monsterdog81, 7 Dec, 2010

Consequences of Religious Faith

Faith includes believing what cannot be proven. Although there appears to be no hard historical evidence that the biblical Jesus, Joseph or Mary ever existed, millions of people have faith that they lived, and that they are still alive, over 2000 years old.

Primacy: what you believe first you believe longest ...
most people accept the beliefs and faiths of their parents.

Most children adopt their parent's beliefs, no matter how irrational. Most children taught a belief system, will follow it without question. Children who question an adult's beliefs may be punished. Religious education is sometimes synonymous with child abuse.

When people damage their inner selves,
horrible things may infect their wounds ...
things that breed in decay and corruption.

You can learn about a religion, philosophy or therapy when you see how it shapes the behavior of those people who use or follow it.

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