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Solutions for Consequences of Abortion
Post-Abortion Stress & Sadness Martyn Carruthers

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

People affected by abortions, miscarriages or cot deaths may
feel emotionally depleted or spiritually disconnected from family and friends.

If you feel depressed or miserable following an abortion, miscarriage
or crib death in the family, we can help you manage your emotions.

2: Relationship Consequences of Abortion . 3: Spiritual Consequences of Abortion

Does Abortion affect you?

Abortion can provide fast relief and lasting suffering. The consequences of abortion can include guilt, depression, mourning, shame, self hatred, insomnia, addictions and aggression, usually in the parents and the siblings of an aborted child.

Parents, surviving children, family members and abortionists may all suffer. We help people manage these emotional and relationship consequences of abortion.

Post-Abortion Stress (PASS) is Common

Have you felt unpleasantly depressed since you, your parents or a close friend had an abortion? We can help you manage your emotions and reactions.

  1. Are you often melancholic?
  2. Do you avoid potential partners?
  3. Do you hear babies crying when none are near?
  4. Do you try to turn off your feelings about an abortion?
  5. Did an abortion change the way you perceive yourself?
  6. Do you feel uncomfortable around babies or pregnant women?
  7. Does an abortion seem to hold you back from intimate relationships?
  8. Do you experience recurring dreams or nightmares since an abortion?
  9. Do you feel disconnected from your family or partner since an abortion?
  10. Do you feel anger, grief, shame or guilt when you remember an abortion?

Does Abortion affect Other Children?

Following an abortion, we often find that a family member (especially the first child born after a child's death) may be melancholic, or have eating or sleep disorders. A sibling may emotionally identify with an aborted baby (see identification with a dead person) with rather predictable, unpleasant symptoms. (People who identify with a dead or missing twin or with a miscarriage or cot death may experience similar symptoms.)

Consequences don't care about good intentions!

We help people alleviate the relationship consequences of childhood deaths. (These consequences may occur even if the mother was raped or if a doctor recommended an abortion - for example if an unborn child was diagnosed with a genetic disease). The consequences are often carried by other children - who may become emotionally entangled with or bonded to the missing sibling.

All my life I felt that someone I loved was missing. When I asked
my parents, they told me that they had an abortion before I was born ...
and that it was none of my business.

Children's enmeshments show up as inappropriate behavior, fixations and emotions; although the impact of these entanglements may be latent until adolescence. (We find that children typically express their parents' entanglements, with symptoms often commencing in adolescence.)

Life gives birth to life

Do you want to parent healthy children? Adults who cannot have children may dedicate themselves to social causes, often seeking substitutes for parenthood. Adults with poor relationships may feel depressed (many people who take psychoactive medication appear to be attempting to compensate for poor relationship skills ... with drugs.)

A 13-year study of pregnancy-associated deaths, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, found that the maternal mortality rate associated with abortion is 3 times higher than the maternal mortality rate associated with pregnancies carried to term.

Who benefits from abortion?

This week, about one million pregnancies will be ended by abortion. Abortion is a big business that offers high incomes for those people able and willing to provide it. Although the financial and relationship benefits of abortion may seem obvious, the consequences of abortion can damage their relationships and their health.

Your writing about abortion is pure nonsense. Abortion is not murder anymore than
liposuction ... and the proper term is 'abortion doctor', not abortionist.

Who really suffers?

Abortions may make sense - for example if a pregnancy endangers a mother's life. But consequences don't seem to care about the quality of the intentions. Many family members (particularly other siblings) may suffer as a consequence of abortion.

I had an abortion ... my boyfriend said he would leave me if I had his baby ...
my mother said abortion was best ... she told me later that she had an
abortion at my age. Now I can't hardly look at either of them.

Health Consequences of Abortion

Have you arranged an abortion or pressured someone to have an abortion? Are you involved in the profitable abortion business? The total cost of abortion may include:

  1. Breast, cervical, ovarian and liver cancer
  2. Sterility (infections occur in 30% of abortions)
  3. Post abortion syndrome - from depression to suicide
  4. Subsequent ectopic or tubal pregnancies (due to scar tissue)
  5. Miscarriages and premature births in subsequent pregnancies
  6. Post-abortion coaching or therapy for self, partner or surviving children
  7. Uterine perforation and cervical laceration: bleeding, fever and infections

... I don't regret my abortions for a minute. They don't let you see anything bad. My problems were gone and I can keep on having fun ... and my boyfriends are grateful too ... I will have children when I am ready. Boston

I wrote to you about my abortions before I got married ... I have had three miscarriages in two years ... Could they be connected to my abortions? Boston

Abortion is a Family Issue

Partners, parents, siblings and other family members may experience post-abortion reactions, including guilt, depression, anxiety and damaged relationships. Anybody who pressures a woman into having an abortion may later be unable to enjoy a relationship with that woman - or possibly with any woman.

Part 2: Solutions for Relationship Consequences of Abortion

While you read this article, just now, about 2000 abortions were made. Those 2000 little bodies are now in garbage containers or are being harvested for their tissues. Many of those abortions will have consequences that their families do not understand.

Are you distressed by the consequences of an abortion?
Contact us to resolve your negative emotions and find peace.

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