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Post-Abortion 3: Spiritual Consequences
Abortion, Depression & Guilt Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

If an abortion causes guilt, shame and depression
in your family, then perhaps abortion is a spiritual issue!

1: Consequences of Abortion : 2: Relationship Consequences of Abortion

Spiritual Consequences of Abortion

Abortion offers high incomes for those who provide it. Whether or not abortion is murder, or if a fetus experiences pain are legal and medical opinions.
Consequences don't seem to care about good intentions, opinions or laws.

I described some emotional consequences of abortion. The spiritual consequences of abortion are also relevant to other situations where children die young - including murder, accidents, miscarriage, still-birth and cot deaths.)

The key people are the mother, the father, the aborted child and the abortionist. However the families of these people, and their colleagues and communities are also affected. There's big money in dead babies - even before organ-harvesting! Some people are more concerned about making fast money than about human life. For some people human life is worthless.

Ignored problems rarely go away and often get worse. Many people who are depressed, obsessed or addicted don't know why ... and those same people avoid considering this question. It's much easier to drug or distract yourself than to solve emotional and relationship issues.

The financial, medical and social benefits of abortions may be obvious, while damaged relationships, guilt, depression and addictions are not. Sometimes abortions make financial or medical sense - for example if a pregnancy endangers a mother's life, or is the result of a rape, or the parents do not want a child. The spiritual consequences are more about "sense of life".

After my second abortion, I was so depressed ... I was almost suicidal. Canada

Primary Consequences

I suggest that the primary spiritual consequence of abortion is a depressed ability to feel joyously connected to families, to partners, to friends, to communities, to humanity or to God. If sense of life can be replaced by guilt, shame and suffering, then abortion is a spiritual issue.

We can help you manage these painful issues. We help motivated adults resolve many of the consequences of abortion discussed here. The facets of our work most relevant to the spiritual consequences of abortion may be to manage guilt, clarify relationships and regain sense of life.

Guilt, Shame & Clarification

Guilt depresses life. Being joyous may not make sense if you have hurt or killed someone. We help people resolve seven types of guilt issues result from having hurt or betrayed people. Whether or not a fetus has a legal status as a human being - most people recognize a fetus as a potential child.

When coach people to evaluate significant relationships, many are surprised identify an aborted child as a significant relationship. An abortion is often described as an unpleasant block that seems to limit the expression of love and communication, primarily within a family ... and we help people manage emotional problems.

You asked if my mother had an abortion between my elder brother and me.
When I asked her - she said that she had - but that not even my father
knew about it ... how did YOU know about it?

Abortion & Intimacy

Arranging an abortion may decrease intimacy between partners. Separation or divorce may follow even an attempted abortion, although a couple may not recognize that their estrangement and separation is a direct consequence of an abortion.

Sometimes, a woman may arrange an abortion unwillingly, following an ultimatum from her partner, that either she arranges an abortion or he leaves. In our experience, it is unlikely that this couple will remain in an intimate partnership, although they may stay together for economic or religious reasons.

Similarly, some pregnant girls are told by their parents to get an abortion or to leave the family home. It is hard to imagine joyous family relationships following such abuse.

If a woman has an abortion despite the father's desire for the child to be born, the consequences often include the end of romantic intimacy. While the couple may stay together for other reasons, both partners may describe a "black hole" between them.

I was happy to be pregnant, but my husband threatened to leave me if I didn't have an abortion.
I got an abortion, but after that, I felt like a cold fish when we had sex.
It was two bad years before we divorced.

Ghosts, Abortion & Lost Children

Many people describe feeling haunted by ghosts or spirits. A spirit is often seen as a shape close to (often directly in front or directly behind, occasionally above) the person, that may seem to cause depression and prevent long-term happiness. This occurs for both men and women.

As many religions forbid abortion, parents arranging an abortion may also feel a diminished relationship with their community and with their God. We found that this diminished sense of life seems to be equally true for agnostics and atheists.

The birth order of children is important and becomes apparent during our work. Family members often perceive an abortion as either a dark energy or as a hole in the family. Subsequent children may feel this hole, and be strongly affected by it. If seen as a spirit, a child may consider it an imaginary friend.

Compensation for Death?

Following an abortion, the first pregnancy of the next born sibling may be spontaneously or deliberately aborted, and/or the next living child may suffer chronic melancholy and be preoccupied with death. Often the siblings of an aborted child say that they search for somebody who seemed to be missing. This includes imaginary friends that no-one else can see ... and soul-mates.

Many people have described such searches to us. They searched for a person who would make things right! Some people will find and marry a person who appears to have these missing qualities. In this way, a missing family member can be returned to the family - by transference.

My wife and I had been trying to have a baby for years and she had two miscarriages ... We had a few sessions with you ... now we have a baby son ... during our sessions, I found that I was entangled with my mother's abortion and probably with an abortion a girlfriend had when I was a teenager. Manchester

Hidden emotions are eventually expressed, and we often find that one family member may express the hidden emotions of another. Even following a secret abortion, other family members may feel that something is not right. This feeling of wrongness may also be experienced by family members of subsequent generations!

Dead Person Identification

Sometimes a later child identifies with a missing sibling, and may grow up melancholic and highly sensitive. (This includes psychic sensitivity - many psychic and healers boast about having dead spirit helpers). Sensitive children are often fascinated by death, dying and gore.

Occasionally, we meet people whose parents tried to abort them, and failed. Such children seem to grow up fearful and distrustful of their parents. Perhaps children know and remember what happened in the womb. (We also work with womb-twin survivors - people whose twins died before birth.)

Consequences to Abortionists

We notice that people who profit from abortion may become dissociated (unable to feel emotions) and generally callous towards life. This is often reflected by a lowered ability to enjoy intimate relationships, spiritual experiences or lasting happiness. The staff of abortion clinics whom we have met seem to have a higher risk of addictions, depression and even suicide than in medical clinics that nurture human life.

Your writing about abortion is nonsense. Abortion is not murder anymore than liposuction,
and the proper term is 'abortion doctor,' not 'abortionist.
Anonymous email

The staff of abortion clinics may search for distractions instead of happiness, and their children may experience depression, learning disabilities and psychosomatic disease.

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