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Are you Aging too Quickly?
Growing Younger Martyn Carruthers

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

Are difficult relationships or painful emotions causing you to age?
Inside most old people are young people wondering how they got there.

Delay, Prevent and Reverse Aging

You were born with an energy for living that, unless continuously restored, fades with age. After about age 25, unless care is taken to replenish energy, many people stop growing up and start growing old. Yet aging is optional and controllable for most motivated adults ... degeneration may often be delayed, and occasionally, even reversed.

The degeneration of aged tissues is easier to prevent than to repair. Degenerated tissues are unlikely to be replaced, except perhaps by surgery.

Aging, Anxiety & Coaching

The deterioration of bodily functions that accompany old age is often considered a one-way road to suffering and death. Although many theories explain one or two aspects of aging; no single theory explains all phenomena. Yet many changes associated with old age are not from natural aging - but from lifestyle choices. With appropriate care, most people can delay or prevent many of the problems of old age, and sometimes even reverse the aging process.

In societies that revere youth, many people who age grieve the loss of their younger bodies and try to deny their physical ages. They may damage their credibility by wearing clothes more appropriate for teenagers, searching for young friends or lovers or even cosmetic surgery.

Aging anxiety often includes worrying about declining health, loss of friends, wrinkles, loss of hair, declining memory and depleted financial resources.

We help people prevent and delay the loss of mental resources associated with aging, and increase motivation to be physically and mentally healthy.

Biological Aging

As time passes, cellular damage accumulates and impairs the function of tissues. If this damage interferes with metabolism, whole organs may malfunction. A common example is adult-onset diabetes, which can often be controlled by diet and exercise.

"I thought that aging was something that would only happen to other people".

One theory of aging assumes that the life span of cells and organisms is genetically determined. Another theory assumes that cell death is the result of the formation of inefficient enzymes. Yet another theory assumes that aging is due to the accumulation of mutant cells. (Natural mutation may be dramatically increased by the toxins and carcinogens associated with modern lifestyles.)

Old Age & the Cardiovascular System

Your heart changes as you age, gradually losing muscle, and reducing in performance. Heart disease and hypertension are the biggest causes of death after age 65.

  • The heart contracts slower as you age. During exercise, the heart can double the amount of blood pumped, although this output diminishes with age.
  • Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is a progressive disorder and is present in most people by middle age, and increases markedly with age.
  • Blood vessels become less elastic with age, with progressively thicker walls. These changes may increase blood pressure and the work of the heart.

Old Age & Digestion

The overall digestion of sugars, proteins, vitamins, and minerals remain constant. Most nutritional deficiencies can be avoided if the diet includes all essential elements. Deficiencies usually develop from poor eating habits, such as excessive sugars. The loss of teeth in elderly people is often a result of long-term neglect.

Old Age, the Nervous System & Vision

Human behavior requires the brain to integrate information from the eye and ear, skin and internal organs. There is only a slight loss of brain cells in old age, however, brain cells are extremely sensitive to oxygen deficiency. Consequently, it is likely that loss of brain cells results from heart disease, which reduces oxygen delivery to the brain.

From about age 50 there is an accelerated decline in the ability to discriminate detail, that most people compensate for with spectacles and increased illumination. Aging reduces the ability to focus the eyes for viewing near objects, so that distant objects can be seen more clearly than close objects. Sensitivity to darkness and glare is also greater in the old than in the young, and the incidence of eye disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts, increases with age.

Psychobiological Aging

The psychological features of aging are impaired short-term memory and longer reaction times. Some aged people become fearful and depressed, withdraw from social contact, or behave like children. Some of these aged people seem to invite death with self-destructive, unhealthy lifestyle choices.

If you have identified with an older person, you may often use gestures, facial expressions and habits of that person. These unconscious habits may make you appear older than your body age. If so, our identity coaching can give you a new lease of life.

Most elderly people can acquire new information and remember it as well as younger people. Age differences in learning increase with the difficulty of the material to be learned. It seems that people who age well maintain their mental alertness by continuing to learn and by ongoing contact with younger people.

Stress . Depression . Suicide . Anxiety

Parenthood and Aging

As our lives, including old age and death, focuses on creating and raising children, old age is linked to the reproductive process. Although the onset of old age is gradual, without specific systemic or environmental cause; an early manifestation of age is a decline in sexual interest. This can be horrifying for people who were preoccupied with sex.

Children and grandchildren provide a natural focus and purpose for older people. In many cultures, there is a special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren ... the children gain indulgent second parents, while most grandparents enjoy caring for their children's children. The parents can relax (and maybe create more babies).

Advantages of Aging

In most traditional cultures, elders represent the knowledge of the community and are the teachers of the young. In Western cultures, older people are often seen as liabilities, and inexperienced young adults learn subjects instead of the wisdom of experience. If younger adults feel that their freedom or mobility is limited by older relatives; then some form of old folks home may be perceived a logical next step.

Older people tend to have more time and patience, and more experience as family and community mentors. They have seen more of life; they have solved more problems and they are not easily shocked. They have coped with birth, death, health and disease.

Do you want a perspective of joy and suffering ... of life and death ...
that younger people can hardly imagine?

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

I thought you were just another therapist - but you were not just. Not even. Not only.

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