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Integral Solutions for Allergies
Managing your Body © Martyn Carruthers

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

We often help people resolve allergies and psychosomatic disease, emotional and relationship problems .

Please consult a physician about any allergies or medical conditions.

Control Allergies without Drugs

The implications of resolving allergies without drugs may be of interest to helping professionals, and to members of counseling and support groups.

Your immune system is a miracle of self-preservation when it destroys invading organisms. Sometimes, however, your immune system may attack harmless substances. You are said to have an allergy when your body is especially sensitive to an otherwise harmless substance (called an allergen).

If your immune system responds to a harmless substance as if it were an invading organism - perhaps producing a rash, "hay fever" or triggering emotional reactions. And if your immune system attacks your own tissues - it is called autoimmune disease.

For example, hay fever is usually caused by an allergy to one or more pollens, and asthma is usually an allergic response to micro-organisms in dust, fur or feathers. Allergies produce a wide range of effects. Some people experience skin reactions from drugs, cosmetics or household cleaners. Other allergens may trigger depression or aggression.

Some people suffer medical upsets if exposed to food allergens such as nuts or shellfish. Some people suffer mental imbalance due to allergens in common foods such as milk or wheat. A severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) can be fatal.

You may spontaneously suffer or cease to suffer an allergic reaction. During hypnosis, for example, a suggestion that an allergen is on your skin may result in your skin producing an allergic reaction – to your thoughts. Your skin may redden and blister and your breathing may become strained within a short time.

A friend emailed me for help for his allergy to ragweed pollen. While writing to him I felt my nose tingling and my throat becoming dry and hot. Within a few minutes of completing that email - my reaction faded away leaving me with a learning experience about allergies and relationship bonds.

Reprogramming your Immune System

It seems that your immune system can rapidly reprogram itself. Some people suffering from multiple-personality disorder are allergic to a certain allergen in one personality – and immune to that allergen in another. Sometimes an immune system response can change dramatically in minutes!

Autoimmune diseases are allergic reactions to your own body. An immune response is mobilized, not against `foreign' matter, such as invading bacteria, but against your own body tissues. There are many diseases considered to have an auto-immune origin, including myasthenia, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Some cancers may be examples of auto-immune disease. A healthy immune system can destroy cancer cells before the cancer is large enough to be clinically recognized. If a poor diet or unpleasant relationships stress your immune system, auto-immune symptoms may become more likely.

We emphasize finding the benefits of problems. The benefits of allergies can be placed into groups. Some allergies seem to represent emotional conflicts – they manifest inner “battles”. Other allergies help people deal with the consequences of emotional incest or identity loss, such as an inability to defend oneself.

After 20 years of hay fever hell during ragweed flowering season, I attended Martyn's coaching. Now, few weeks later, although the pollen count is still high, I am without medication and without symptoms, not even occasional sneezing, outdoors or indoors - even when I spend the day in country full of flowering ragweed. Thank you Martyn. Nenad Maljkovic, Croatia 2004

Some allergies help people get attention or stand up for themselves. Some allergies manage the consequences  of abuse or trauma by allowing repressed emotions to be communicated physically, and some allergies allow people to “follow” unhealthy role models. And some so-called genetic allergies may have relationship causes. For example, a child who is allergic to the same allergen as a parent may have identified with, and feel closer to, that parent.

Coaching & Allergies

How do you feel right now? Please continue this only if it feels right for you. Do you experience emotions as you consider these issues?

If you have an allergy, assume that it has or once had benefits. List these benefits. Write them down! List as many benefits as possible - including tiny benefits. Imagine what other benefits that your allergy could have.

As you become aware of the benefits of an allergy, you will probably feel more in control. For example, does an allergy help you express emotions? Does an allergy help you set boundaries?

We cannot heal you, we can help you heal yourself! We can observe and respond to your non-verbal body language and help you recognize and solve incongruence and conflicts. We can help you learn from your emotions and evaluate your life. (See Human Consciousness and Decision Making.)

Only explore an allergy if you feel safe. Please seek professional help if you feel strong or unpleasant emotions when considering it.

Emotional Incest & Toxic Relationship Bonds

Complex conflict often reflect emotional bonds. Limiting identity beliefs (e.g. “I am bad” or “I don’t deserve anything” may become a basis for life. Relationship bonds allow a child to bond to important but difficult people (often parents). We help people replace such bonds.

Benefits of Conflict

Conflicts have benefits. People with complex conflict can often multi-track many projects, an asset for managers. People with identity conflict may feel bored with only one or two tasks or projects, and may provoke other people into conflict.

After reconciliation with an allergy, you may replace the allergic reaction with something friendlier. Please be careful when testing an allergy. Do not deliberately expose yourself to allergens – continue to avoid them, and notice what happens if you are accidentally exposed. If your allergies were life threatening, please continue to take appropriate precautions against exposure.

Please consult a physician about any allergies or medical conditions.

Not ALL in the Mind

A woman in mid-thirties was allergic to cigarette smoke since childhood. Being shy, she would not ask people not to smoke, but she would cough and wheeze until people around her stopped smoking. The allergy disappeared shortly after the woman resolved an emotional bond to her father and learned to assert herself. (See Daddy's Princess)

If an allergy is due in part to relationship or workplace stress, or to depression, then private sessions may provide speedy relief. (Many people diagnosed with mental illness suffer from allergies to common foods such as wheat, potatoes etc).

During your coaching, I found that I had been allergic to milk and milk products for years, which had caused me mental confusion. When I learned to be gentle with my parents and myself; my allergy disappeared.
Fredericton, Canada

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

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