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Ageless Beauty
Reverse Your Aging © Martyn Carruthers

Online Help, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Do you perceive emotions to be stupid or wise?
Are your emotions something to avoid, to express or to consider?
As well as mind-body connections, emotions are mind-beauty connections!

Mind-Beauty Connections

Many people tell us that they feel younger and more vibrant after our sessions. And many of them have commented that they get many compliments for their attitude as well as their looks. Older people often say that they feel and look younger - and some people who were stuck in immature emotions say that they are are delighted to look and feel older ... more mature.

The ability to accept and express a wide range of emotions is part of what makes people beautiful. Probably you know some people who are like Barbie dolls - they look good - but radiate a plastic emptiness. The lights are on but is anybody home?

Negative emotions can certainly damage your appearance and devastate your life if you don’t learn to deal with them in healthy ways. To be and stay beautiful, learn to feel, express and manage your emotions. Keep on reading!

Benefits of Ageless Beauty

  1. Less Wrinkles
  2. Better Memory
  3. Lower Body Fat
  4. Increased Energy
  5. Better Relationships
  6. Improved Muscle Strength
  7. Increased Sexual Pleasure
  8. Improved Emotional Stability

Ageless Beauty Secrets

If you discovered secrets of ageless grace - what would you do? If you found a love of life deep within yourself that stripped away your years - how would you celebrate? Consider the advantages of a happy mind in a healthy body. Our Soulwork offers priceless benefits - benefits which are reflected in your health, your skin, your body and in your relationships.

We support your love of life, your physical well-being, your longevity and beauty, your courage and personal power. Do you want to work through your emotions, awaken your immune response and stimulate your youthful hormones? We can coach you to enhance your energy, improve your digestion, gain mental clarity and build better connections with your family and friends, and with nature.

Quality of Life

How long you live is largely your choice - and depends on when you start choosing to live, choosing how much vitality you will have and choosing how good you will look in the future. After age 30 - your beauty is no longer genetic or fate. Your beauty depends on your decisions:

  1. Decide to live with integrity
  2. Decide to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle
  3. Decide to protect and improve your relationships
  4. Decide to nurture your body against degeneration

Together these factors can provide you with an integrated approach to ageless beauty.

Lifestyle and Psychobiology

For optimum health and vitality, first become aware of the needs of your mind-body-spirit - and then fulfill your needs. You have many needs - social, physical, nutritional, environmental and spiritual. Fulfilling your needs can keep you in a state of optimal wellness.

This is the basis of all natural health and healing, from Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to European nature-cures and holistic approach to health. Fulfilling your needs helps determine your susceptibility to `premature' aging - which causes your skin to wrinkle and your arteries to harden.


The emerging age-retarding tools of biochemistry, psychobiology and biophysics depend on scientific discoveries that help us understand:

  • how our immune systems are involved with aging
  • how nutrients affect our aging brains and sagging muscles
  • how antioxidants affect age-related cellular damage and immune function
  • how mind-body communication (feelings and attitudes) determines aging

You can banish 'premature' aging factors and extend your maximum lifespan. Explore the processes of aging and degeneration - from skin wrinkling to the disruption of genetic material implicated in aging and cancer. Science is discovering specific and effective remedies for counteracting aging and degeneration.


Effective age-reversal requires integrated psychobiology, relationship coaching and biotechnology. Used together they can not only have you looking good and feeling better, they can prevent degenerative diseases. You can correct many deficiencies by changing your lifestyle.

- - - Note: Write a page for men - - -

Morning Beauty Rituals

  • Wear a high quality lipstick that doesn’t melt or smear
  • Wash and rinse your hair, but avoid overworking it with dryers and curling
  • Keep your real teeth as long as you can. Brush them often to remove plaque.
  • Avoid substances that stain your teeth. Brush your teeth after coffee, tea, tobacco and beet.

Daytime Beauty Rituals

  • Drink plenty of water every day to refresh your skin.
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors or a big straw hat to deflect bright sun.
  • Exercise daily. Walking, housework or chasing kids can help keep you young.
  • Wear sunscreen in sunlight - or wear long sleeves and long pants.
  • Excessive eating, work, sleeping and fighting can age you. Keep your balance.

Bedtime Beauty Rituals

  • Gently apply liquid vitamin E around eyes and on wrinkles.
  • Wash your face with a non-abrasive cleanser and pat it dry.
  • Avoid eating late at night. Let your digestive system sleep too.
  • Get at least six hours of sleep a night and seven when you can.

Skin sense for the 40s and 50s

Skin renewal slows to about 23-25 days and skin becomes thinner. More mature skin appears.

  • Use a sponge to blend foundation flawlessly
  • Sunscreens help prevent sunspots and wrinkles
  • If your skin is dry, use a blended foundation cream
  • Moisturize your eyes before applying eye shadows
  • Watch and conceal color changes and uneven skin tone

Skin Sense

After age 50, skin renewal takes 28 or so days, with deeper lines and drier skin.

  • Use sun protection!
  • Use quality moisturizing and hydration
  • Use dramatic lip colors, with a lip-lining pencil
  • A pink-based powder can soften lines and wrinkles
  • Experiment with sculptured brows for shape and polish
  • Use powder lightly. The drier the skin, the more it shows
  • Use elegant eye makeup with subtle shades and matte colors
  • Use lighter foundation coverage and a moisturizing foundation as well

Good Sleep

You look younger after a good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, these should help:

  • Establish a regular bed-time and stick to it
  • Take a warm bath within two hours of going to bed
  • Set your bedroom temperature for optimum relaxation
  • Sleep on soft, lightweight sheets under a lightweight blanket

Good Humor & Confidence

Smile and greet people you meet. Give a sincere compliment to at least three people each day. Your face will relax and you can put more energy in your steps. Walk tall and confidently. Learn to shine with confidence and many people will remember that you are younger than your years.

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