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Celtic Mysticism & Healing
Martyn Carruthers 1994

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Systemic Therapy

We have modeled the skills of some mystics and healers, and translated those skills into ways to increase mental health. Our research into Polynesian shamanism and kahuna healing was important for our systemic coaching.

Celtic Training

Our Celtic Intensives are usually at the time of the equinoxes and solstices, and include guided visits to ancient Celtic sacred sites.

Anglesey was once a center of Celtic wisdom and Druid training. Anglesey in Welsh is called Mon Mam Cwmru (Mona, Mother of Wales). The island of Anglesey was important to Celtic culture.

Celtic workshops

  • CELTIC I - The Celtic Worlds
  • CELTIC II - The Celtic Cross
  • CELTIC III - The Path of Merlin
  • CELTIC IV - The Holy Grail

Introducing the Celts

There is nothing so truly hidden, but what you cannot imagine

Many Western people are both fascinated and repelled by the archetypes and paradoxes of the Celts. The romantic heroes, who lived in a time of discomfort, disease and danger. The strong warriors, who collected heads as war trophies. The wise druids, who used sacred groves for feasts and sacrifices.

The religion of the Celts is THE quintessential Western religion, predating by 500 years the Middle Eastern religions from which Judaic, Christian and Moslem religions emerged. Today, we must willingly suspend our disbelief to imagine shapeshifters moving into and out of animal bodies, wise dragons, magical cauldrons and severed talking heads.

You may be far removed from your roots. You are removed from the Celts not only in time, but in your involvement with life. Many of us are like aliens on our own planet, unable to survive without our modern artifacts. Have you ever stalked your food in the forest, with a hungry family depending on your hunting skills? Have you ever depended on your garden crops? Have you ever helped a woman birth a child? When did you last repel slavers or headhunters? Your ancestors would understand the Celts. Can you?

Imagine that the seasons are a gift from the gods, and that a special midwinter feast rejuvenates the sun. Imagine that the spirits of trees need gifts. Imagine making love below a sacred plant that never grows on the ground, to ensure healthy babies. Imagine celebrating each new Spring with symbols of fertility for the benefit of your crops.

Traces remain. Have you attended a Christmas feast? Have you decorated an evergreen tree at the winter solstice? Have you kissed under a sprig of sky-planted mistletoe? Have you given and received eggs and rabbits at the Spring Equinox? These Celtic rituals have been sanitized until little remains but stories for children. These stories originated in searches for power.

Celtic Training

In every culture people find ways to transcend conventional reality. In your civilized high-speed manner you may use civilized high-speed drugs, and your city streets are home for the homeless results. Yet the "altered states" of Celtic tribes were never entertainment, nor ways to escape a boring life, but to find healing or "magical" powers, or useful enlightenment.

If magical powers benefited a Celtic community, the practitioner was honored and revered by the community as a key for the community's survival. If the magical powers were only for the benefit of the user, the Celts distrusted and avoided such people.

Before the Romans introduced the Greek alphabet, we know little of written Celtic languages. Perhaps Ogham, a code of simple rune-like lines, preceded the use of the Greek alphabet, represented the silent finger signals used by hunters and warriors. The old stones are mostly silent. The Celts are known from archaeological studies, classical writers and folklore, which offer tantalizing clues to the beliefs of this once "world power".

Although the "Dark Ages" are dark, there are glimmers of light from both ends of the time tunnel. And now, Celtic Path workshops offer experiential journeys into Celtic knowledge - recreating Celtic skills through interactive study and self-exploration.

Celtic Dawn & Celtic Twilight

The first references to the Celts are by the Greeks: the geographer Hecataeus (about 500 BC), speaks of the cities Nyrax and Massalia in the lands of the Keltoi. Hellanicus (about 500 BC) describes the Celts as practicing justice and righteousness and the historian Herodotus mentions the Keltoi tribe living around the Danube River around 450 BC.

Aristotle wrote that the Celts were from "beyond Spain", and Ephorus (about 350 BC) describes the Celts as "having the same customs as the Greeks" and being on the friendliest terms with them. Plato called the Celts "drunken and combative" and called the Celts "barbaric" (Celts sacked the Greek city of Delphi in 273 BC). The Celts were often described as tall and fair, warlike and masterful. Caesar lists the Western Celtic tribes as the Belgae in the north and east, the Celtae in the center and the Aquitani in the west and south of Europe.

Primarily traders and warriors, the Celts exploded from their Central European homeland in the fifth and fourth centuries before Christ, and conquered Bronze-Age Europe. The Celts (Galatae in Greek - see Paul's Letter to the Galatians) were old allies of the Greeks. Celtic chiefs made covenants with Alexander the Great, swearing a Celtic oath "If we break this agreement may the sky fall on us and crush us, may the earth gape open and swallow us, may the sea burst out and overwhelm us".

Compare this to the "Book of Leinster", 1000 years later, where the Ulster heroes declare "Heaven is above us, and earth beneath us, and the sea is around us. Unless the sky shall fall with its showers of stars on the ground where we are camped, or unless the earth shall be rent with an earthquake, or unless the waves of the blue sea come over the forests of the living world, we shall not give ground".

Druids and bards filled many roles in the Celtic world. They were the priests, diplomats and judges of a complex culture, and were respected, both by the Celts and by the ancient Greek and Roman historians. Celtic philosophy became the medieval code of chivalry, and is embedded in modern Western cultures. However, the flames of Celtic culture dwindled following many invasions, and were nearly extinguished by the Christian church. Although the Celtic Church was a synthesis of Christian beliefs with the elder religion, and although it kept Christianity alive during the Dark Ages, the later Roman Church showed little tolerance. The Celtic Church was disbanded.

Old Celtic techniques were labeled sorcery, and practitioners were stripped of dignity and power. They were feared and persecuted by the Roman Church. Practitioners were called wise-ards, and later wizards. Honorable wise-craft became illegal witch-craft. Roman Church missionaries replaced the traditional roles of the bards and druids. Celtic customs survived longer in rural areas of Wales, Ireland and Scotland but gradually faded into myth and folklore.

But we're still here - and we're coming back!

Anglesey, Wales

In prehistoric times, the Welsh island of Anglesey was a centre of mystical training. Although the Romans destroyed the Druid centers long ago, the mystery and wisdom of Anglesey remains, hidden in the sacred sites and in the lineage of local people.

We can teach you Celtic skills, either in courses on Anglesey (near Llandonna - home of the infamous Llandonna Witches). Our courses usually include tours of Anglesey's sacred places, including a night inside a prehistoric Neolithic burial chamber.

Celtic training is not for the faint-hearted. We provide training for adults who are willing and eager to break through their blocks to experience the incredible realms of the Celts. This training will have particular significance for people with Celtic roots!

Celtic Workshops

  • Celtic World: A two day workshop introducing Celtic worlds and philosophy
  • Path of Merlin: A two day workshop exploring the life and skills of Merlin
  • Celtic Cross: A two day workshop exploring the Celtic Cross
  • Holy Grail: A two day workshop to find YOUR Holy Grail

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Systemic Therapy

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