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Systemic Solutions for Cultural Stress
Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Do you want to solve relationship problems, cultural stress or emotional bonds?

Cultural Stress & Systemic Diagnosis

The rabies virus causes infected animals to bite other animals - even their own young. This spreads the virus before the virus kills the hosts. Although a rabid dog is dangerous - rabies is not the dog's fault. Rabies is a symptom - not a cause.

After prolonged cultural stress, people show predictable symptoms: depression, anger, fear, suppressed sexuality and denial of reality. Stressed people may sacrifice themselves and their children. The Maya, faced with this challenge, tore out the hearts of their young men, to honor the great Sun. The Phoenicians, faced with this challenge, burned their eldest children alive, to honor the great Moon. The German Nazis killed populations to honor their great god Destiny. Today many people sacrifice themselves and their children to honor the great god Mediocrity.

Symptoms of cultural stress include:

  • Men abuse women and children
  • People enslave or kill other people
  • People damage their own environment
  • Authorities proscribe and limit sexuality
  • Authorities use dogma and propaganda for indoctrination
  • Authorities pronounce what is evil and who must be punished

These symptoms ensured the deaths of millions of people, and the misery, suffering and poverty of billions more. These symptoms motivate religious and moral wars, and the genocide of native peoples.

These symptoms continue in today's world following unquestioned faith, unquestioned morality and unquestioned compliance. Such denial of reality can justify any behavior, from child abuse to a Holocaust. If "morality channeled from a god accepted on faith" replaces human intelligence and understanding then irrational obsessions and compulsions lead to political and religious control.

Lost Reality

How you perceive your external, objective reality reflects the state of your internal, subjective reality. Much of our systemic coaching helps  people explore and renovate their inner emotional reality as a basis changing their reactions and other behaviors.

In a similar way that a loss of identity can produce a state where, "life does not make sense", a loss of reality can produce a state in which, "the world does not make sense". This can result in depression or an existential crisis. This may occur whenever people search for answers that make sense.

It seems that a lost sense of reality can be accelerated by retreating into fantasy and distractions - TV, cinema and music can be vectors of cultural disease.

Other indicators of cultural stress include:

  • anger and a desire to hurt people
  • fear and a desire to scare people
  • guilt and a desire to blame people
  • depression and a desire to sadden people
  • denial and cannot challenge dogma or propaganda
  • limited contact with reality and a desire to spread fantasy
  • suppressed sexuality and a desire to control others' sexuality

Child Abuse

One indicator of cultural stress is child abuse. Many children suffer physical  or emotional abuse from angry parents, depressed teachers and other stressed adults. If parents are insensitive, angry, impatient and blaming, children may sacrifice their happiness, playfulness and sense-of-life to avoid losing their parent's love.

We help parents avoid or alleviate toxic situations, for example:

  • If a parent acts weak, children may try to grow up too quickly
  • If a parent acts like a failure, children may respond with chronic fear
  • If a parent acts like a victim, children may respond with chronic anger
  • If a parent is dead or absent, children may respond with chronic sadness
  • If parents force children to take sides, children may respond with chronic conflict

Children are born with fight/flight/freeze instincts for reacting to predators, but these instincts do not protect them against human predators. Cultural diseases are infectious and may lead people to harm themselves, their children and other people. Victims of cultural stress often victimize others.

Other consequences of cultural stress are that people:

  • cheat people for pleasure and economic gain
  • abuse employees and people perceived as weak
  • hurt people of different color, sex, religion or culture
  • support murderous governments, military aggression and genocide

Systemic Diagnosis

Symptoms of cultural stress arise in families and teams as well as in cultures. The irrational symptoms are often invisible within in the relationship system although they can be perceived from outside the system. Cultural diseases are unlikely to be ended by further dogma or indoctrination. Instead we can recognize their causes, redirect their focus and change their consequences.

Our coaching can touch everyone, from a child who has experienced domestic abuse; a teenager addicted to drugs; a working mother caring for a disabled parent; parents coping with an ADHD child; a college student who struggles with anorexia; a young adult who suffers from mental illness; an adult who mourns the death of a partner; a family that seeks freedom from conflict; and couples that want a better partnerships.

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Online Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

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