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Encounter with a Nazi Demon 2
Doctor of Death © David J. Marsden 2002

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Mystery, Magic & Nazi Gold 2

Continued from: Demon Part 1

Jan, a Polish client, described a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp and said that he was the son of a Polish woman raped by a Nazi at the end of WW II. He mentioned Bireeser during a hypnotic trance and, as I was interested in the strange stories of ghosts and treasures in southern Poland - the most recent being a lost treasure of the Nazi Third Reich - I asked for more.

The Guinness Book of Records lists the disappearance of the Third Reich's
treasure as 'the largest robbery in the history of the world'.

Demon - Part 2

Jan arrived punctually for his second session. He looked tired and said that he slept poorly. He had visited the Stadion Dziesięciolecia that morning (Martyn had taken me there - he called it the Russian Market, although it isn't Russian) - a huge open-air bazaar, with an enormous selection of items. Jan showed me a copy of a Rolex watch that he bought there for a few złoty, maybe $8.

I asked Jan about Bireeser and Jan told me that he had never heard the word before (although he had spoken it a few times the previous day).

Martyn started goalwork - "What exactly did Jan want?" Jan wanted other people to stop being angry with him and to stop calling him bad names. This would happen after a few moments of Jan blanking out for a short time. Martyn helped Jan identify a few recent occasions when Jan had blanked out, during which time he offended people (as Jan had offended both Martyn and I yesterday). Martyn asked Jan if he wanted to explore what happened in those blanked out moments. Jan went pale, but agreed.

Martyn offered Jan some choices of how this exploration could be better for Jan. I admire Martyn's skill of recognizing and dissolving nonverbal objections - what I might have called resistance or denial. Jan preferred that he recall these memories in trance, so that we could instruct him to forget these memories later, if he chose.

To keep this short, Jan described a presence inside him that was somehow associated with the Nazi Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen concentration camps, and also with his mother's rape and pregnancy (with him) in 1945. At that time Poland was in chaos as Russian armies swept through Poland towards Germany.

Jan's mother lived in south west Poland, near the the German city of Breslau. (Breslau was once Vratislavia, a Bohemian (Czech) city devastated by Mongol raids in 1240. This city was renamed Wrocław after the borders were redrawn in 1945. Here, apparently, a ragged German officer had asked Jan's 16 year old mother for food and help, and then raped her. After the rape, Jan's mother believed that she killed the man, Jan's father, and told Jan that other German soldiers had taken his dead body.

Jan's mother chose not to have an abortion following instruction by her priest - and Jan was born in 1946. His mother was 17 and single at that time, and she married a Polish man about two years later. Jan's mother told Jan very little about his genetic father - except that he was German and that she had killed him - and there was probably not much his mother could have known about him.

The next step was weirder. Martyn wanted to talk to the presence inside Jan. I switched on my recorder. Jan's story didn't emerge smoothly, however, and what I type here is an edited and researched summary of Jan's broken answers to our questions. Many times Jan lapsed into Polish, and sometimes into what sounded like German (although Jan had told us that he did not speak German).

The rest of Jan's story? Here it is ...

Jan's demon may have been Heinz Thilo, who joined the Nazi Party in 1930 and the Nazi SS in 1934. He studied medicine and worked as a gynecologist within the Lebensborn organization (1938-1941). Thilo was posted to KZ Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

From 1942-1944, Thilo was a physician at the prisoners’ infirmary in Birkenau. (He called Auschwitz anus mundi (the asshole of the world). [Photo: Yad Vashem]

Heinz Thilo worked at KZ Birkenau (part of the Auschwitz complex), at the arrival ramp and at the camp infirmary, where he selected victims for the gas chambers. He also participated in the liquidation of the Theresienstädter Familienlager (family camp for Jews) in Terezin (Theresienstadt) in Czechoslovakia.

Thilo worked with the infamous Dr. Mengele. Together, they were called the angels of death by Auschwitz prisoners. Some prisoners called Mengele the Angel of Death, and Thilo the Demon of Death. Even Mengele was perceived by Auschwitz prisoners to retain more humanity than Thilo.

In October 1944, SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Thilo was transferred to the KZ Gross-Rosen concentration camp. During this time he worked as a camp physician and with the Riese Project - a bunker complex near Bad Charlottenbrunn [today it's named Jedlina Zdrój, near Wałbrzych in modern Poland]. (Jan's Bireeser may well have been a corruption of bei Riese which means near Riese).

The SS abandoned the Auschwitz concentration camp on 17 January, 1945, although slave labor continued at KZ Gross-Rosen and in the Riese complex for another month or so. The entity or demon Heinz Thilo told us that a huge amount of Nazi gold remains in the Riese complex, but we were unable to determine exactly where. As a senior Nazi SS officer involved with the tunnel system, Dr. Thilo may have known the treasure's location. (Jan might even have told us the location, embedded in symbolism or using place-names that we could not recognize in his broken, multi-lingual babble.)

Dr. Thilo worked with the KZ Gross-Rosen camp until February 1945, when he fled the camp to avoid the invading Russian troops. Thilo then wandered, destitute, through now-Russian-occupied lands and met Jan's teenage mother in the Polish countryside near Breslau. Apparently, she helped him and he raped her. Many years later, Jan's mother told Jan that she killed "that damned Nazi" (although some records indicate that a Dr. Heinz Thilo killed himself in Hohenelbe (Czech Silesia) on 13 April 1945).

Sources for Research:
Dixon, Jeremy: Commanders of Auschwitz, Atglen 2005
Czech, Danuta: Kalendarium der Ereignisse im KZ Auschwitz-Birkenau 1939-1945, Reinbek bei Hamburg 1989
The Underground Reich. The Secret Worlds of the Nazis

Under the Silesia mountains is a huge complex of tunnels built by the Nazis under the code name, Riese (Giant). This is one of the largest building projects in human history and represented many military and strategic goals. It was planned to transfer strategic industrial and weapon plants and offices of the Reich here, including Hitler's headquarters. The Riese complex includes the underground town of Osowka, and plants in Walim, Włodarz and the Książ complex.

Thousands of Jews from Poland and other European countries, were confined in prison camps to work in the mines and factories in Silesia. While in all Nazi camps the number of Jews decreased daily as a consequence of torture, starvation and execution, the most rapid mortality was recorded in the camps in Silesia: hard labor (15 hours a day) with starvation food rations was so unbearable that some entire barracks committed mass suicide.

By 1944, 20% of Germany's armaments were produced in underground factories and additional sites were being built. Essential control centers were being moved underground, such as the Luftwaffe and Hitler's headquarters.

Polish friends told us that many Riese tunnels can be explored although some are now lost or inaccessible. The question "WHERE IS THE GOLD?", remains unanswered, as do questions about the purpose of the structures, and the number, nationality and subsequent fate of the people involved in this enormous undertaking. (Many of those workers are likely still there - underground - the bones of their murdered bodies hidden in mass graves).

Anyway, to end our story, Martyn and I helped Jan dis-identify with his dead father, which was liberating for Jan, as it is for most people. That took the rest of the day. Was Jan's father murdered by his mother, or did he kill himself? Perhaps Jan's mother injured Jan's father and thought him dead. Either way, Jan had identified with his dead father.

Jan's father had been described as a demon by his mother - and Jan became a demon at those times when he identified with his father. How Jan's demon persona knew family secrets about me and Martyn; and how he knew so many details about the history of Thilo and the Riese complex - I cannot say. If you research ghost stories, you find lots of loose ends, and you just have to learn to live with them.

Demon Part 1

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David J. Marsden is a retired psychotherapist living in Canada. He investigates ghost stories.

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