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Genetic Disorders & Systemic Solutions
Intergenerational Coaching © Martyn Carruthers 2005

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Training

We offer coaching, counseling and training on family constellations,
managing difficult emotions and solving relationship problems.

What are Genetic Disorders?

Genetic disorders refer to physical conditions caused by mutations in a gene or a set of genes. Mutations are changes in the DNA sequence of a gene, and can happen at any time. This risk is increased by some chemicals and radiations. Mutations cause genes to become defective, and defective genes are connected to genetic disorders.

  1. Chromosome Abnormalities
    Segments of chromosomes are altered or missing. E.g. Down's Syndrome and Turner's Syndrome.
  2. Single-Gene Disorders
    The protein product of a gene is altered or missing. E.g. cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.
  3. Mitochondrial Disorders
    Mutations in non-chromosomal DNA located in cellular mitochondria cause multiple copies of a single cell's cytoplasm to be transmitted by the mother.
  4. Multifactor Disorders
    Mutations in multiple genes, often from environmental causes. E.g. some heart disorders, diabetes and some cancers.

Example: Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is caused by a defective gene that allows organs to fill with mucus. This blocks the lungs and impedes natural infection-fighting, eventually turning the bodyís immune system against its own tissue (see autoimmune). It also impairs the ability to break down foods.

A child with cystic fibrosis must inherit defective genes from both parents. About 1 in 30 people carry a single cystic fibrosis gene. The disease only occurs when both parents are carriers. The parents have a 25% risk with every pregnancy of passing two copies of the defective gene to a child.

Emotional Complications

Emotions can affect the treatment. Negative emotions may contribute to poor metabolic control - which can cause further problems. Our coaching can manage many emotional factors:

  • Objections to a prescribed treatment
  • Managing moods, emotions, beliefs and stress
  • Relationships with family, friends and professionals

Relationships with families, friends and professionals

Relationships include differences and conflicts - conflicts between people are not only common but usually a sign of health, if the conflicts can be safely expressed. Conflicts and conflict management are part of all relationships.

If you have a genetic disorder, metabolic imbalances can manifest as mood swings. You may in each moment act as if your current emotion is a basis for long-term decisions. You may seem normal, yet say horrible things. You may announce spontaneous ideas as facts, or you may respond to family, friends or partner as if to strangers.

We can coach and support people to deal with strong emotions associated with drugs and medications; and can improve the quality of relationships even in difficult times.

Please consult your physician about any opinions about medical symptoms, medical diagnosis, medical treatment or medical conditions.

Managing Emotions, Beliefs and Stress

1. Anger, fear and sadness

Anger, sadness and fear are parts of life. If people express these emotions as adults ... they can move on. If people express these emotions childishly - they can create chaos within important relationships. If people feel but do not express these emotions, they may experience unpleasant body tensions which appear to damage health. We help people express emotions appropriately.

2. Relationship Diagnosis (Suffering, Loneliness & Depression)

Our systemic coaching provides a space in which we can coach people to change beliefs which prevent or sabotage change. Examples are:

  • I want nothing to change (I am entangled)
  • Nothing can change anyway (I lack motivation)
  • I cannot make a decision (I cannot resolve conflicts)
  • I sabotage myself (I limit my opportunities for happiness)
  • I feel bad if I succeed (My family or friends do not succeed)
  • I must stay in unpleasant states (I am traumatized)
  • I follow toxic role models (I am inspired to fail)

3. Beliefs about Cause, Seriousness and Treatment Effectiveness

Beliefs about genetic disorders, their seriousness and the effectiveness or prescribed treatment can assist or detract from medical treatment. We can coach people to analyze their beliefs and replace limiting or self-fulfilling beliefs.

4. Depression, Anxiety, Guilt & Shame

People with genetic disorders, and their parents, may suffer from depression. We perceive depression as a healthy response to an unhealthy environment or to chaotic relationships. Often, the underlying issues include immaturity, guilt and shame. If a person feels guilt or shame, life may not make sense, which leads to depression. Most depressive guilt and shame seem to result from:

  • Transferences (mistakes; e.g. perceiving a partner as a child)
  • Abuse or betrayal (violating trust; e.g. - abandoning a child)

5. Fear of complications or shortened life

Fear can be appropriate motivation to improve one's lifestyle to support health. Fear can also paralyze you into acting as though death is inevitable and nothing can be done. We offer emotional coaching for negative emotions.

6. Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

Emotional stress can disrupt metabolic control. Psychological trauma can accompany or follow treatment, for example after surgery. The resulting emotions can disrupt a personís relationships, eating habits, exercise and routines, and disturb treatment. Emotional needs are important components of good health management. We coach people to deal with the emotions associated with early death or medical treatment.

7. Death and Dying

Some people diagnosed with genetic disorders die prematurely. The family, helping professionals and friends may prepare a person for this possibility - or they may avoid informing the patient. We can assist and support people to prepare for the fundamental relationship between life and death.

Do you want to solve emotional and relationship problems?

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

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