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Systemic, Global & Universal Values 3
Evolution of Human Systems 3 © Martyn Carruthers & Janelle Doan

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Who are we if we are not our bodies, nor our self-talk? Who are we if we are not our memories, nor our expectations? Here we attempt to answer:
"What are the organizing principles around which we live?"

Part 1: Value Levels 1, 2 & 3 

Part 2: Values Levels 4, 5 & 6

This is part 3 of an article about our 1995 investigations into the experience of integrity. We found that integrity seems to integrate all values, actualized and potential, in a harmonic and dynamic whole, providing simultaneous inspiration, motivation and guidance. This experience underlies our work - we called it the Soul of Soulwork.

Value Level 7: I Connect Systems

I live independently within a connected world. I develop by learning and experiencing new things. I explore ways to bring meaning to my life and the lives of others. I enjoy exploring relationships and I enjoy the freedom to be and to do as I choose.

I want to do better, yet I am not ambitious; I compare myself today with myself yesterday. I esteem your competence and reason yet I question your authority and your rules. I respect your learning and experience but not your power, dogma, status or allegiance. I like to succeed and I can learn from failure and feedback. I can defend myself but I am not defensive. I am flexible and motivated, and I enjoy paradox and ambiguity. I want to be competent, and once competent I may move on.

Look for me emerging into main stream thinking in Europe and North America. See me in environmental science and cybernetics. Find me writing books, plays, poetry and biographies. Look for me teaching management science and philosophy. See me in architecture and engineering design. Find me in systemic science.

At my worst I am intolerant, ignoring the outer world and immersing myself in my inner world. I may become addicted to information or lose myself in interesting ideas. I may take psychoactive drugs to distract or explore myself.

At my best I am adaptable and practical. I enjoy using different learning experiences to increase the quality of my life.

I am project centered and I can work independently. My organization must respond appropriately to our changing world. Our projects must provide practical long term results on many levels. Our project is more important than your status and your feelings. The most competent person should manage each part of our project.

Be a model of competence. Show me how much I can learn and how my work will benefit others on many levels. Ensure that I have the right resources and training. I can communicate with anybody who has resources I need. Ask me for my ideas and listen to me. I enjoy creating integrated practical models. I need to do my part well.

I resent unnecessary paperwork and unwieldy procedures. I am frustrated by inefficiency, superficial solutions, short term planning, insignificant details and ineffectual methods. Above all, I am stressed by incompetent superiors and untrustworthy colleagues.

If you are my manager - do not try to force your rules onto me. Do not withhold important information. Do not be petty, punitive nor waste time. Do not make my work boring and repetitive. Do not interfere with my right to be or to learn. I accept that you have your compulsions, obsessions and values, but I may not share them.

My religion teaches me interesting things and offers experiences. I may change religions often. I choose my own ethics and I rarely criticize the ethics of others.

I can learn from any situation. I have many diverse interests and I may not know my goals. I rarely compete or strive to please others. Be motivated and challenge me. Coach me and give me useful information, materials and experiences. I will use whatever I can. I want to learn at my own pace. I am flexible and I want variety. Give me feedback so that I may improve. I may accept your bonuses - and I reward myself.

Sometimes I would like to contribute more to this beautiful and troubled planet. Sometimes I long to participate in complex international and global projects.

Level 7 slogan: "Learn to be Free!"

Value Level 8: Our Planet must Survive!

Our world is a living entity jeopardized by short sighted fixes to fundamental problems. We must find and implement global solutions to ensure our survival. Let us cooperate to eliminate war, poverty, hunger, disease and oppression. We can be global citizens.

We ignore political barriers and join global networks to find and implement global solutions. We seek order beneath the apparent chaos. We need a new world order that enriches both individuals and communities.

Look for us balancing needs and resources. Find us in global charities and relief agencies. Look for us in the United Nations. Look for us in World Peace organizations. Seek us in environmental sciences. Find us teaching your teachers. Join us!

At our worst we dream of unrealistic utopias. At our best we are visionary leaders.

Look at life from a global perspective and see each creature as a hologram of our planet. Integrate our interests and ideals so that we may find and work towards a common Vision. Integrate practical and spiritual concepts to enhance global information flow. Use insights from any time or place to preserve and renew our world.

Manage and motivate us by convincing me how your project assists our world. Then give me the resources, and let's move mountains!

Let's co-ordinate multi-level projects. Let's evolve our concepts of global Visions. Let us work to broaden awareness and set an example!

I am not motivated by respect, security, personal success, recognition or learning, but I can use any of these resources in international or multi-cultural projects.

I am stressed by self-serving compulsions. Do not deny reality. Do not enforce short-sighted prejudices. Do not support ideological or political conflicts. Do not make excuses. Above all, do not harm living systems.

We want to integrate the religious needs of all societies into an effective, practical whole-Earth spirituality, so we may share wisdom and feedback about the current needs and future resources of our planet. We want humanity to survive!

I learn rationally and intuitively from all experiences. I contemplate my learning at many levels to find congruent outcomes. I integrate my learning with international networks to benefit our world.

Sometimes I experience oneness with all there is. Sometimes all there is, is love.

Value Level 9: We are Connected!

Our universe is aware. Everything is inter-dependent and totally connected to all that is. Being human is a self-aware way to experience love. I can use or abandon any human way of expressing love. I represent a universe that connects us all. I am fascinated by all that is.

Every statement I make is true, yet all truth is paradox. My words represent shifting ideas. My definitions change whatever I define. Every statement I make is false.

I acknowledge our essence: our essence is love. We can build our lives on this foundation. We are limitless children of the universe, and we are the universe, and we are much more.

Some of us are hermits and may not notice you. Some of us are prophets and may inspire you.

Look for me organizing religions and waiting on tables. See me raising my children and teaching yours. Look for me writing books and running large corporations. Look for me in art, hear me in music, read me in poetry and feel me in joy. Find me everywhere - if you seek me.

Every detail is a hologram of our universe. I integrate our interests and ideals. I experience spirituality on many levels and may use insights from any time or place so that we may all live love. I do not strive for personal enlightenment and yet that may be our only measurement of progress.

I am not motivated by power, dogma, status, recognition, learning nor even global harmony, and I can use these resources to share myself and my love with you.

Be all you experience. Heal conflicts, hate and fear with love. Relate and network and share your dreams. Integrate the religious needs of evolved societies into a universal spirituality. Let us live and teach this Vision.

Sometimes I want to create miracles and perform instant healing ... sometimes I want to spare people the effort of realizing or remembering who they really are

Value Levels 1, 2 & 3Value Levels 4, 5 & 6

I just read your description of Vision 9 and felt my heart break. I've written those same words and those same phrases and I'm stunned to come across them on your site. I don't mean this in some trivial, intellectual sense; I mean that the truths expressed in those paragraphs are those which I know to be true. It's rare to find outside corroboration. San Francisco

We hope you find these descriptions useful. Researching them was instructive to us, and we now find it easier to appreciate, understand and communicate with people with different values to our own. We integrated Graves' work into our coaching, counseling and training.

Online Help: Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

I thought you were just another therapist - but you were not just. Not even. Not only.

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