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Systemic Solutions for Hay Fever
Soulwork at Work Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching & Relationship Counseling

We offer coaching, seminars and training on allergies, autoimmune disease,
psychosomatic symptoms and family constellations.

Seasons of Suffering

Autumn is a season of suffering for people affected by seasonal allergic rhinitis and seasonal conjunctivitis - often called hay fever. The symptoms of hay fever include sneezing and itchy eyes which can lead to decreased work effectiveness, sleep problems, fatigue, loss of concentration and lowered performance. About 8-10% of all people are affected by hay fever.

Millions of people suffer with symptoms of hay fever. Allergic conjunctivitis refers to itchy, teary, red eyes and and allergic rhinitis to a stuffed, runny nose.

The symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyes) and allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose) are caused by allergens; common substances that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Common causes of hay fever include allergies to pollens, fungal spores, dusts, chemical irritants - and difficult relationships.

After 20 years of hay fever hell, during ragweed flowering season in 2004, I attended Martyn's coaching. Now, few weeks later, although the pollen count is still high, I am without medication and without symptoms, not even occasional sneezing, outdoors or indoors - even when I spend the day in a country full of flowering ragweed. Thank you Martyn. Nenad Maljkovic, Croatia

Allergies & Coaching . Food Allergies

Ragweed, Goldenrod and Chemical Irritants

Ragweed thrives almost anywhere where people can live. Native to North America, ragweed was introduced to Europe, Asia and South America, where it grows in ditches, roadsides, riverbanks and around woods. Ragweeds are air pollinated, and in late summer, each ragweed plant can produce millions of pollen grains, which can be blown for long distances by winds.

Airborne pollens are strongly affected by weather - rain can wash pollen from the air and alleviate allergic symptoms, while hot, dry winds can trigger high pollen counts and allergic reactions. Many people with hay fever are allergic to ragweed pollen, and some suffer dermatitis from handling ragweed.

USDA Study: Hay fever sufferers can blame global warming
WASHINGTON (Reuters, August 2000) -- Does your sneezing and hay fever seem to be getting worse each year? Blame global warming. Researchers with the U.S. Agriculture Department said that higher carbon dioxide (CO2) levels linked to global warming may be responsible for doubling the amount of ragweed pollen during the past four decades. Another doubling could occur by the end of this century, they said.

"This research may help us understand the troubling impact of high carbon dioxide levels on our environment and our health," Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman said in a statement. The USAD study showed pollen production rose almost 400 percent with a 200 percent increase in the amount of C02. The high CO2 levels also appeared to encourage ragweed to produce pollen earlier than usual. USAD plant physiologists measured pollen counts on ragweed grown at various levels of atmospheric CO2, from the 1900 level of 280 parts per million (ppm) to today's 370 ppm, and at the predicted level of 600 ppm. Pollen production soared from 5.5 grams to 10 grams to 20 grams as CO2 moved through these three levels.

An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from allergies, mostly from airborne pollens such as ragweed, grass, spruce, cedar, juniper and other trees.

For many years goldenrod was associated with hay fever, but goldenrod is insect pollinated and experiments showed that it is virtually harmless.

Some chemicals can also trigger inflammatory responses. Some people are sensitive to chemicals in cosmetics and household cleaners. Other chemical irritants include industrial chemicals and air pollution, such as ozone, automobile exhaust, wood smoke, and sulfur dioxide.

Immune Response

Your immune system should attack invading organisms. If your immune system attacks a harmless substance (an allergen), you are said to have an allergy. If your body is especially sensitive to an otherwise harmless substance  your immune system responds to that substance as if it were an invading organism. An allergy is like a phobia of your immune system. Sometimes your immune system may even attack your own tissues.

Allergies . Autoimmune Disease

Physical Protection

You can protect yourself against outdoor allergens by closing windows to prevent pollens and irritants entering your home or workspace. If you use air conditioning, a dehumidifier or other air filters, ensure that the filters are regularly cleaned or replaced.

Emotional Protection

If your parents have or had allergies, you have a higher chance of having an allergy. You may not inherit a specific allergy - instead your immune system may fulfill a systemic (relationship) requirement that requires you to share a parental weakness. A shared allergy can also manifest as a relationship bond. (Asthma and other respiratory allergies may be related to child abuse, emotional incest and trauma.)

As your immune system can be rapidly reprogrammed (for example by suggestion or during stress), there are possibilities to alleviate allergies. (Stress is known to trigger or cause allergic reactions.) Systemic coaching  is often effective for relieving the symptoms of asthma and respiratory allergies, and helps relieve trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

A hypnotist can suggest a source of allergens to a subject in trance and bring on sneezing, runny nose and wheezing. (Sellers of allergy-relief medications utilize this in their TV advertisements - which often show ragweed flowers in bloom). Allergic reactions to imaginary allergens may similarly be stopped by suggestion. We can explore how you can change your relationships to end your allergy!

Relationship Bonds . Child Abuse . Emotional Incest . Trauma

Soulwork Systemic Coaching

As the onset of hay-fever is often linked to a childhood relationship or traumatic event (e.g. an abortion attempt, childbirth, bereavement, abuse, an accident or surgery), then an effective allergy treatment includes finding and dissolving any systemic or traumatic contributions. We help people explore and manage possible relationship and emotional basis of allergies.

Consult a physician about any opinions or recommendations about hay fever or medical conditions.

Online Life Coaching & Relationship Counseling

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