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Online Solutions for Jet-Lag
© Martyn Carruthers

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What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag is a temporary condition following extensive travel across many time zones. It is not regarded as an illness, unlike most health challenges. But when your body, mind and emotions are exhausted and out of phase with reality, you can feel really sick. Jet lag symptoms can include physical or mental fatigue, disorientation, disturbed sleep, confusion, lower leg discomfort and dehydration.

Jetlag is a physiological reaction often accompanied by reduced motivation and concentration. Jetlag can be disturbing, disorienting and occasionally frightening. Depression, confusion or anxiety may accompany a feeling of extreme exhaustion following international flights. And whether you're on holiday or returning to work, you want high energy and high motivation.

Signs of Jet Lag

Sometimes it seems that airlines deliberately increase the symptoms of jet lag. poor quality food, alcohol, caffeine and salty snacks, inadequate water and dry, stale, low pressure air on airplanes all seem to contribute to jet lag.

Part of jet lag lies with your time zone, part with your food and drink, and part with your habits - such as a lack of sleep before a flight. Some warning signs can alert you of this physiological crisis.

  • you feel disillusioned and empty
  • you feel depressed and isolated
  • you feel dehydrated and irritable
  • you feel fatigued and disoriented

You may try to feel better by consuming more alcohol, more junk food and more stimulants! Of course, any temporary relief may lead to worse consequences.

I often fly between America, Europe and Asia. I used to drink alcohol at the beginning of a flight, hoping to sleep, but I would arrive at my destination with a hangover.
Now I plan ahead.

Stress & Jet Lag

Anxiety, stress and depression can occur when you hide your emotions during stress. Jet lag symptoms are often strongest when you feel stressed. You may feel on the edge of collapse.

Cope with stress! Eat healthier. Exercise for about half hour at least 3 times a week. Get enough sleep. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and illegal drugs. Learn how to relax.
Build and enjoy better relationships.

Do you react to stress by leaving, fighting back or ignoring it? If you cannot leave or fight, you may try to pretend that everything is OK. But your stress increases. The same thing may happen during relationship conflicts. You can deal with stress or change your relationship habits.

You can ignore jetlag - or you can do something. Jet lag may only be a temporary setback if you can reset your body clock and improve your emotional reactions ...

If I do nothing about jet lag, I risk exhaustion and frustration for a week or so.
Now I follow your anti-jetlag program ...

10 Natural Remedies for Jet Lag

These suggestions all seem interesting ...

  1. Have an Epsom salt bath
  2. Drink valerian tea before bed
  3. Take lettuce and hops during the evening
  4. Take Siberian ginseng for increased stamina
  5. Use aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture
  6. Drink 1/2 cup of water and a few drops of rosemary oil
  7. Massage your face with almond oil and olive oil before bed
  8. Drink tea with 1/3 tbs. each of chamomile, mint, and jatamamsi
  9. Drink a cup of hot milk with a pinch of nut­meg and a pinch of ginger
  10. Take 2 capsules of ginger (00 sizes) with a cup of water an hour before flying

5 Step Program for Jet Lag

Please talk to a doctor before using melatonin for jet lag relief. If you are taking other medicines, ask a doctor about interactions between melatonin and other drugs.

Your body rhythms are influenced by melatonin, a hormone secreted by your pineal gland during darkness. Your body responds to melatonin by relaxing and sleeping. Preparation, light, melatonin, water and food may be keys to shortening jet lag.

You can buy melatonin without a prescription in most countries except the UK. A suggested evening adult dose for jet lag is 2 - 5 mg, depending on body weight (the heavier you are, the more you need). Melatonin can help your body adjust to change, and is also an anti-oxidant.

  1. Before traveling, you can advance your body clock by one hour each day. If you plan to cross six time zones, you can start a week before you leave. Then, after traveling, your body clock will be closer to your new local time.
  2. During the days, stay in sunlight as much as possible (to inhibit melatonin production)
  3. During the evenings, take 2 - 5 mg melatonin before going to bed
  4. Stay hydrated - drink lots of pure water, especially on airplanes!
  5. Eat fresh food regularly, changing your eating rhythm to your new time zone. (Quality multivitamin and mineral supplements also seem to help.)

NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) scientists estimate that you will experience one day jet lag for every one-hour time zone crossed before you regain normal rhythm and energy levels. (Jet lag symptoms may worsen as your body ages - as your pineal gland calcifies.)

Researchers in Chicago explored whether melatonin helps travelers. Their study showed that melatonin can double the speed at which your body adjusts to a new time zone if you take melatonin for half the number of days as time zones crossed, plus one. For example, if you cross twelve time zones, you could take melatonin for 6+1 = 7 days. You can start taking melatonin before you travel to or return from your destination.

What to Avoid

Alcohol, caffeine and sleeping pills may delay your adjustment. Neither alcohol nor caffeine help your body adjust to new time zones, and sleeping pills can cause you to feel poorly rested.

I often travel between Honolulu and Frankfurt (12 time zones) and I find that your program can greatly reduce time wasted in jetlag. I used to dread the first week after such long flights ... they are still uncomfortable but they are no longer horrible.
Your anti-jetlag program helps me sleep at night, and I feel better during the days.

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