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Morphogenetic Fields
Solve Relationship Problems Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

We offer coaching, seminars and mentorship on family constellations,
chaos theory, resolving family chaos and other relationship problems.

Genesis & Morphogenesis

Any form coming into being follows rules for that form. The behavior of crystals can be accurately predicted by chemistry. The behavior of matter can be accurately predicted by physics. The behavior of large groups of people can be predicted by statistical analysis, while individual behavior within human relationship systems is better predicted by complexity and chaos theories.

Morphogenesis describes the subjective modification of space. (If you plan something for tomorrow, you are likely to project your plans onto the space in front of you, and maybe you put your memories behind you). You can modify space to create something that is not-yet, or that once-was. Similarly, if you consider important people, you are likely to project those people onto the emotional space around you.

Our study of human pheromones offer interesting models of local communication, yet do not explain reaction-at-a-distance, which may be explained by quantum coaching.

You have already created an unconscious mental matrix of your important relationships ... we call them relationship maps. Few people are conscious of their relationship maps - or their consequences. Although your maps may remain unconscious, they follow rules for their form. Our coaching researches and applies those rules.

Morphogenetic Fields

Morphogenetic fields and morphic resonances were first proposed by developmental biologists to refer to action at a distance. Current theories about morphogenetic fields reflect Einstein's theories of general relativity:

  1. Morphogenetic fields pervade space
  2. Morphogenetic fields interact with matter and energy
  3. Morphogenetic fields are symmetric second-rank tensors

If the evidence for these theories can be validated, a morphogenetic field could be a counterpart of gravitation, linked with quantum entanglements. See Quantum Thinking

Quantum Entanglements

If the quantum states of two or more separate objects are best described with reference to each other, then those objects are said to be entangled, and observations show correlations between observable physical properties of systems. Measurements on one system influence other entangled systems.

Albert Einstein called entanglements spooky action at a distance, although quantum mechanics shows that entanglements are possible. Physics experiments verified the phenomena, and Einstein's spooky action can be observed. Quantum entanglement is now an accepted physical phenomenon.

Human Entanglements

When humans are entangled, the emotional states of two or more people are best described with reference to each other. This leads to correlations between observable behaviors of people in systems. "I am angry" may indicate identification with a feeling. "I feel anger towards my girlfriend who ignored me today" describes an emotional reaction. "I feel anger towards my girlfriend when she reminds me of my mother who often ignored me" better describes an emotional entanglement.

Our systemic relationship diagnosis may include family maps - identifying the matrix of subjective positions of important people from each person in a relationship system. Not only do family maps indicate relationship problems, family maps can predict solutions for human entanglements and predict behaviors of the people involved.

The behavior of people in a human system such as a family or team will reflect their past and present behavior, and also the emotional states of the people involved. Later members of the system, perhaps future children or future employees, will often know, without being told and without knowing how they know, what present members think and feel - and what past members valued and believed - and how they behaved.

This knowing, this intuition, can be partially explained by unconscious, non-verbal communication between the system members - or it can be partially explained by the presence of a systemic field effect similar to that predicted for morphogenetic fields.

Spooky Action at a Distance

The resolution of the emotions and relationship (systemic) components underlying a disease are often accompanied by the dissolution of disease symptoms - without medical treatment. This dissolution can happen locally, with a client during systemic coaching, or non-locally, with a person with whom a difficult or problematic relationship was changed during systemic coaching.

This non-local healing associated with systemic coaching allows us to test communication dynamics. By limiting verbal communication or behavioral interactions between local and non-local people, we could confirm what Albert Einstein called spooky action at a distance.

Our research into Hawaiian spirituality indicates that many rituals utilized non-local action. The rituals of ho'oponopono, ho'omoe and la'au kahea assume that human health reflects human relationships, and that information can pass between distant people. (When action at a distance becomes healing at a distance, it is indeed spooky.)

Human subjective experience includes visual and auditory representations of other people, e.g. "I can just imagine what my mother would do" or "I know exactly what my brother would say about that". Many people can readily imagine the colors and shapes of emotions e.g. "My anger is like a red cloud bursting out of my heart". It is a short step to visualize feelings of connection to other people, e.g. "My connection to my partner is a wide pink and gold light between our hearts".

Metaphysics often refer to such connections, sometimes called etheric cords in Europe or aka in old Hawaii. Some form of energy is postulated to flow between people along these connections, to achieve this spooky action at a distance. This energy was called magic in Europe and mana in old Hawaii.

Magic Demystified

If magic is a name for a technology you do not understand, then the ability to cause predictable changes in non-local behavior is systemic magic. Using quantum entanglement as a model, you can predict changes in relationship behavior of people (especially people who are ignorant of systemic coaching).

Many times, our clients have cell-phone calls from relatives that they have not talked to for years - during private sessions to clarify those particular relationships! Before cell phones, some of our clients had letters from past-partners or relatives - letters from people who wrote that they suddenly and unexpectedly felt that something had improved or changed in their relationship with our client.

Some of the mailed letters describing these sudden changes of relationship perceptions were written and mailed shortly before our coaching sessions - although the letters arrived after those sessions. Is this spooky action at a distance?

People like us, who believe in physics, know that distinctions between past,
present and future are only stubbornly persistent illusions
. Albert Einstein

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