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Integrity, New Spirituality & Soulwork
Meeting Neale Donald Walsch - Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching

We offer coaching, seminars and workshops on family constellations,
relationship happiness, resolving family chaos and relationship bonds.

Living with Integrity

You want to act with integrity, to be in integrity, to value integrity? ... What is integrity?


from Latin integritas, from integer “whole"

firm principles: steadfastly adhering to moral principles or professional standards

completeness: being complete or undivided (formal)

wholeness: being sound or undamaged (formal)

Integrity can also refer to an experience - a state of being - an experience of relationship connectedness in which the pronoun "I" reduces to the experience of a mobile perceptual position within a relationship matrix with a potentially infinite size. So many people called this experience Soul, that we called the path to it Soul Centered Changework, and later Soulwork Systemic Coaching.

Our Systemic Coaching offers another piece of a new spirituality, which defines and measures spirituality in terms of happiness ... and hence relationship skills.

Neale Donald Walsch & New Spirituality

On 8 June 2004, I found myself sitting next to Neale Donald Walsch in a macrobiotic restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia. We discussed his concepts of New Spirituality and how the world might change in the next 50 years. Neale talked about emerging new directions in spirituality - and I on how to change the societal beliefs that could enable or disable that emergence.

Neale asked about my work and I explained that I was in Zagreb to train a group of  therapists to manage relationship problems, (identity loss expressed as limiting beliefs by which we bond to important people - see Relationship Bonds.) Relationship bonds include societal beliefs - beliefs by which we lose identity and bond with a community or nation. Our systemic coaching includes ways to recognize, evaluate and change limiting societal beliefs.

Neale wrote a few words on a paper napkin and passed them to me. "The title of your book", he explained with a smile.

The Integrity of Integrity

Making Sense of Life at Last

Martyn Carruthers

His evening seminar Razgovori s Bogom (Conversations with God) was like a walk through a beautiful, yet familiar park. Many of his concepts were similar to those that I have lived by for years - although with different adjectives and adverbs. He talked of the ravages of religion - and of a spirituality without good and evil, without dogma or creed.

Thou art God

The following day was Neale Walsch's workshop. Perhaps I can dare to summarize it ...

  • You are God - and there is no other God before you
  • You can choose to develop spiritually
  • Your spiritual development can transform your society
  • A transformed society can end poverty, sickness and war

I was delighted to hear resonance with a favored novel by Robert Heinlein. "Stranger in a Strange Land" describes the life of baby born on Mars and raised by Martians - and the boy's return to Earth, where he started a religion. The greeting used in this new religion was "Thou art God".

Ivan Illich

"There is no greater distance than that between a man in prayer and God."

Workshop Summary

My summary of Neale Donald Walsch's workshop in Zagreb:

  1. "All is one." You are connected with all-that-is. Any differences that you may perceive are subjective illusions.
  2. If "all is one" then all is divine. As part of creation, your divine essence reflects your divinity.
  3. If "all is divine" then you have forgotten your divinity. You and others suffer from a collective metaphysical amnesia.
  4. If you remember your divinity, you can fulfill your human potential.

After about three hours of such appetizers, came the evening meal - the question period. This was, at least for me, the best part of the evening!

For perhaps two hours, Neale Donald Walsch answered many complex and difficult questions - often from complex and difficult people. He did not try to force strings of words into our minds. He used his relationship skills to build experience. Rather than logical explanations, which rarely increase understanding, he answered with stories, challenges, paradoxes and warm humor. He seemed to be almost painfully honest.

I asked about responsibility and the consequences of healing. I often perceive that healing a person of a mental or physical disease will trigger a crisis somewhere else in that person's family. Many families seem to need a diseased family member for the family to function.

For example, if one partner of a codependent couple rises to become happy and strong, the other partner may descend into anxiety, depression, aggression or even suicide.

Neale did not offer a solution. Rather he admitted that he faces similar challenges each week, and described some examples. His up-front honesty and candor delighted me. I would have questioned any glib or simple solution to such a systemic crisis.

My decisions are my responsibility, and studying the consequences of my decisions can help me improve my spiritual ecology ... my relationship with all-that-is ... my integrity. I relaxed with a sigh and a smile, which come again as I recall the human-ness of that moment.

At the end of the workshop I offered a summary, that "I had never learned so much and so little in so short a time". Neale seemed to like that, and later quoted it. His workshop helped me remember to use what I already know.

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