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Pheromones, Intuition & Systemic Psychology
Sweet Smell of Relationship Success © Martyn Carruthers

Online Life Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Does your partner no longer excite you?

Pheromones may stimulate sexual affairs and betrayal.
Do you want to untangle your emotions and claim your freedom?

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals of communication. Pheromones can relay information important for reproduction, mate selection, species and gender identification, and social status. The transference of pheromones between individuals is a form of chemical communication that is unconscious in humans.

Pheromones were described as natural chemicals that stimulate other individuals of the same species (Karlson and Luscher, 1959). In 1976, neuro-endocrine responses elicited by pheromones were proposed in mammals (Johns et al, 1978).

In the 1990's, Dr Louis Monti et al identified a group of nasal chemosensory receptor sites as the functional nasal receptors for human pheromones and vomeropherins. Human receptors for pheromones and vomeropherins are not olfactory receptors, although the receptors are concentrated in the nasal septum.

Pheromones and vomeropherins can initiate neural impulses in your nasal receptors that affect your brain function. Your vomeronasal organ (VNO) (also called Jacobson's organ) is the part of your olfactory system that detects pheromones and vomeropherins. It signals your brain to motivate action ... perhaps you can already smell and respond to fear, or the mood of a crowd.

Pheromones can signal danger, mark territory and indicate readiness for sexual activity. Some companies market pheromone products that are claimed to enhance sexual manipulation or reduce PMS symptoms.

In the Pits

In a study reported in the Biology of Reproduction journal, Preti and team placed pads under the armpits of male donors. They extracted compounds from the sweat, and, masked by a fragrance, let female volunteers smell them. After being exposed to the smells, the women reported feeling more relaxed. (After menopause or a hysterectomy, fewer women can detect male odors.)

Your armpits create pheromones and you may unconsciously "mark" the neck and shoulders of people if you put your arm around them. Do you rub cheeks or kiss the cheeks, neck and shoulders of interesting strangers? Perhaps you are unconsciously checking for pheromone markers.

If you smell someone's neck, your vomeronasal organ (VNO) receives chemical communication. If your VNO signals "danger - marked by large aggressive person", you may find reasons to justify avoiding this person. If you receive no signal (due to no marking or recent cleansing) you may seek other nonverbal or verbal information. If you receive signals that smell right, you may feel motivated to flirt.

Pheromones may carry massive information about people's relationships, and perhaps their medical situations; your VNO presents this information to you as a felt sense that you may call intuition. If you are close to certain people - to children, siblings, parents, good friends - your intuition may signal you when they're hurt or happy; when they're in trouble ... or when they are in love.

Intuition & Conscience

If you understand non-verbal communication and pheromone stimulation, intuition is neither magical nor mysterious. This mental tool uses your perceptions of things that may not be otherwise obvious, such as scent cues, facial expressions, near-forgotten memories, behavior and body language to give you irrational, and often useful, insights. Insights that you cannot explain.

If you take time to check your intuition, you may sense what is happening in your relationships and prepare for it. Intuition can help you sort through overwhelming data quickly, and filter what you want - or don't want to be aware of - if your intuition is accurate.

Conscience is a quality that varies between people depending upon an awareness of moral and ethical consequences of actions. Conscience seems to be a product of upbringing, education and experience and deciding what is right and wrong. A driver for conscience may be the part of our mind that assesses our sense of life in relation to our sense of world. We and many others call this ... integrity.

How can you know that your intuitions are not only accurate but relevant? By testing and double and triple checking! We teach people how they can amplify and check their intuitions.

Pheromones and Intuition in Systemic Coaching

Do you sometime have intuitions about people? Do you intuit their history, their goals and what they’re thinking? To avoid confusion and craziness we suggest that you check and double-check your guesses. It is so easy to guess wrong - or to project your own emotions or beliefs onto other people - or to confuse one person with someone else.

When we coach people, we notice and strive to interpret their non-verbal cues. Often our guesses are shockingly accurate; and sometimes we miss the boat. People are often astounded that we seem to know what they have done, what they are doing now or what they are considering.

Intuition is not magic - intuition is a set of emotional-psychological-mental skills that we can all share. Our systemic coach training can fine tune your intuition and show you how to check it quickly.

When our intuition guesses are wrong, we strive to find out why. Usually the answer is in one of the common transferences - we teach classes on how to recognize and change six basic transferences. And sometimes people avoid revealing too much - and only later tell us how accurate we were.

Pheromones provide a more useful model than morphogenetic fields as a source of intuition about the entanglements and bonds of nearby people. Perhaps pheromones carry medical information too.

To experiment with human pheromones, simply step close to a willing exercise partner and slowly inhale through your nose (ideally close to their unperfumed neck. Then allow yourself to fantasize your exercise partner's relationship situation, medical history and prognosis ... even their thoughts ... and then use our relationship diagnosis to check your guesses.

Contact us to manage negative emotions and solve relationship problems.

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