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Coaching for Politicians
Martyn Carruthers

Online Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Effective laws derive from an instinct to survive. Moral behavior is survival behavior in human relationship systems. We offer coaching and training on resolving emotional problems, building healthy relationships - and on remaining resourceful during a crisis - while maintaining your ethical standards.

Political Coaching

Wisdom is not additive; its maximum is that of the wisest man in a given group. Wise politicians use quality communication skills to quickly gain rapport with a wide variety of people, and to communicate powerfully to large numbers of people. Can you do this? Remember that denial seems to lower your IQ.

Rank is mostly people's beliefs that you hold it.

You must learn quickly - don't wait for second chances. Learn slowly, and by the time you get a second chance, you may be too late to make a difference - or too old to care. You are unlikely to solve problems by ignoring them. But who can ou trust to strengthen your vulnerabilities?

Reputation is what other people know about you.
is what you know about yourself.

Important skills include speaking with microphones, dressing and speaking for media interviews and communicating through newspapers and the internet. We coach people to communicate dignity and leadership, specifically:

  • Improve political leadership
  • Build powerful political alliances
  • Understand your desire for public service
  • Use your emotions during political campaigns
  • Serve with awareness, expressing your passions

We can coach you to improve your political skills and to develop your agenda.

Values, Ethics & Etiquette in Politics

What is important to you? Why do you want to mobilize voters to support your interests, concerns and goals? Why do you want to formulate political and policy agendas, select candidates, conduct election campaigns and monitor the work of elected representatives? Do you anticipate bribes?

Is a honest politician one who stays bought?

Whatever you say, your actions will say it louder. Do you work for power, prestige and money - or is your effort to support your vision of community, municipal, or regional leadership? We can coach you to better know your values and then to communicate them.

There go your people! Hurry and catch up with them, for you are their leader!

Learn to show an abundance of good cheer, enthusiasm, empathy and sanity. Do you require coaching in etiquette? Some people can be quite stuffy about your using their correct titles, especially if their only qualities are their ancestors.

Don't write your own Public Relations (PR) material ...
and don't believe your own PR material!

Patterns of Political Power

Wherever you live, you, your voters and your environment are changing - in more or less predictable ways. We can help you assess and predict important patterns, and to examine how you can effectively communicate your values and rules to eight types of people ... with eight sets of values:

  1. Survival - Food shelter and basic resources - nothing else is important
  2. Tribal - Traditions, culture and superstitions - trusting and obedient workers
  3. Egotistic - Power, respect and dominance - rapid ego gratification
  4. Establishment - Security, stability and responsibility - ethnocentric
  5. Corporate - Success, money and possessions - materialistic and acquisitive
  6. Community - Communities and helping professions - idealistic but inefficient
  7. Systemic - Creating effective systems and networking - multi-competent
  8. Global - Global survival, ecosystems and anti-industry - dedicated

We can help you define and clearly state your values - in ways that appeal to the dominant values of these eight groups of potential voters.

How can you give away power ... and still keep it?

Let's Party

Politicians mediate the relationship between groups of citizens and their government. Democratic political parties pressure governments to respond to the needs and interests of their citizens. Authoritarian political parties direct and condition the behavior of their citizens to suit their own needs.

The name of your party should reflect the primary or dominant values of potential voters. Sometimes an oxymoron can please two groups (e.g. the popular Progressive Conservative party in Canada).

The traditional reward for a job well done is a harder job.

Internal & External Leadership

Power isn't nearly as all-powerful as it may seem from the outside. Internal political parties develop around leaders with power within a government. These leaders recruit party members and supporters to neutralize the efforts of another party or to gain that party's cooperation in the pursuit of goals that require broad support.

Leadership often requires controlling imagination, especially in a crisis.

External political parties can be developed around leaders who lack power within a government. External leaders may recruit popular support among disaffected groups. (External political parties created many social-democratic, socialist, communist and fascist parties.)

If fame eludes you, notoriety may suffice.

Political Campaigns

Politicians often avoid saying what they believe or know to be true. Rather, they say things to win favor with the public; to keep rival politicians off their back and to stay in office. They often lie.

The most effective political campaigns are by trusted people who motivate other people to vote for you. If you can't win, change the game. Behavior that is rewarded is usually repeated ... but how will you motivate the motivators?

Power is energy applied to work.
Political power is often an illusion ... and so is political weakness.

If you act like a spider in the center of a web, pulling all the strings, one day the other parties may converge back along their strings ... and catch you. And should you be concerned about strings - they may disintegrate. We can coach you to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns:

  1. Build a reputation by publishing, public speaking, interviews, etc.
  2. Play to your strengths - let others play to your weaknesses
  3. Are satisfied voters referring potential voters to your agenda?
  4. If so, show your appreciation ... can you promote their agenda?
  5. If not, can you give them some other incentives?
  6. Be in places where you meet people who ask questions.
  7. Develop good short answers for common questions.

Resist the urge to tell interesting lies, excuses, promises and stories to people who do not require rationality and sobriety, as more intelligent people will also hear you.

No good deed goes unpunished

Decisions, Diplomacy & Committees

Although most decisions are made with good intentions, terrible consequences can follow the best of intentions. Good intentions can lead to bad decisions. What evil ever started without good intentions? It seems easy to transmute golden decisions into leaden consequences.

Diplomacy is seen as a way to extend peace, yet diplomacy is often an extension of war. Alliances come and go, and today's enemy may be yesterday's (and tomorrow's) friend. Although some wars project or protect the ego of leaders, most wars are over the control of resources such as land, food, water and energy.

Not trusting anyone can make you helpless.
Know who you can trust, as well as who you cannot.

The difference between truth and lies is often a committee vote. While committees can be slow and sometimes make bland or even stupid decisions, committees can make you - and break you.

Ten stab wounds in the back ... such a terrible suicide!
Mark Anthony, following the assassination of Julius Caesar by a committee

Bottom Lines

Expect to be attacked by rivals and by the media. You will displease some people by merely existing.

Accept tests as gifts ... and gifts as tests. To fail a test is a misfortune but to refuse a test is worse, and often more irrevocable, than misfortune. If you accept a gift - accept it publicly.

Your words can reflect your values,
while showing people that you support their values.

Your words will be used against you.

Online Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Bonus tip: Acknowledge and redirect ideas requiring unwanted action. "Good idea! Bring me data to support it," or "Good idea! Form a committee to discuss it," or "Good idea! Run it past the party secretary".

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