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Entities, Possession & Entanglements
David Marsden 2004

Online Coaching, Counseling & Soulwork Therapy

Preface by Martyn Carruthers
David Marsden brought mystery and magic into lives made sterile by technology. Many people claim to heal the symptoms that David described here. Some healers and energy workers claim to help people with psychic attacks and foreign energies.

Psychotherapists can be territorial about this, while physicians and psychiatrists who supply expensive psychoactive drugs may criticize practitioners of natural medicine and alternative therapies.

Spirit Possession: Thoughtforms, Entities & Attachments

  • Are you possessed?
  • What is spirit possession?
  • What are entities and attachments?
  • How can you resolve them - forever?

This article is based on my experience with many people who believed that they were possessed and/or who showed symptoms similar to those ascribed to demon or spirit possession. See also here

While I have experimented with esoteric and spiritual remedies for possession, for some years I have used the Soulwork methods developed by Martyn Carruthers. This approach to esoteric phenomena helped me manage many cases of spirit possession - which Martyn calls identification, entanglements and relationship bonds.

Are you Possessed?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not yourself, or that something seems to take over your mind and your body? Do you find yourself doing things that you don't want to do - and you cannot resist? Do you find that you cannot make yourself do some things that you want to do?

Classic Symptoms of Demon Possession

A victim of possession may mostly feel and appear normal. Only when a demon is in residence is its presence detectable. The following skills or symptoms are considered by many people to suggest or indicate demonic possession:

  1. supernatural abilities
  2. unnatural charisma - e.g. cult leaders
  3. addictions - alcohol, drugs, gambling etc
  4. greed - e.g. intense need for power or money
  5. sexual perversion - e.g. homosexuality & unsanctioned sexual activity
  6. violence - extreme cruelty; e.g. torturers, serial killers and serial arsonists

Although a demon may not manifest itself openly, a possessed person's behavior may reveal patterns such as violence, lust, greed, rage, pride and/or an unnatural ability to persuade. (Symptoms of mental diseases such as epilepsy and schizophrenia were often described as demonic.)

Catholic Exorcism & Rituale Romanum (written in 1614)

A Catholic exorcist priest needs the permission of a bishop and is usually assisted by at least three other people. One is often a younger priest and another is often a medical doctor, as an exorcist cannot offer a victim medication.

Before an exorcism, the priest should confess and be absolved of all sins (which a demon may try to use against him). The priest dresses in a surplice and a purple stole. Required prayers include the Litanies of the Saints, the Pater Noster (Lord's Prayer), and the 54th Psalm.

An exorcist calls upon a demon or spirit to leave the person in peace. As scriptures are read, the sign of the cross is repeatedly made, and hands may be laid on the victim. The exorcist priest asks Christ to help and protect the person until the demon leaves.

But exorcism is not very useful if a person clings to the possessing entity ... which seems to be rather common.

What is spirit possession?

Many symptoms ascribed to possession and attachments originate in relationships. These symptoms can represent withheld emotions from your relationships - past and present. Perhaps you created these emotions during crisis, depression, anxiety or during alcohol or substance abuse.

Entangled relationships are usually with a family member or partner - living or dead - in which you or they withheld strong feelings such as anger, love, hate, fear, jealousy or a sense of injustice. Each time that you withhold or hide your emotions, you empower entanglements and bonds - you make them stronger.

A sense of attachment may linger long after a betrayed agreement. You may recall hearing or saying, "I will look after you", "We will stay together forever", "Please don't abandon me", or "I will get you for this - you sun-of-a-beach". There are endless ways to break promises.

The most toxic enmeshments usually concern people with whom you cannot balance wrongs, for example, dead family members  (the most toxic include suicides and abortions). And you may represent a toxic entanglement for people that you have abandoned or betrayed. Does a past lover or business partner feel betrayed by you?

Are you entangled with a person that you never met? Perhaps an uncle who died in a war; a parent's affair-partner, a grandparent who committed suicide before you were born; or an aborted sibling?

Resolve Fixations & Entanglements

  1. When did this start in your life? Did you change a relationship?
  2. What do YOU feel about it? What does the fixation cause you to feel?
  3. Stay alert and relaxed; determine why you cannot achieve certain goals
  4. Does an entanglement cause you to have problems with certain people?
  5. Does an enmeshment distract you? Does it make you withdrawn or difficult?

If you betrayed a partner, that attachment may interfere with your desire to love, and accept love from, a new partner. If a new partner triggers the entanglement that now damages your relationship, if you may not have fully ended your previous relationship.

It may seem easy to blame some esoteric agency for your lack of love. But if you caused a person to experience pain or suffering, then an entanglement may transfer these feelings to you, until you deal with your damage to the other person.

Dissolving entanglements and bonds is not possible without adequate resources, support and experience. It is not easy work. Nice smells, crystals, colors or affirmations may offer short-term relief - we can provide lasting results.

Environmental Factors

Dissolving fixations and relationship bonds can be complicated by promises and agreements. For example, if you left a partner who was faithful to you, dissolving your entanglement may be more difficult than leaving someone who betrayed you.

Be aware of curses, spells and other forms of hypnosis or suggestion which can strongly influence you. If your life has areas in which you cannot seem to function or in which you seem to be unlucky, then implanted curses may still be influencing you.

Exorcism, Obsessions & Relationship Bonds

Some exorcists promise lasting benefits yet provide (at best) short term results. Their techniques may dissociate negative emotions, but you may get no lasting benefit. It seems that the living cling to the dead, not vice versa. Identifying with a dead person makes sense at a systemic level of intelligence that is different to logical thinking.

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Have you suffered enough - or do you prefer to suffer some more?

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Plagiarism is theft. Copyright Martyn Carruthers 1996-2018  All rights reserved. Soulwork Systemic Coaching was primarily developed by Martyn Carruthers to help people solve emotional problems and relationship conflicts to achieve their goals. These concepts and strategies are for general knowledge only. Consult a physician about medical conditions and before changing medical treatment. Don't steal intellectual property ... get permission to post, publish or teach Martyn's work - email