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Skin Disease, Emotions & Relationships
© Martyn Carruthers

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Skin Deep

Your skin reflects your health. The visibility of your skin may make it the first part of you body to show signs of disease. Skin abnormalities can indicate metabolic, malignant, and glandular diseases.

Your skin can show hormonal and endocrine changes, hereditary and inflammatory conditions, benign and malignant growths, trauma and degeneration. As your skin can heal quickly, any traumatic injury such as cuts and thermal burns are usually followed by rapid healing.

Your skin is also strongly affected by your physical age, by sun exposure and by your emotions - and your emotions mostly reflect your relationships.

Aging Skin

Because of its rapid growth, your skin ages faster than most of your other tissues. This aging is further accelerated by sunlight and stress. If you are over 65 years, you are more likely to have skin infections, excessive dryness, benign tumors, dermatitis and warts.

The apparent age loss commonly associated with systemic coaching reflects relaxation in the subcutaneous muscles (muscles just below your skin), especially in your face, and improvements in your posture, following the resolution of emotional burdens.

Health coaching, systemic coaching, systemic disease,relationship disease,conflicts Systemic diseases interfere with the normal structure or function of any part of a human system. Disease symptoms may manifest as relationship conflicts, codependence, symbiosis or toxic relationship bonds. Good relationship coaching can help maintain and even improve quality relationships during emotional stress or psychosomatic symptoms.

Localized Pigments

Pigment production in your skin is regulated by a pituitary hormone, and an increase in melanin pigmentation may indicate a pituitary tumor.

Suntan pigmentation result from production of melanin. Melanin protects the skin against sunburn and the carcinogenic actions of sunlight. Pigmentation may also follow an inflammatory skin disorder, such as chronic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, lichen planus, and reactions to drugs or toxins.

Vitiligo is a common pigmentation disorder that results in depigmented patches of skin. Vitiligo is usually a slow progressive disorder that is probably caused by auto-immune reactions.

Eczema and Dermatitis

Eczema and dermatitis often denote an inflamed skin, with swelling of keratinocytes and fluid accumulation. In chronic eczema or dermatitis, the skin thickens, which lead to roughening and scaling of the skin surface, and itching.

An important consequence is a loss of skin fluids and desiccation, which in turn leads to cracking, scaling, and soreness.

Metabolic Skin Disorders

Skin diseases from metabolic disorders can often be easily  diagnosed. This includes deposits of uric-acid salts (gout), calcium salts (calcinosis), lipids (xanthomatosis), abnormal protein (amyloidosis), mucin (myxedema) and porphyrins (porphyria).

Porphyria causes skin tissue to become abnormally sensitive to ultraviolet light, this results in severe sun sensitivity, with blistering and scarring. The most common form is caused by a combination of a hereditary enzyme defect and chronic alcoholism.

Emotions & Skin Disorders

Your skin can reflect and reveal your emotional states, such as embarrassment, lust, fear and anger. Issues of identity are often reflected in skin conditions, especially in children and young adults. The skin can expose emotional or relational issues that are sometimes called "boundary confusion" - the underlying existential issue often being "Where do I stop and the world begin?"

Soulwork therapeutic coaching can help alleviate or control many chronic skin conditions, by changing a person's benefits from skin conditions. Usually, however, a client wants some emotional control or relationship coaching, and the resolution of skin disorders is a pleasant side effect.

Some skin diseases appear to be ways that a person can unconsciously diminish the sexual overtures of other people, or signal sexual unavailability, especially for the cases of acne in teenagers and young adults. Severe teenage acne (zits) can damage the skin and leave lifelong blemishes.

During therapeutic coaching, strange blotches of skin color, usually shades of pink or paleness, may be seen to come and go, and sometimes move across the skin, as old emotional issues and trauma are resolved.

Organ language often indicates emotional skin disorders, with sentences such as: "I'm itching to resolve this issue" or "That person gets under my skin". Some skin disorders seem to result from poor hypnotherapy or a client's experiments with self-hypnosis or NLP.

(Sometimes when we help people resolve the consequences of abuse or severe trauma, the client's skin may emit a strong unpleasant odor for an hour or so. This is sometimes called detoxification.)

Consult your physician about any opinions or recommendations about skin disease, medical symptoms or other medical conditions.

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