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Recognizing Cults
© Martyn Carruthers

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Start Clean and Stay Clean

As systemic psychology becomes more popular, we need to examine, clarify and minimize any risk of cultism or cult-like behavior. We offer many innovative and powerful formats for our coaching and counseling, and we want to use those formats both ethically and appropriately.

Our systemic psychology represents integrity, choice and freedom. Many cults represent conflict, obsession and bondage. As our systemic work gains international recognition, integrity can be our compass and vigilance our responsibility.

Psychological Operations . Identification . Leaving a Cult

Scott Peck made an analysis of communities and cults that offers a useful format for examining an organization's authority, individuality and spirituality.



1. Charismatic Founder
A “charismatic founder” is characteristic of organizations - and cults. It is hard to develop a group of leaders, and although consensus decision-making may sound nice, it is usually ineffective. We encourage independence, not only for organizational health but because we avoid undue responsibility.

2. Inner Circle
An “Inner Circle” is characteristic of organizations – and cults. Every large political party, corporation, university, church, etc has an inner circle. We are creating a professional service organization - and we do not want it to be revered. We are fortunate to have the friendship and mentorship of people from many countries, each with proven expertise in key areas.

3. Management Secrecy
Secrecy is characteristic of organizations – and cults. Many details of your government are shrouded in secrecy. Corporations in your country protect their commercial secrets. We plan for our work will remain transparent; although we support privacy and we will attempt to control information that can be misused by untrained people.

4. Financial Openness
Financial evasiveness is characteristic of organizations – and cults. Financial secrecy may contaminate our role. We advocate financial transparency.

5. Dependency
Authoritarian leadership is characteristic of organizations – and cults. It encourages members to become or to remain dependent. We encourage our graduate coaches to be independent.


6. Conformity
Conformity is characteristic of organizations – and cults. Consider militaries and large companies such as IBM. We encourage individuality and we appreciate diversity.

7. Special Language
A “specialized language” is characteristic of organizations – and cults. Groups that work together often develop jargon. Consider psycho-babble and medi-babble. Such jargon can become a secret language. While we use some unusual systemic terms – we strive to keep our terms simple, clear and easy to understand.

8. Dogmatic Doctrine
Norms and doctrines are characteristic of organizations– and cults. In cults, theories became dogma. Our systemic psychology discerns between ideas and what can be readily demonstrated.


9. Doing good
Some cults are obsessive and distrust individual excellence. We distrust obsession and we applaud excellence. Our work is based on integrity. Instead of asking people to have faith, we repeatedly demonstrate whatever we describe.

10. Relationship with God
Some cults claim to define God. We minimize religious and esoteric concepts throughout our coaching, counseling and therapy. We provide experiences, demonstrations and exercises that allow people to explore what works and reject what is not effective - regardless of any dogma.

We encourage people to fulfill their goals of happiness and well-being.

We do not support goals that appear illegal, immoral or that hurt children.

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Do you want team success? Team leaders and their teams develop together
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